I think we all agree that both Toy Story of Terror and Toy Story That Time Forgot were fantastic TV specials! They are fun, well written, beautifully animated and I love that minor characters like Trixie and Jessie in the lead role. 

My question to you guys is: Which Pixar film would you like to see a TV special of? Which character should have a lead role? And what should the special be about? (Christmas, Halloween, another holiday or something completely different.)

Personally I would love to see more Toy Story Toons, I love this world and these characters and I'd love to see more specials like TSoT and TSTTF. I'd love to see Mr. pricklepants and Mr./Mrs. Potato head as main characters. 

Also, I think it would be nice to have a Christmas special with the characters from Brave. I don't really have a specific character I'd like to see having a leading role here but rather the entire family as main characters.

I'd love to hear you guys' thoughts!  
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Rachel Cranor
That Brave idea is great! I saw a issue of the Pocket Princess comic strip by Amy Mebberson (link to her official Facebook page for it) that illustrates how Merida and Mulan celebrate the holidays in comparison to the more "traditional" princesses:

I'd really like to see how the clan Dunbroch celebrates Christmas! Imagine the antics the triplets can get into! Maybe the Lords play the part of the crazy uncles. And the sons can all be flirting with Merida. Maybe the Lords and their best men go on a holiday hunting trip, WITHOUT Merida. Furious, she tags along with the help of her brothers. And maybe Maudie and Elinor are lamenting their "not so perfect" Christmas.

I'd like them to try some other holiday ones for Toy Story like Valentines Day or Thanksgiving. Like what if for a Valentines day one they have all the couples having fun together (Jessie/Buzz, Mr./Mrs. Potato Head, etc.) but Woody misses Bo Peep, so maybe they try to cheer him up. My brother and I are hoping that somehow, Bo Peep could come back.

Or it might be fun to explore having specials for other movie characters. Like what about a Christmas or Thanksgiving one for Up! Maybe Russell''s Boy Sco-, I mean Wilderness Explorer troop are volunteering to help out for a holiday service project. It'd be so cute to see Dug begging for some turkey! Or how about a WALL-E one for Thanksgiving! The former passengers on the Axiom recreate the first Thanksgiving. They could really play with the Halloween theme with the Monsters movies, maybe the Oozma Kappa gang are watching the monster "horror films" and they get some prank ideas or something. They also could put the Halloween theme with Incredibles. What if Bob looses the kids taking them trick or treating!

I don't know, just typing these ideas down. Does anyone else have some good ideas?
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A Brave special would be a lot of fun! All the wild characters would be even more hysterical if put in a holiday environment.

Still thinking of this great idea in mind, I really think that the specials should stay centered around the Toy Story gang. Many if not most of Pixar's films are so perfect that in my opinion, we do not need more of those characters to be happy. I don't think anyone wants Pixar to go the Dreamworks route with specials. Although those are some great ideas, Rachel! All of them would make very intriguing stories.
I think that the next TV special Pixar does will be a Easter special. For a main character, I actually DON'T want to see Mr. Pricklepants or Potatohead. My one problem with TSTTF was that it had Bonnie's exact same toys from Toy Story of TERROR, except with the addition of the Aliens who basically had cameos. It makes no sense to me why they would do this, since the rest of her toys are all great and just as loved!
Why not have a Hamm and Buttercup story, since they are good friends! How about Dolly, who seemed to be the Woody of Bonnie's room in Toy Story 3? Or maybe Slinky, who's been completely forgot about?
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Pixar Post - T.J.

What a great post - I can't believe I haven't replied to this by now even though I've read it several times with the intent to reply.

I know this is typical, but it could be fun to see some of the high jinks of a bumbling Mr. Potato Head trying to create a special evening for Mrs. Potato Head. His attitude while enlisting the help of the other Toy Story friends would fit into his usual vibe and could lead to some good humor. I know the idea of creating a date was explored in Hawaiian Vacation, but I think it could just center around the setup and struggles rather than the actual date itself.

Other than that, I completely agree with mac95 - I'd love to see something with Slinky since he's mostly been "shelved". I'm not sure if that has to do with Jim Varney's passing, but the new actor (Blake Clark) is doing a great job with him.

Outside of Toy Story, I'm not sure. It would be fun (though literal again) to peek back into the Ratatouille kitchen to see Remy and the gang cooking up a Thanksgiving feast for patrons of the restaurant. But again, I think Toy Story is the best route to keep the specials universal and clean for the audience!

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Here my ideas of specials:

-a sequel of Toy Story OF TERROR! that could maybe involve a group-up Sid or return of an other villain from the Toy Story series.

-an Earth Day special with A Bug's Life that could maybe include the ant colony saving their selves from a disaster.

-a Monsters, Inc. special that shows Mike and Sulley doing an Oozma Kappa reunion.

-a Finding Nemo special that shows Nemo's typical day at school.

-an Incredibles special that shows how Supers are now appreciated again.

-a Cars special that shows how cars can do certain things in their world.

-a Ratatouille special that shows Remy learning a dish that he doesn't know.

-a Valentine's Day special with WALL-E that shows what has happened after the humans have been on Earth for a while now and a focus on WALL-E's love of EVE.

-an Up special that shows Carl's new life after the adventure happened.

-a Brave special that shows an archery challenge that the kingdom is doing for Merida's birthday.

-an Inside Out special that shows Disgust, Fear, and Anger discovering the places Joy and Sadness get lost in the movie.

Any thoughts? [Winking_zps1d9118ce]
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Pixar Post - T.J.
PIX-R.113 wrote: An Incredibles special that shows how Supers are now appreciated again.
This is my favorite idea of the bunch for sure - anything Incredibles is good, but I'd love to have that struggle go away and now there's a new one in place of too much attention. It may be too complex for a special, but I still like the idea of it.
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Thanks, T.J.!

Maybe if it's too complex for a special, maybe it would be a good idea for the sequel. [wink]

Anyways, thanks for replying! [smile]
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I don't know if anyone mentioned this idea already, but this morning I came up with the idea of a Monsters University Valentine's day TV special about Don and Sherry's wedding. It would be hilarious! 
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Quote: an Inside Out special that shows Disgust, Fear, and Anger discovering the places Joy and Sadness get lost in the movie.
OMG that should be awesome!
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Thanks, shadowjonathan! [Winking_zps1d9118ce]
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The idea of holiday centered specials is kind of limiting. I mean, it doesn't really make sense for a lot of these characters to be aware of these holidays. Some of them should, of course, but for the others...

I guess it could be kind of interesting to see Remy sort of get to take part in some kind of holiday for the first time. Anyway we can temporarily transplant him into America so he can have Thanksgiving? [Silly_zps7c205e8c]

As for non-holiday ones, I've got nothing. 

maxxie03 wrote: I think we all agree that both Toy Story of Terror and Toy Story That Time Forgot were fantastic TV specials! 

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Quote: Quote: Originally posted by Bonnie
Originally Posted by maxxie03
I think we all agree that both Toy Story of Terror and Toy Story That Time Forgot were fantastic TV specials! 


I assume that the head-shaking face means you did not like them. If so, why not? I am actually very interested to know why you didn't like them.
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mac95 wrote:

I assume that the head-shaking face means you did not like them. If so, why not? I am actually very interested to know why you didn't like them.

In hindsight, Terror was pretty good (I don't think I'd ever call it "fantastic", but...), I just really hated Pricklepants in it. Dude was like the writer's way of poking you in the back every three minutes, "Do ya get it? Do ya get it? We're playing with horror tropes, do ya get it?".

Time Forgot is...hard to pin down. I think I can boil it down to "Interesting idea hurt by shoving it on a side character". Like they had to make Buzz and Woody really pathetic and stupid for the sake of pushing this character arc that came right the hell out of nowhere, and it was irritating and the rest of the special was just kind of bleh so there was nothing to make up for it. 
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