Dan the Pixar Fan
When I say the best, I mean the worst if you get what I mean. Who do you think is the most villainous of all the Pixar baddies?

I was just watching A Bug's Life was reminded of how wicked Hopper is! He's pretty dang cruel. He kills some of his own grasshoppers in the sombrero hat bar, plans on killing the queen, has Flik beat up like crazy by Thumper and is pretty ruthless throughout the whole film (not to mention he probably has the most disturbing, for lack of a better word, death of all the Pixar villains). He might make it to the top of the list for me but lets discuss it further and I'll see if I change my mind...I want to hear your opinions!  

Here's my list of villains (keep in mind that I'm not counting the "jerk" bad guys, that aren't necessarily evil villains-like Al, Sid,Chick Hicks, Chef Skinner, the ship's steering wheel Auto in WALL-E and Johnny Worthington for example):
The Prospector
Charles Muntz
Professor Z
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Ultimate iPad Expert
I'd have to say that the baddest bad guy has to be Charles Muntz. He starts out as a nice guy, but turns into basically a physcopath because he keeps looking for the bird (that we know as Kevin). It seems that he has killed people in the past who he accuses of "trying to still his bird". Intact, he ties Russell to a chair and tries to kill Russell by letting him fall off of the blimp. Luckily, Carl saves him, but when Russell falls onto the watering hose, Muntz sends his dogs out on planes to shoot him down with darts. Then later he almost kills Russell with a sword, but luckily he was saved by Dug. Then Carl and Muntz fight more and eventually he ends up on the roof of the blimp and Muntz has his gun and tries to shoot Carl and Russell more. So, this is why I say, Muntz is the baddest Pixar villain.
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Glad you brought this up Dan! I actually have two which I think are the best.
I agree on Charles Muntz, because at first it is just so convincing he's a warm, kind lovable grandfather-like character. I like that we get to see in depth how badly he wants the bird and how he is nearly driven do insanity by his desire. He is also the only one I can think of off the top of my head that WAS a hero to the main character, then goes bad.

I know you didn't mention him on your list Dan, but
He is brilliantly evil and steals every scene that he is in in Toy Story 2, in my opinion(wow, lots of "in"s there). I think his comedic relationship with Buzz is just to hilarious, clever, and fun to watch. Also, I can't not mention about his similarities to Darth Vader in menacing voice and looks. Also in his father-son relationship with Buzz.
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Rachel Cranor
Great topic Dan! I've seen a post on one of Disney's official blogs, Oh My Disney, a rating of classic Disney villains (ie Maleficent) on a scale of one to five based on evilness and awesomeness. I think Pixar baddies deserve rating too. Here they are based on my opinion (note, I'm really bad at rating things):

Sid-2 out of 5
He's not truly evil, just a creative kid with a twisted imagination. Then again, he steals his sister's toys to "operate on" and detonate them. He didn't know the toys are alive!

Hopper-5 out of 5
Not only he a murderer/attempted murderer, he's lazy, preying on innocents. He's just an all around sicko. We have little to no sympathy for him (since we know so little of his past), unlike other villains (Prospector, Randall, Syndrome, and Lotso). He is a terrorist, controlling by fear.

The Prospector-3 out of 5
The Prospector is a bitter toy full of hate. As he says, "I'll tell you what's not fair: spending a lifetime on a dime-store shelf watching every other toy be sold!" You can feel bad for him, but he still is bitter.

Randall-3 out of 5
Randall/Randy made some bad choices in college. Instead of sticking with real friends, like Mike, he chose popularity. Instead of being friends with Sulley, they became rivals. Where he really went wrong, is instead of being friendly he wanted to destroy Sulley's job, while endangering a little girl.

Darla-1 out of 5
Darla is just a strange little girl. She didn't mean to kill Chuckles the goldfish, she is just clumsy and rough with her stuff.

Syndrome-5 out of 5
Buddy Incrediboy/Syndrome Pine has a back story we can understand. He got rejected by his hero, which scarred him for life. Instead of handling it, he let it fester, fuel his need for revenge and power, killing off real heroes, just to play hero himself and ruin real heroes lives.

Chick Hicks-2 out of 5
Chick isn't necessarily evil, he's just an arrogant, rude person, or should I say car. What pushes him above the "almost harmless" range is how he attacks King to get his way.

Chef Skinner-2 out of 5
Skinner is just selfish. Take the example of how he decides to use Gusteau's image to sell cheap, crappy food, instead of fulfilling his legacy. What puts him over the edge is how he lies and kidnaps to get his way.

Auto-2 out of 5
Auto is programed to save humanity. His method for saving them is keeping them regulated under his control. I put him as a two because he took direct action to destroy WALL-e.

Charles Muntz-4 out of 5
Muntz was a total psycho, no doubt. The embarassment with his colleagues and failure to capture the bird drove him crazy, so crazy that as soon as someone got between him and Kevin, he doesn't hesitate to kill them.

Lotso-5 out of 5
This bear has issues. He was lost and replaced, but took it as abandonment. He could've taken it better. Unlike Stinky Pete and Jessie, his abandonment was accidental.

Sir Axlerod-3 out of 5
Ok, so I really think that Professor Z is not the main villain, it's Axlerod. He is an evil genius, but has stupid cars working for him. His plan is overly complicated, and almost worked. But if it weren't for those pesky good guys, and his stupid goons, it would've worked.

Mor'du-5 out of 5
Mor'du sure is dangerous. His desire for power led him to kill his brothers and destroy the kingdom. Even though he is redeemed at the end, he is violent and destructive character.

Johnny-2 out of 5
Johnny isn't really evil either, he's just that bully we all had and hated as kids. You may think that bullies aren't that bad, but they can do damage. Take all the insults he threw at Mike and the rest of the Oozma Kappa gang. Those hurt.

In conclusion, I think that it is a three-way tie between Hopper, Syndrome and Mor'du with Muntz and Lotso as close seconds.
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Dan the Pixar Fan
Thanks for all the responses everyone! Great points. Yah I didn't add Zurg to the list of runner ups because I didn't think he could be debated for most evil (even though he is "Evil" Emperor Zurg lol). He doesn't do anything particularly bad and turns out to be more of a silly spoof on Darth Vader rather than a real bad guy. I think he's played more for laughs.

I also realize that Axlerod is the real villain in Cars 2 but included Professor Z instead because you see him do all the evil dirty work and kill cars, etc...but yah you could argue Axlerod is worse since he was running the show.

My list didn't include the "jerk" bad guys (like Chick Hicks and Johnny Worthington) because I feel they're not even on the same level as the real bad villains. I feel they couldn't even be compared or voted for being the worst.

Awesome thoughts though! I'm still a bit torn for the top 3 for me...I know Hopper and Sydrome make my top 3 list but the last one is tied between Mor'du and Muntz. Hmmmm...though Lotso is pretty bad too... Man, I can't choose lol! : P
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Interesting for sure - I can't fully decide but I'll take my stab at it (notice the pun of using "stab" since we're chatting about villains)! Ha!

I'd say that Syndrome would be my top rated villain - why? Because he's a careless villain. He's not looking to harm one group of bugs, he's not looking to blow up a handful of toys (like Sid) or let a group of toys go into a fiery pit of garbage - Syndrome is attempting to scare/harm anyone across the globe to achieve his mission of making himself seem like the most powerful person alive. He wants domination, but it's not his own self that makes him the top villain in my book...it the careless nature with which he is willing to achieve his goal. He wasn't even able to control his giant omni-droid since it was a learning robot that essentially went beyond his brain power. So, the bottom line is that I think he would be my top villain not solely based on what he has done - but also on the potential damage that he could inflict. 

My second choice would be Charles Muntz because he really has the ability to give me the creeps. He not only looks rather creepy, but the psychotic nature of his mind is why I feel he's #2 on my list.

The third choice would have to be Hopper. I think it really comes down to be willing to kill your own kind that makes me include him here. Usually, the bad guys in Pixar movies look after their own - but he completely disregards even other grasshoppers if they annoy him. As another side note, anyone that's been to the "It's Tough To Be A Bug" 4D show at Disney World knows why I included in my top 3 too. Whenever that animatronic version comes out, there are so many kids in the audience who start crying and freaking out - he's super intense. Ha!
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In terms of favorite villains, as in characters, my personal favorites are 1) Lotso and 2) Randall. As far as most villainous though, I don't think either of them take the cake when compared to a couple of others, even though Lotso in particular is quite bad!

I think my list would go:

1) Syndrome: chaotic murderer with petty feelings of vengeance
2) Hopper: genocidal and prejudiced towards ants, and even kills people on his own side. He doesn't even have much of a reason for his behavior.
3) Lotso: he enjoys destroying other toys' lives because of his own pain and unhappiness. He can't take seeing other toys happy when he is not, especially since his experiences led him to believe toys are worthless trash. It seems like the toys who got on his good side and were in the butterfly room didn't have it as bad, but they were still imprisoned. But Lotso went out of his way to give other toys what was in his opinion the cruelest fate, which is to tear them up and leave them for the dump.

What I think is weird though is that at the end of Toy Story 3 only Lotso leaving was enough to change Sunnyside for the better. I mean, what about his cronies? I know some of them were sent to the caterpillar room and were tag teaming their turns, so I guess that was kinda their punishment, but the octopus was still in the butterfly room. I'm just not sure that those toys would completely change with just Lotso gone, because to go along with what he ordered they'd have to have some pretty messed up qualities themselves. I don't know! Guess Ken and Barbie were strong enough to deal with them.
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Great thoughts on Lotso - you've definitely increased my ranking of him on the villain scale when you brought how he destroys other toys' lives because of his own issues!

Vellerie wrote:
What I think is weird though is that at the end of Toy Story 3 only Lotso leaving was enough to change Sunnyside for the better. I mean, what about his cronies? I know some of them were sent to the caterpillar room and were tag teaming their turns, so I guess that was kinda their punishment, but the octopus was still in the butterfly room. I'm just not sure that those toys would completely change with just Lotso gone, because to go along with what he ordered they'd have to have some pretty messed up qualities themselves. I don't know! Guess Ken and Barbie were strong enough to deal with them.

Well, I think you could be right if Lotso was grooming someone to take over for him as a leader. I think a lot of the time, people that are labeled as cronies under a leader, are followers by nature and tend to follow whoever is leading as they don't have the mental strength or confidence to take a leadership role themselves...but, you're right at least one or two of them would have totally still tried to keep Lotso's mission alive!
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Pixar Post - T.J. wrote:
Well, I think you could be right if Lotso was grooming someone to take over for him as a leader. I think a lot of the time, people that are labeled as cronies under a leader, are followers by nature and tend to follow whoever is leading as they don't have the mental strength or confidence to take a leadership role themselves...but, you're right at least one or two of them would have totally still tried to keep Lotso's mission alive!

Hey, I didn't think about that! That would actually explain why he took such an interest in Buzz when Buzz showed his bravery and ability to take charge. Maybe he thought Buzz could be a good person to take his place if the need ever arose. I guess Lotso would have the thought that he might one day tear apart and be thrown away himself, as he apparently believed it happens to all toys, and would have a backup plan for it.

Yes, come to think of it, most of his cronies were probably just cowards harmless on heir own, seeing as they slinked away when Big Baby threw Lotso away. With Ken and Barbie to follow (and also with some of them in the caterpillar room) I guess it makes sense they'd be under control.
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I'd probably say Randall. Cause he was petty as hell and specifically targeting kids too young to even speak. Hopper at least he's hurting people who can fight back, but without the major distraction and possible psychosis Boo would have absolutely no chance doing anything to him. He's like a bully, if they worked on a mass scale (they mention in the commentary that they cut a scene meant to hammer this home, but I think it kind of gets passed over how Randall was going to do this to a lot more kids than just Boo) and killed people. 

Personal favorite's Hopper, though, cause MU kind of wrecked Randall for me and left Hopper the only one without a "used to be good back story", and I find villains to be more fun that way. 

On a side note, while I don't count him as one of the big Pixar villains, either, I think Skinner far surpassed the title of "jerk" when he tried to kidnap Remy. Prospector's included in this list, he and Skinner pretty much did the exact same things, except Skinner had worse motives and was picking on someone like a tenth of his size.
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So seeing an awesome photo shoot of a Revoltech Sulley figure and feeling warmth in my chest upon seeing Sulley triggered me to think a lot about my favorite Pixar characters. I know that Sulley is among my favorites, if not the favorite, partly due to nostalgia, and partly due to his touching fatherly relationship with Boo, his mellow, melancholy, "good person" personality and knowing I'd like a person like that in real life (in fact, I already do know people like that IE my uncles, etc). I also enjoyed his backstory in MU, the fact that he was masking over his fear, that he felt like he had a role to play and he didn't want to be a disappointment.

So naturally my thoughts turned to Pixar villains as well, and I checked this thread to make sure that my previous opinions still hold--and they do. But after watching a lot of Pixar lately and making observations, I thought I would add some thoughts, predominately about Lotso and Randall.

First, though, I'll say a bit about Muntz. My mother and I introduced Up to my big brother not too long ago and he loved it. But he felt a lot of sympathy for Muntz ' s character, because the guy lost everything he spent his life building up all because of being falsely accused of something. His life was ripped out from under him and he felt that he had no choice but to clear his name. True, none of us want him to kill Kevin and leave her babies to die, but still, Muntz faced a massive injustice and my brother believes it's understandable that he went crazy from it, and from not being able to prove himself as true after all those years. Of course, he crossed the line by murdering people, nobody's arguing that. That scene where he indicated what he had done was brilliantly disturbing. I think, though, that his motives prevents him from being my top pick.

I feel it's obligatory to state that I'm in no way an apologist; I love good villains, and I feel no need to defend them or paint them as victims. They are what they are. But I do like picking out the complexities in the characters. One who really needs no defending is Lotso. Lotso is my favorite Pixar villain, hands down, and is also among my favorite Pixar characters in general. The fact that he drowns himself in his pain and maintains that illusion of abandonment and never being loved by Daisy, even when there's a plethora of evidence to the contrary, makes him interesting. He didn't want anyone else to have Daisy; he was possessive, and he was willing to use lies to justify his feelings and motives. I think that his sympathetic backstory accented his villainy rather than diminished it. And he used that pain and those lies to tear down as many other toys as he could.

On the one hand, there's an argument that he wanted to protect other toys from heartbreak and foster their independence. And I think that could be partly the case; watching the movie, the toys in the Butterfly room seemed genuinely happy, especially during Lotso's introduction scene when Woody and the gang arrived. None of the toys seemed fearful, they didn't shrink away from Lotso's touch, and they seemed happy. Lotso himself said that if toys start from the bottom and pay their dues, staying there could be a dream come true. It was a prison even for those with good lives in the butterfly room, and Lotso did not tolerate dissent from his opinions...but seeing the movie again made me note that he didn't tear down every toy, and not all of them were miserable. Does that eliminate how awfully he treated the lower tier toys sent to the caterpillar room? No, definitely not. He was still an insane, totalitarian ruler. I just thought it was interesting that a lot of the toys really did seem happy, and I think that the case some people make that Lotso, in his own twisted way, wanted to make Toys happy (in his own opinion of what happy was) without owners and heartbreak, does hold some ground. But I think what makes him a truly great villain is that he was so messed up that he was willing to stand by his opinions even when he was saved by toys who thought differently.

Now, for Randall. Randall is an interesting case, because there's so much about his character that is subject to interpretation. Anyone who's followed the fandom throughout the years knows that there has always been debate between two factions, one of whom believes that Randall has always been despicable, was the one behind the plan, was manipulating Waternoose and intended to kill him, and then the other faction stating that he was being used by Waternoose, a CEO who had so much power over him that he had little choice but to assent to the plan, who manipulated Randall's desires to please him and be liked by others.

I'm in the middle of those two thoughts; Randall is neither pure evil nor pure victim. He isn't a mindless cronie like Lotso's minions; he's smart and conniving and has his own goals. But the idea that he wanted to kill Waternoose is only based on that one line, when Waternoose says for him not to leave any witnesses and Randall says, "There won't be." That's not enough to prove that he intended to kill Waternoose. And I also don't see anything definite about Randall coming up with the plan, or manipulating Waternoose. I always interpreted Waternoose as being the mastermind behind the plan and Randall being his henchman. See what I mean about so much being subject to interpretation? Did Randall come to Waternoose with the plan, or did Waternoose approach Randall and manipulate him into joining him? To be honest, I think it makes more sense that Waternoose initiated contact with Randall first. He's a powerful CEO, and I don't see how Randall would be able to initiate contact with someone who's so above him, risking repurcussions (firing, arrest, banishment), if Waternoose was repulsed by his plan or disliked it. I think Waternoose noticed Randall's desire for popularity, to be liked, his bitterness and petty hatred for Sulley, and took advantage of it.

That's really why I don't view Randall as being as evil as the likes of Lotso, Hopper, and Syndrome. His stated goals in the movie were 1) to revolutionize the scaring industry 2) to make Sulley work for him. So he didn't even intend to kill Sulley until Waternoose ordered him to.

And another huge thing that works against his "evil" factor is the monsters' culture itself. The entire monster world is conditioned into thinking of human children as nothing more than toxic animals. They were frightened of children, and certainly none of them were concerned about their welfare except for Sulley, and eventually Mike, who had the opportunity of getting to know Boo. Mike was incredibly (and hilariously!) Callous about Boo's safety numerous times, including wanting to abandon her in the woods, kick her into a random door that wasn't her home. So Randall being willing to kidnap the children and use them as a power source, while admittedly sick, especially in light of how it could seriously harm or kill the children, is something I'd say is a product of how the monsters are conditioned to think of human children--dangerous animals that are their power source. Where Waternoose and Randall would have overstepped to the majority of monsters (except Sulley, who knew it was morally wrong because he found out Boo is intelligent like monsters), is bringing such dangerous creatures into their world.

Did Randall know that children are people just like monsters? He might have, he might not. Waternoose definitely knew. And Randall obviously knew they weren't toxic. So in that light, he was willing to risk harming them for his own gain. It seemed that the machine wasn't supposed to kill them, but he was still willing to experiment. Either way, I think that his villain scale is diminished by the fact that monster culture is what it is and that Waternoose was the one he was obeying, and the one behind it. And MU shows this isn't the first time he attaches himself to a morally questionable person who uses him and treats him badly (Waternoose was cruel to him-- Granted, Randall could hold his own ground by that point, but with ROR he seemed to be timid and have no spine). But in both cases Randall ends up getting a worse punishment than the person using him--in MU, he's humiliated in front of everyone and kicked out of ROR, and in MI, he's banished to a place where people eat gators, while Waternoose is just imprisoned.

And that brings me to MU. Randy ' s character in MU is also wildly debated. Obviously he starts out as a friendly, fearful nerd who wants to make friends--and keeps failing at it. One thing that's debated: Were Mike and Randy true friends? And who's fault was it that their friendship drifted apart? I say both of them had a part to play in that; Mike was too focused on his own dream to become a scarer (nothing wrong with that, as you go to college for your future) to really build up that relationship, and Randy was willing to leave him in favor of the shallow popular kids who didn't even like him. The only times you see Randy and Mike hanging out have to do with Randy helping Mike study, Randy inviting Mike out and Mike declining, and them at the football game with Mike with his nose in the book and Randy looking frightened. Randy also tries to divert Mike from conflicts with Sulley, showing that he did care. Even when Randy was with ROR, he didn't seem too happy--he did participate in the prank, but when Johnny and everyone else was laughing about it afterwards, Randy seemed either unhappy or neutral.

There's just so much that's subject to interpretation in MU. But anyway, these are the reasons I don't put him in the top villain tier with my other choices.
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Wow there are so many great Pixar villains. But if it really comes down to it, I'd say my top four would be Hopper (A Bug's Life), Randall (Monsters Inc., Monsters University), Syndrome (The Incredibles) and Lotso (Toy Story 3).
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Muntz, Randall, Hopper, and Lotso
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Personally, I really loved Hopper, mainly because of his voice. Kevin Spacey knocked it out the park and really had a lot of fun with the voice. I also love how sinister he is.

Zurg is another favorite of mine. I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan (original trilogy only though, of course), and I love how he parodies Darth Vader. His design is probably one of my favorite designs for a Pixar character as well.

While we're on the topic of Toy Story, I love Lotso as a villain. Like Darth Vader, I really feel sorry for Lotso after he got replaced. However, I don't really like him too much since he left my childhood icons nearly melt in an incinerator [anger_80_anim_gif_zpst9rb3ukk]
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If the clown in Inside Out did more as a villian, i'd say he'd be my "favorite" But honestly, I agree with those that said Lotso. He seems so nice at the beginning, but then as we progressed through the movie, he became the worst Teddy Bear EVER. I've watched enough movies to know that he was going to be a villian at the start. (And i'm sure a LOT of you knew too.) 
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