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Since the Cars 3 reviews will be coming in fast now, feel free to post your review (or a link to another you read that you enjoyed) and we'll start getting a feel for the film. If you're looking for a spoiler-free thread to post a reply or read - that is here.
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Oh my gosh! I can't believe the ending of the film where Lightning allows Cruz to take his place. That made me beyond happy but sad at the same time. It was unexpected but very welcomed as this seemed to be a fantastic ending to a great film.

I definitely got misty eyed when Smokey showed Lighting all the pictures that Doc sent him. That made me so happy though to hear Paul Newman's voice in the film once again. I also really liked where they sometimes brought in parts of the original Cars movie and seemed to seamlessly integrate it into the new film. 

My only complaint is that it was really fast paced at points that I wish there was more time dedicated to it. I especially felt this with the crash scene. I was coming into the theater expecting it to be a lot longer than it was. Don't get me wrong it was definitely bad but I think the weight of what happened could have been held longer. 

But anyway, I really liked the film and I DEFINITELY plan on going to see it again before it leaves theaters. 
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Finally I just really want to talk about this story and my review.

I LOVED the first act of this movie. I loved the call back memories from Cars and how they introduced the characters. Mater never have I been so happy to see you at the start of a movie. Then head out and have a awesome race while messing with your comrades. 
Newman's score is just on fire, but wait now it's getting a bit serious. Suddenly we are at the moment where everyone's changing. I really liked the execution here with showing frustrated emotionally veterans being forced or convinced to give up their love for sports. The whole retirement thing comes off as a true antagonist here, even creeping onto a young newcomer like myself with lots of potential. When McQueen is racing alone of his generation I couldn't help but feel bad for him and it made it even worse when Jackson Storm tormented him emotionally. As we build up to the famous crash I had a wonderful experience glued listening to Newman's amazing score and really getting into a more intense sequence. Is it only me or did Owen Wilson re- record new lines for when he says "No, no, NO! before he crashes. Since Ive seen that famous crash many times I wanted to pay extra attention to details and it surely did not disappoint. It looked stunning and I felt bad too. I was happy that the movie then decided to slow down in Radiator Springs. I just really loved the silence and patience to demonstrate McQueen's feelings. I never saw Doc's crash online so this was a surprise for me. Even Doc's crash was hard to watch knowing the parallel to McQueen. Overall I just appreciated that we had time to settle before heading off. And even Sally had some importance here, it might be only me but I really appreciate that McQueen & Sally doesn't focus on say marriage over building a strong relationship as supporters for one another.

Now where almost at the end of the first act and we have landed in a new setting with first a sweet throwback for Rusty & Dusty. O man I really like these guys it's clear that they are good hearted and care about McQueen. However McQueen is not liking this approach from his friends and wishes they wouldn't just give up. I really like this character McQueen is going through it's relatable for any age but I'm sure it hold an impact on veterans. Now introduced to Sterling & Cruz and wow do we have a lot to focus on. Cruz is hilarious and I like how they nodded that little Coco cameo there. It also gave the rookies a bit more personality. It seems like these rookies are supposed to be at McQueens age in Cars (28-29 years old in human years since McQueen is now 40) Overall I'm just loving Cruz irritating McQueen as McQueen is losing his patience. But I didn't like that the rookies laughed out loud at McQueen cause of personal experience. However I just want to rewatch this funny sequence over again. Cruz is just hilarious. Now at Demolition Derby things got really interesting and I felt like I was kind of in the situation very funny and exciting part. Miss Fritter was awesome and that aid truck was making me laughing out loud. To sum up the rest of act 1 was that nice confession scene with Cruz. At first I was worried Cruz character was starting to head down the ignorant formula but luckily she didn't. I felt the interviews were very misleading which I'm very happy for. Instead Cruz came off as sympathetic and likeable. She didn't mean to judge McQueen and handled the situation quite mature. But then it was nice to have McQueen chatting with Mater. Man they made Mater very likeable again here. He gave the right response you would want in a situation like McQueen's, what a great friend. 

Now the 2nd act started with this fun throwback on Cruz as McQueen attempts to get her back again. He sasses around with her and makes her come back again. It was just really funny and I liked the scene more than I should. I actually can't say more than that I just couldn't get my eyes off the screen during the Thomasville sequence, brilliant storytelling. And when we met the other legendary racers it actually felt like there were no longer any cars in the movie but actually humans. I know, insane right. But that's what it felt like for me. Cars have before reached the grounds of making cars feel human but never have I felt it like I did here and where I about to discuss now. Now we came to my absolute favourite part of this movie. The reveal of Doc's bond and strong mentorship with McQueen. I desperately waited for a moment like this ever since I heard Lasseter mentioning the tone for the movie back in 2016. I just really wanted to see how Pixar would pull it off, cause from the get go I always knew that a moment like this would impact me emotionally. This entire sequence might have had few people yawing but I was glued onto the screen while having a sudden memory flash from my own mentor. I couldn't help it, it just came out of nowhere and I started to feel teary on the inside. This was another Treasure Planet moment for me and then suddenly it hit me really hard when I saw Doc smiling at McQueen. That's how my mentor saw me. It was crazy cause I had a similar experience with my mentor who not only I learned a lot from but so did he. 
Ready for the end of 2nd act we have a breathtaking night race in the dark night. This sequence is just spectacular. Then we have jump-in shot with Storm laughing at McQueen which made me dislike his character frustratingly(even though he is damn good looking car) but grrr. I did like seeing that scene with McQueen racing against Cruz all-happy and confident. While being reminded of the awful wreck from before, which really had a traumatizing impact on McQueen. 

Ok now we come to the part that I had kind of a little issues with, The climax. At this point I just really wanted to see McQueen race and show his experience. My only problem here is that I wanted to see McQueen more on track racing before letting someone else take his spot. I wanted to see him at least get close to Storm and out sass him with his new wit. But oh well instead Cruz jump into action. I did like her racing but somehow I just felt like the tone suddenly just completely went out of character at this point. But Ive gotta admit that it was nice seeing McQueen coach Cruz. And I did like the message that Storm was tormenting Cruz only cause he was scared of her talent. It's a great message to stand up against your enemies and realize that you're succeeding with what your doing (Great there Pixar Kudos) And it was also very nice to see Sally being more involved here than she was in Cars. She supported McQueen and Mator was a good mix there too. I haft to say that I liked seeing the result of having both McQueen and Cruz winning in the end instead of just Cruz getting the praise. But I don't really know how I feel about Sterling here to be honest. 

Let's end this review with the epilogue. At first I was expecting a much more deeper ending with like a last flashback of Doc but I'm happy with what I got and it paid off in the end. But I ended up wanting more. 

I was the only one in my theatre who stayed all the way for the credits scene. But that was a nice little add there. 

So let's sum up my long review
I loved McQueen even more
I had a blast with Cruz
Mater was great
Sally was very socially awkward
I wanted more Luigi & Guido
Randy Newman won me over with his 10 out of 10 score[Cool_zpsf7e1371b]
The ANIMATION, I mistake cars outside compared to the film (except for the windowshilds and talking mouths) but wow Pixar
Great Message for anyone, Dealing with imposter syndrome, Mentorship & Determination
I liked Kerry Washington's character
Rusty & Dusty left a strong impact with a satisfying continuation
Memories came back of being 10 and seeing Cars for the first time
The voice acting was spot on

And last 
Coco teaser saved me from having a insanity strike with a cringe Despicable Me 3 trailer in my face.

So that's my full review of Cars 3. What a blast this was I can't wait to see it again.

Sorry for the long review

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Cars 3 is the best movie ever. I just saw it in 3D. I would give it a 10/10.

The opening of the movie is very reminding of Cars 1, with "Speed. I am speed. One winner, 42 losers. I eat losers for breakfast.", and footage of race cars zooming along a track. Some comedy is also added by Mater being in the truck and then announcing Lightning wants quiet. It opens with Lightning winning and having fun with Cal Weathers and Bobby Swift. When Jackson Storm arrives about 5 minutes into the movie, it gets unhappy as Storm begins winning all the races and Lightning's friends either retire or are forced to quit to be replaced by Next Gens. In the final race of the season, the Los Angeles 500, Lightning is the only non-Next Gen in the race. This is the race where Lightning suffers his crash that the trailers primarily focused on. It is extremely realistic, detailed and emotional.

4 months later, Lightning is back in Radiator Springs in Doc's garage, listening to the racing news on the radio. In this scene, Doc's career-ending crash is played on a TV screen. It is very similar to Lightning's crash, in which the racer being focused on (Lightning/Doc) is trying to keep up, and then it goes bad when he crashes in a barrel roll. Following this, Lightning talks to Rusty and Dusty about training the same way as Jackson. Lightning then travels to the brand new Rust-eze Racing Center, in which beautiful landscapes are shown, many of which reminded me of landscapes in The Good Dinosaur. In the Center, pictures from Cars 1, as well as souvenirs (such as dirt from Doc's tracks, or asphalt from the track where Lightning got his first win). The only problem I have with this is the World Grand Prix from Cars 2 was never mentioned, which was a significant series of races in Lightning's career.

When Lightning begins training with Cruz, it is interesting because they're doing exercises that I did not expect, such as dancing and other aerobic exercises. Lightning's run on the simulator was funny, with constant maneuvers that wouldn't happen on an actual track. Lightning's conversation with Sterling was hard to hear, because Lightning is a racer, not a brand, and not intended to be a brand. He also has very limited time to train for the Florida 500, which will determine his career.

At Fireball Beach, it was funny that Cruz actually brought a treadmill. It was funny that Cruz constantly has reasons to not be able to go with Lightning to track his speeds. The demolition derby at Thunder Hollow was very intense. It was scary when Miss Fritter charged at Cruz with the bladed stop sign spinning, and then charging at Lightning with the fire coming out of her smoke stacks. It was a relief to see Lightning get out of the way in time, allowing Cruz to win the race. Lightning's cover was blown when a water truck spilled water on him when avoiding getting hit by Cruz, which was fun to see.

Following this, Lightning and Cruz had an emotional argument about Cruz's abilities and training techniques. Lightning then FaceTimes Mater, who gives him advice to see Smokey. It was nice to see that they brought over the fact from Cars 2 that Mater can give useful advice to people much smarter than him. Lightning's song/dance to convince Cruz to come with him to find Smokey was very entertaining and fun to watch.

When arriving at Thomasville, it was sad to see that Cruz - a trainer with no racing experience - was easily beating Lightning, a veteran racer. It was surprising to see Smokey suddenly appear in the middle of the track without warning. After this, Smokey reveals more of Doc's history, specifically what happened after he was forced to quit racing. It was hard to watch Lightning struggle in training with Smokey, but it was nice to see him improve, except he still couldn't beat Cruz. It was also really cool to see how Doc took on a rookie racer. Lightning and Cruz then did a Midnight Run with the Legends, and it was amazing to see Lightning able to keep up.

The final race in Florida was amazing. Lightning was, for the most part, successful during his time, utilizing many tricks Smokey taught him. It was great to see Lightning passing so many Next Gens. It was also great to see Lightning dodge his way through a crash, similarly to the big crash at the start of Cars 1. At this pit stop, Team 95 swapped racers, because Lightning wouldn't be able to beat Storm. I loved how Cruz was able to use all of her first evwr training techniques to catch up to Storm, and eventually used Doc's jumping on the wall to beat Storm. It was amazing and emotional to finally get to see a Team 95 victory, because both Cars 1 & 2 didn't have big celebrations for Lightninf's victories.

Following this race, Lightning and Cruz go to Radiator Springs. They raced each other on Willy's Butte, bringing back yet another Cars 1 memory, especially Lightning using Doc's old paint job.

During the end credits, I love how they showed photos of post-movie scenes of Lightning and Cruz. There was also a post credit scene of Mater singing, which I enjoyed.
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I just noticed that McQueen actually passed out when he hit the wall. So when he was flying and rolling over he was unconscious all the time, that was most likely caused also out of his mind was unstable while reaching the limit including the hit. Doc was awake during his crash but McQueen was unconscious after the wreck.

Plus there were several times during the movie that it really wanted to make the world feel real. Using realistic sound effects to laptops, FaceTime and other references. I recently looked at a Nascar race and man, oh man did Pixar reach their top here. I swear take away the anthropomorphic parts from the cars and they really do look like real life.

ust look at this clip (0:24) and you'll see how similar Cars 3 animation is, it's almost scary
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