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Since the Cars 3 reviews will be coming in fast now, feel free to post your review (or a link to another you read that you enjoyed) and we'll start getting a feel for the film. Make sure to post spoiler-free reviews in this thread only - there is another thread (located here) where you can talk freely about the film here (spoilers, plot points, character details).
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This review on Inside the Magic goes into the details on the film's important messages and that it is suitable for adults.

Only the first two paragraphs give details on the film's plot.

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So far Cars 3 has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 65%. While admittedly this is a significant leap from the last Cars film, it is still not as high as the average Pixar film does (96%-100%) 

The film so far has been getting mixed to generally positive reviews. The general consnsus is "Cars 3 has an unexpectedly poignant story to go with its dazzling animation, suggesting Pixar's most middle-of-the-road franchise may have a surprising amount of tread left" -Rotten Tomatoes
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Gray Catbird
By the looks of it the RT rating is going to stabilize somewhere between 65-70%. It would be Pixar's first film with such a middling rating, although it is relatively close to the first Cars. Considering that Cars 2 might be the film that singlehandedly sunk Pixar's reputation with critics, considering Cars 3 is part of the now infamous Cars franchise, and considering that Pixar films are reviewed with somewhat higher standards than other animated films, I am tempted to say that's a pretty good result.
In other words, I suspect this film will end up with a lower rating than say, Captain Underpants (which I must confess I haven't seen), probably more because of the Pixar effect than because it is inferior to that film.
I still have to see it though, we'll see.
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Here's Our Energizing Movie Review of Cars 3! Hope ya like it and i hope we did a great job! :)
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Gray Catbird
As soon as the film started, I found myself flooded with so many memories, and I was jumping up and down like a little kid. I am a diehard Cars fan, I loved this movie, duh. Which also means I'm probably incapable of making any kind of sensible criticism.
I think it was a beautiful, perfect sendoff for McQueen. The resolution of the Florida 500 might have seemed obvious (?) (I'm not sure because I had had enough spoilers beforehand to connect the dots) but it was the perfect thing to do, and the way it was built up to was quite logical. That was the standout for me. Maybe the execution could have been better in some parts to be a bit tighter or more engaging (I don't have specific examples in mind though). But overall I thoroughly enjoyed it.
In many ways this film was just what I've hoped we would get, and had a lot of things that I missed from Cars. This film has heart built in, not strapped on like Cars 2. It focuses on McQueen, and it doesn't forget the car side of its characters. There are also many parallels with Cars that make it feel like a consistent package. I really liked Cruz. In a sense she might be the true emotional center of the film. I think they did a great job at writing a kind of double story, where we are focused on McQueen but Cruz just keeps growing besides him.

Oh, and those cars, those backgrounds, they are ridiculous. And I thought cars in the first Cars looked good.

Edit: And the way they managed to use Doc Hudson even though he is dead is gold (and makes his absence from Cars 2 more palpable).
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I won't see the movie until Sunday, but what I've seen online has left me with two comments:

1. The plot on Wikipedia made it the best movie ever

2. The final race, uploaded to YouTube in Russian (which I don't understand at all), was very intense, interesting, engaging, and took a few unexpected turns. That was entirely based on the visuals, music, and the characters' tones (which could sometimes be interpreted to get a feel of the interactions between characters).
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Cars 3 was a surprising treat.
I loved the first act of the film like crazy (while critics seemed to hate it lol) I just had a blast slowing down and get to know more about these characters. Man did I feel a good balance of light hearted awesomeness and incoming intensity. The 2nd act of was super funny and omg Cruz & McQueen interacting was refreshing. My favourite part of the movie was definitely the mid part where McQueen has his moment with flashbacks. I was reminded about my own mentor and could see a strong parallel between Doc & McQueen, something I haven't seen since Treasure Planet. So that part really impacted me emotionally. I just felt the climax was very anticlimactic and it causes some issues for me. 

I really loved Cars 3 it made itself stand on it's own, and once again proves that you shouldn't take a critic's word before you put yourself out there and try it out. 

Also the score of the movie is stuck in my head(Help me!)
The only real negative experience was that I had to suffer through a Despicable Me 3 trailer that never ended UGH [frown]

I'm sure Cars 3 is going to become a classic for me from here
Next up will be Coco.
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Gray Catbird
Despicable Me 3? I had that one, AND had to go through trailers for the Emoji Movie and Nut Job 2, which were REALLY painful (especially the second one) [tongue]
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I'm looking forward to seeing the Coco trailer in 3D, but I'll be thinking, "can we just move on to Lou" during the rest of them, especially Despicable Me 3.
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So I saw Cars 3 last week and I forgot that I hadn't shared my thoughts with you all. This review will be spoiler free. Now first off before we get to the review, I feel like the Cars franchise in general gets a bad rep. Many considered the first Cars to be just an OK average film, but Cars 2 gets a lot of flack for being what people consider Pixars first awful movie. I have stood up for these two movies before and I will continue to do so as they are fantastic. Cars (the original) was fantastic and I loved the emotional message and the characters, and Cars 2 was just a really fun time, with a James Bond type story about friendship, but did make a drastic genre switch from the original film. Cars 3 is more of a sequel to Cars in my opinion than Cars 2 (I still love Cars 2, though).

So Cars 3 is a fantastic film. McQueen is once again the focus of the film and he is a great protagonist and I love his character arc through the film. Cruz Ramirez was fantastic and I'm sure she's going to be a new favorite! I really also loved Cruz's arc and I'm not the only one since all I've been hearing about her character from everybody else is praise. Mater was great, he wasn't in this movie too much, but he did get to make some jokes and he's a really supportive friend. Guido and Luigi are great as is Ramone and the rest of the gang. Sally was ok, but I wasn't a huge fan of her character in the original. Rusty and Dusty were fantastic, I really loved the callback to the original with the line "Don't drive like my brother". Jackson Storm was a good obstacle for McQueen to overcome. Natalie Certain was also fun, and I loved Chick Hicks!! Of course I also love Smokey and the rest of Doc's old friends. Doc was also fantastic in the film and we really get the sense of McQueens impact on his life and even I admit I got a bit tearyeyed during a scene involving him and McQueen's relationship. A character that's not getting as much praise probably due to his small role in the film was Cal Weathers! I loved him and his awful comebacks! The story was great and took an unexpectedly sweet turn at the end. The animations fantastic. I think it provides a very worthy conclusion to the Cars trilogy, providing us with a fantastic tale about age and the importance of mentors. Also I haven't felt this way walking out of a Pixar film since Toy Story 3, maybe because of the finality feel of it all. I'm going to give it an A-

Lou is also fantastic and probably my new favorite Pixar short. It provides a very real message about bullying and acceptance. I loved it so much. Toward the end of the short, I heard sniffling in the audience. It's fantastic. If you don't want to see Cars 3 cause you're not a huge Cars fan (which you will be I promise you after this film), Lou alone is worth the price of admission to watch in the theaters. I'm going to give it an A
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So I just Cars 3 and here's my mini-review of it. 

So I would say this is an undeniable leap in quality from Cars 2, generally and objectively speaking.  

The Good
The racing/action sequences were actually very exciting to watch. The story, while a very prominent one in the sports movie genre, was handled well here and it was interesting to see how it played in this particular franchise. The characters were well realized, they did some excellent choices with McQueen and Ramirez, it surprised me in that regard. I actually think this one is the best structured and paced of the three films, it wasn't slow or fast, it took it's time to ease us into this new adventure and the development was nice and balanced with an appropriate runtime. The animation is obviously fantastic, but that is pretty much a given at this point with anything Pixar. 

The Bad
While it is commendable that Brian Fee tried to breathe new life into the exhausting franchise, the story, (while good) became very predictable. One of the things I like a lot about the first Cars, is that in the end, McQueen doesn't win the race, and his decision and the way the race played out was unpredictable and exciting. The last race here is the opposite of that. Also, with a lot of the story choices, it is obvious that this was directed by a first timer. (He does avoid a lot of amateur decisions though) The movie tried to do some emotional things in the end with some characters and they tried to have a direct parallel between two McQueen and another character, (spoilers) but it just felt so on the nose and amateurish. There could've been many different smarter ways to accomplish the same thing. And the ending was wasted potential, but i don't want to get into specifics here, as I'm trying to keep it spoiler free.

Overall, this is a very good movie, I really enjoyed myself. While it falls far behind Pixar's best work, it is a nice addition to the Cars franchise, even if it is a (very) unnecessary one. 

Grade: 73%

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So I saw Cars 3 on June 15th, the Thursday before the film was officially released, and I wanted to let the film sit in my mind for a little while before I shared my thoughts.

I really liked it! While I don't hate Cars 2 like many people do, I was very happy that Brian Fee and the crew went back to the themes and tones that made the original Cars so great. Cars 3 was warm, friendly, fun, and had me leaving the theatre with a warm feeling in my heart. The film went back to the roots of the first film in terms of characterization, themes, and messages, and I applaud the team behind this film for knowing that that was the direction most appropriate.
Since this is the spoiler-free chat, that will pretty much be the extent of my thoughts on the plot.

I will talk about how the structure and pacing was handled, though. The film jumps into the action pretty quickly, and when I saw it for the first time it was pretty jarring. I am warming up to it, but only after a while. The rest of the structure and editing of the film was very fluid and handled well. The pacing was pretty good, except for the first act of the film or so.

Technically, Pixar continues pushing the edge of the envelope in all departments. The animation is of course spectacular. The reflective effects on the cars themselves were top-notch. And there had to have been at least three different sand simulations in the film for mud, beach sand, and desert sand, and they all looked and acted fantastically. Every other shot of the film made my jaw drop with how real it looked.

In Cars 2, it didn't really seem like Lightning had learned anything or grown as a person/car from the first film. But in Cars 3, I can see how he has aged and learned from his experiences in the first film.

On the subject of characters, it was great to see that the whole Radiator Springs gang had more of a presence in this film than the last.

The music was great. Nothing particularly stood out, but everything fit the film nicely.

Overall, I really enjoyed the film for what it was. I don't think anyone will be championing this film as Pixar's best, but it was a perfectly charming trip that left me with a smile on my face. I just hope they don't make a fourth one, haha.

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Hi guys! I'm sorry to not being able to make my full review about the film but I've been extremelly busy. I saw Cars 3 on opening day, June 16th and we left the theatre so excited. From the beginning it was like I was watching Cars 1 for the first time because it's the same way the movie starts and that simple scene brought me back to my chilhood. I LOVE the winks Pixar gives us about the original films in its sequels, I love it with Finding Dory and I love it in this one. The jokes between McQueen, Bobby and Cal were so awesome,is good to see that McQueen has other friends not just the RS gang. [Laughing_zpsee77b0c4] The first part of the film was good, Pixar shows us how McQueen was on top before Jackson Storm appears from nowhere taking the victory. And McQueen suddenly seeing that his friends are all retired and he's the last one left but there was a lot of amazing things to watch yet...

THE ACCIDENT: My god! I've never been so shocked by an animated scene since Mufasa's death in the Lion King, I mean it. The entire theatre was silent and gasping. Although we have seen a bit of it in the trailer it was pretty amazing to see it in 3D. The quality, the animation was so well done, so real, so perfect. The movie itself is visually perfect. How McQueen ends up almost detroyed after hitting the ground over and over again. You may have noticed that Pixar decided not show McQueen destroyed so much because of the kids.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: here is the, I think, only part I didn't like about the film because they don't show McQueen after the accident, I mean I wish we could had the chance to see him healing in the hospital, maybe.

DOC' S FLASHBACKS: Finally, we can see how was Doc's accident after 11 years!!! You don't know how excited I was to see that and I loved seeing McQueens memories of him, how Pixar recreated the scene from Cars 1 from a different point of view. All the flashbacks were amazing, how much McQueen admired Doc and viceversa, showing respect and wisdom. How incredible work Pixar made by putting Paul Newman's lines, it's a hardwork of research and figuiring out how can fit into the scenes.

As I imagined McQueen's and Cruz's relationship wasn't the best at first, you know I said they remind me a lot to Marlin and Dory. He's very irritared and when he treats her bad after Thunderhollow he feels so terrible after knowing her story, he apologizes and it was so funny to hear him singing for the first time using Cruz's training music hahaha[Laughing_zpsee77b0c4]
Is good to have on mind what McQueen felt racing in Thomasville. It was one of the most beautiful scenes in Cars 3 with the forest scene in the night when McQueen jumps revealing his old paintjob. The part where Smokey is telling about the rookie who forced Doc out of the sport it was like watching a movie from the 50's. I've totally forgotten it was an animated film, I just enjoyed it so much that for instance I forgot it. The part where Doc is "jumping" over the other racer was astonishing, it was a bit predictable that Cruz will do that later in the film though.

SADEST PARTS: to me were a lot but the scene where McQueen realizes that he can't beat Storm that's why the ending is unexpected because you would never think that he'll still racing. And then when you think he can actually beat the next gen in Florida, he decides to give the chance to Cruz and takes place as her crew chief. I can't explain you how excited people were at the theatre when Cruz was going to win! We all started claping excited![Laughing_zpsee77b0c4].

NEW CHARACTERS: I loved the new characters,unlike Cars 2, they were a few and each of them had the screen time they deserve, even leaving room for the old characters to appear. Cruz Ramirez was a well developed character, the fact that she is a woman has made the movie better. She's a strong character, extremelly funny, likeble, with an ending we could never expect. While she's telling her story after the fight with McQueen, her emotions are so deep that you can feel it somehow. Jackson Storm, well I imagined him being mean but not THAT much, he's not the bad guy but he is extremelly selfish and has bad temper. He doesn't appear as much as I expected but it's ok, I like him anyway, don't know why[Laughing_zpsee77b0c4]. Sterling, I knew it! I knew that this guy had something bad from the trailers. I didn't know why but I didn't like him, he was so "good" guy but I knew his real personality had to come out. I've never thought that he was the responsible for Cruz's lack of confident in herself.

THE ANIMATION I've made a comment long ago comparing the animation between Cars and Cars 2, which I felt like there were many differences and I said that for Cars 3 I wanted to be more like the original. Well, Pixar hasn't disappoint me at all! McQueen looks almost like he was originally, his paintjob, his eyelids, his mouth, everything is exactly like he was in Cars 1, the same happens with rest of the characters. And not to talk about how amazing the film is in 3D! is a gift to the eyes, everything seem so real, it's so well done that you forget you're watching an animated film. The races scenes are the most appreciated ones.

Well after a LONG review I just congratulate Pixar for the amazing work, the movie is the sequel I was expecting for Cars, I felt totally satisfied with the result, it wasn't disappointing at all. I'm even more fan than I was before![Laughing_zpsee77b0c4] Unexpected ending! It's amazing that Lightning is still racing and Cruz had her chance. The movie is also having most of good reviews, I've seen everybody excited in my theatrer so I'm going to watch it again and then I'll get ready for Incredibles 2!
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I wanted to talk about the old characters a little bit too but I haven't because my review was way too long so I decided to make another shorter post about it:

Well, let's start with the big star of the frnachise: Lightning McQueen, I adore him so much, he is part of my childhood, is my fav character and how can I'm not be so glad that he's back? Pixar've made a great work on him because he is more mature not only on age but his personality too but there were some awesome moments where he was kinda the "cocky" McQueen from the first movie and I loved that! The accident he had killed me, it was so hurting I felt so bad for him[Crying2_zpscd88994b] but I felt even worst when he realizes that he can't beat Jackson in Thomasville when he sees that even Cruz is faster than him, so I try to put myself in "McQueen's tires" and understand him that way. I'm still in love with the character. If there is a Cars 4 he must be the main character or I'll won't watch it hahaha [Silly_zps7c205e8c][Laughing_zpsee77b0c4]

Also it's satisfiying that Mater was more left out, I like him but after Cars 2 he was kinda "annoying" so I don't think is a "likeable" character as he used to be originally so Pixar understood that and give room for Luigi and Guido, their screentime was actually good, they are funny and great characters.

What I really dislike is that people who aren't fans of the films don't know if Sally is McQueen's girlfriend or wife yet! How can that be possible? well, I think Pixar should give us more about them, you know, after 11 years they must be married or something, we haven't seen a KISS yet!!! I'm saying this because I talk to many Cars fans and they are asking this so much, I mean it! [Silly_zps7c205e8c]
so, yeah, Pixar will need to involve more about Sally in the films because I feel like she's a very important character in the franchise in Cars 1 was the one who convinced Doc to make McQueen fix the road, in Cars 2 she was the one who convinced McQueen to take Mater with him and in Cars 3 she is who convinces McQueen to "try something new" and the rest is history. SO I'm still waiting for Pixar to give her more screentime, though I LOVED EVERY SINGLE SCENE OF HER in the film, really, the fact that she's McQueen's lawyer, their "love you more" part, how supportive she was (I wished to see more of that though) and I'm so glad that they include her in every race and mostly, show her reaction to the accident particularly, that part killed me. They've made a good job!
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