It saddens me to say this but it seem like Cars 3 is given the either the harsh or silent treatment. Thanks to some critics people don't even take the chance to see the film, I heard. This is rather sad cause of all the hard work and passion that clearly was put into the movie (and I'm sure there's a lot more behind it we don't know)

Ive heard that some people enjoyed the first 90 min but were turned off and disappointed with the ending. I can defiently see why some are disappointed with the ending, it's struggling with it's tone and makes a risky decision that doesn't work for everyone. If you seen the movie you know what I'm talking about. Me myself was also actually very annoyed with the climax and had it feeling anti climatic not being such a threat after all. I wanted Florida 500 to feel intimidating and gigantic both in and outside, however I felt very un-satsfied with the little time spent for important character development for at least the rookie Storm. And a good time to add in some flashbacks from McQueen's traumatic crash.

Mostly people say they remember the Derby sequence, Doc's flashbacks and Smokey scenes at Thomasville. 

I however found lots of great scenes that really had an impact with me emotionally and inspiring too. I loved the beginning from McQueen's first season to Rusteze Center (it was a great build up for a new conflict). The Fireball Beach scene was visually appealing and also entertaining. But I think my favourite and most memorable part was from the Thomasville setting all the way until arriving at 500. Just listening to Smokey Starts Training the score builds up this rooting attitude for McQueen and it's really powerful.

Now here's the thing Cars 3 had some great moments and also very noticeable flaws but that didn't stop me from not enjoying Cars 3, and awaiting to see it again in 3D for first time. But people are sending a bad name for the feature that it's only made for merchandise and that's it. That's not true we all know how much heart went into this movie and therefore it shouldn't be treated by critics like something that was only made for fast munny, that I can give the credit to Despicable Me 3.

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Well, I totally agree with you. I wished the part of the accident were put more into the flashback because I thought, for instance, McQueen was going to be afraid to get back on the track, you know, having an accident it's very traumatic and I was expecting that and I felt like the little "flashback" he had in Thomasville when he sees Cruz leaving him behind wasn't enough. I guess, Pixar made a huge mistake in not taking advantage of that crash scene, it was so short and I think it was the parents' fault because when the teaser came out they made an "scandal" saying that it was "too dark", so I guess that Pixar "softened it" after that. But I think if they wanted to catch the attention of adults they should have put more emphasize in the crash scene, but we understand kids can't resist that.

I also agree that Jackson Storm had more promotion than the scenes he actually appears, I mean, I loved the character and I thought they were going to develop him better, so I was a bit disappointed about that but I'm glad they at least gave the original characters the time they deserve too.

I've been watching lots of reviews on YouTube about the film and some of them were actually good, they say that they were with no hopes about the film and they left facinated and surprised. Others say that they don't like the Cars films so they don't like this one because is too "childish" or is "not Pixar's best" and they judge the film just saying that is all to make money (though we do know is not for that), they don't feel satisfied with its ending, while others say that was predictable. And I get so mad about that because they DON'T want to give it a chance at all, they didn't want the film from the moment it was announced and they are not going to like it, they can't feel identified with the characters just because they are cars. The 50% don't understand how to see McQueen is older now because he's a car and physically is like he was in Cars 1 and they don't have brain enough just by seeing him next to Jackson Storm and you'll notice a HUGE difference, it's like the real world when we see a brand new car compared with a car ten years older.

It makes me sad that people are not seeing the hard work Pixar's made, the effort, the hours dedicated to make this film, NOTHING! After all this I undertood that those will never like the Cars films no matter what.

I personally thought to myself: why am I worring about what all these "nobodies" say and you know what... I don't care anymore. To me Cars 3 was a GREAT movie, even some of the reviews I heard said that and they didn't want it in the first place and after watching the film they've changed their minds! Also, I've read the comments and I can assure you that I found A LOT defending the film and saying that it was enjoyable. To me Cars 3 was what Cars 2 should've been. Pixar fixed it all with this movie and apart from the "bad reviews" I figured out that there is a FEVER about Cars 3 outside! Everybody is so hyped in my theatre, we clap when Cruz was going to win the Florida 500, even the parents! So I rather to remember that and not the bad comments on the internet...
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That's a great way to see it instead of letting something be a fact because critics said so. I think you're right about the entire crash scene too.

I believe that Pixar actually planned to go with daylight before deciding night time. It's very obvious cause they can get away easier with their crash tensity in the dark.  [Crash] 

There's a big difference in the metal and fire flying across the track. It's less intense in the rendered film we have today, most likely because of the overly sensitive families reaction. I also believe that the crash scene was gonna be longer and slower, but they scrapped that idea during production. 

However even though we didn't get to see a more detailed crash scene. Pixar wasn't afraid to keep two pretty intense graphical but fast frames. 
In this frame here which goes by incredibly fast, (The crowd near the fence could possibly either be blinded by the fire and metal breaking from the wreck. You can definitely see them injured to the right where McQueen rolls over. It was something that took me by surprise on my first screening that these cars nearby the fence were actually based on a similar crash that happened in Nascar. They're not awfully injured but for sure had some scars with them after being so nearby the wreck.

Then there's also this one
This one's surprisingly graphic and demonstrates the brutality McQueen goes through. It's a very powerful frame that really sticked with me (poor McQueen) At least it isn't afraid to go intense and the sound when he slides the track is strikingly intense.

However I really do applaud them for building up to the crash, I thought it was really brilliant to create a conflict. But like you said the crash should have definitely been touched upon more as a traumatic experience that would affect McQueen emotionally. 

I respect the ending race but I would have changed it to ease on creating a cheap antagonist and instead focus on the struggle of the sport. I'm talking about Sterling, sure he was not really best friend with Cruz at beginning but he suddenly turned into a selfish jerk at the climax, and that really didn't work for me as a writer. It felt very forced for me. Instead I would have either given more time for McQueen to at least catch up to Storm and then have McQueen himself realizing he can't hold up for longer. Or instead have both McQueen & Cruz participating in the race together. Having them helping one another, I would have liked to see a moment where McQueen would find himself trapped in a crash and get himself out of there with remembering how he drove in woods at night. 

Ive actually been writing an alternative ending for Cars 3 and I like how it does make Florida 500 feel more like an antagonist than just a speedway. I also decided to develop more of a close for Storm after the race is over. My ending also has more of Doc involved at the end. 

I'd like to hear your thoughts

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I totally agree with you! I expected more of the crash scene, I felt extremelly satisfied with the result but I wish they make it longer and remind the public that McQueen had that accident through the movie. I felt like they left that part out (because of the kids) and it was underrated, it was like "ok, McQueen just crashed" and that's all, I guess Pixar had something else behind this scene to show but the parents' comments didn't allow them to show us the original idea they had behind this.

Let's hope the Bluray includes extras about the scene, why not an extended version? I'm curious in watch the making of this scene because it's incredible so I think Pixar has a lot more to show about this on their hands.

I suffer every hit McQueen had on the ground, it hurts so bad because is hard to watch your childhood's fav character being treated so bad but I think Pixar should, at least, make McQueen overcome that sad part, you know, they can add it in some training sessions with Smokey, like if he is imaginaring that he's on that moment constantly and not just once.

Also I would love to see more after the crash, I mean, we've seen Sally trying desperatelly see McQueen after the crash but the officer didn't allow her to get closer. It was such an amazing and one of the most incredible scenes I've ever seen on a Pixar film that I think they should have take more advantage of it. they've made a great job and in 3D was totally enjoyable.

The ending, I don't think is bad, I really wished to see McQueen actually beat Storm but if Pixar include some extra about that in the Bluray, then I forgive them that [Cool_zpsf7e1371b]. I agree with you, it would have been epic to see McQueen and Cruz racing together but I also enjoyed seeing Lightning as a crew chief, it was something new, he did a great job, I love it so I personally feel confortable with the ending though we can think of other alternatives for it which can be better but I like it!

Well, I would like to read about your ideas too [Winking_zps1d9118ce]
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Yeah that would have been nice. It was kind of interesting also how McQueen could have risked his freedom for Cruz if she wouldn't have beaten Storm. Then Sterling would have gained power over McQueen's desire and will. And McQueen would haft to follow Sterlings every single demand or else worse things could happen. Thank god Sterling didn't succeed in the end. McQueen was in a very risky situation. 

So my alternative ending has both McQueen & Cruz participating in the race of Florida 500. The speedway is huge both on the outside and inside. As the fence is much more intimidating looking compared to the small fence in rendered movie. They start out dead last in the race. Starting with Cruz having nearly a panic attack seeing the other racers so up-close with loud noise coming from the engines. McQueen notices this very early as Cruz is behind last, while McQueen has managed to catch up to the top 30. McQueen then tries to yell to Cruz to remember (the beach from earlier) then "Sneak through the window" Cruz who's still panicking then finds herself in the middle of racers, but she then visions the racers to be tractors finding her way out of the middle and catches up to McQueen who's delighted. As the race continues Smokey & Sally plays the roles as crew chief and supporter. Smokey gives the advice for them to split and race next to the wall. As they succeed, suddenly smoke breaks out from the front as a crash is caused on track. Cruz manages to escape but McQueen finds himself trapped inside the crash. McQueen starts breathing heavily as he's traumatized from a flashback with his crash. Cruz quickly reaches out to McQueen "McQueen, can you hear me? Listen this isn't the end of the line. You can get out of here" McQueen then is reminded of how he drove in the woods without any headlights. He then from the help of Cruz imagines the crash to be one big maze of sticks from trees. And with a little help from imagining there to be a open path to the track, McQueen jumps up into the air breaking out from the crash. Now McQueen & Cruz catches up to Storm who's leading the race for 5 more laps. Storm notices this and smooth talks with Cruz who's gotten further than McQueen. Cruz loses confidence as Storm drives off smirking. McQueen catches up to a anxious Cruz. He says the exact same thing he did as a crew chief to Cruz when Storm tried to break her confidence. Realizing this they decide to work together one last time to catch up to Storm. It's the 498 lap and Storm who's extremely confident is surprised to see Cruz driving next to the wall. He tries to ram into her but instead blocks her from passing. Not realizing that behind him is actually McQueen "I'm coming for you Storm" McQueen whispers. Storm in shock tries block him but then instead opens up for Cruz, who now is driving on Storm's left side as McQueen is driving by the wall. It's the last lap and it looks like Cruz is gonna win, then suddenly McQueen is rammed into the fence by Storm. And McQueen's tire is about to explode. Cruz's in the lead but as Storm is fighting McQueen, McQueen's tire blows up. And McQueen flies into the air doing a loop, shocking everyone. Reaching the finish line Cruz & McQueen both cross as winners while Storm comes 2nd. To everyone's surprise. McQueen & Cruz enter the pit overjoyed, Guido & Luigo then opens Mack's truck having tires falling all over McQueen. (as a fun little gag, for McQueen never changing tires) Everyone draws their attention to Cruz who's noticed for her talent and offered a deal from Dinoco themselves. McQueen realizes that first now people see's him differently. Storm then approaches and is about to give an insult until. " I guess I might have been wrong about you champ" Storm drives off as McQueen & Cruz celebrate with his crew. Smokey also mentions that "Hud's couldn't have been prouder of you kid" As the day comes to an end McQueen drives back to the Rusteze centre with Mack. Putting his Florida 500 cup (he won with Cruz) next to a portrait of Doc. He looks happy at the wall and then drives away. He gets the new paint job as Fabulous Lightning McQueen, tribute to Doc. He goes for a drive with Cruz on Radiator's hill. Driving confidently McQueen then see's a vision of Doc driving next to him, smiling. McQueen see's him then drive off, fading. McQueen then continues to drive on. Both respecting Doc and living with the freedom to race for a new era. 

I do like how this one decides to give a more insight of what could happen after 500. Like giving McQueen some time to showcase an epilogue at the centre and then have a final moment with Doc before moving on.
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Your idea is really good and it probably would have worked in the film, but I feel like if both McQueen and Cruz raced at the same time as a team, they each may [secretly] want the other to win (McQueen to continue his career, Cruz to start her career with a win), and they therefore wouldn’t try their absolute hardest which would pose a challenge in your resolution of the race.

The only complaint I have about the Florida 500 is that it looks like a walk in the park. At the start, there is no way McQueen could pass so many Next Gens simply by sneaking through the window and without drafting - the Next Gens can go at least 10 mph faster than McQueen.

The only other complaint I have about the film is when the teaser dropped in November, the tag line read “From the moment everything will change” (referencing post-crash events). However, McQueen seemed to barely even notice the crash ever happened after his first flashback with Doc (the only exception being when he tells Smokey he doesn’t want what happened to Doc to happen to him, as Doc was forced out of racing following a crash, which is the same threat Sterling has imposed on McQueen). The could have easily made McQueen traumatized during the Crazy 8 (as there is a lot of crashing there), and (although to a lesser degree here) in the Florida 500 Crash. They could have also made him nervous about getting back on the track (expressing this fear when McQueen is on the phone with Rusty & Dusty, and at the start of the Florida 500).
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very good ideas on how it could have been improved. I thought for 500 McQueen would follow the same tactic to stay behind nextgen, as they would have more wind resistence. Then McQueen would be able to pass somewhat more likely.

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I don't know if it's allowed 2 racers from the same team race together, so I doubt that Pixar was ever making the scene that way. I like the idea, but I'm glad to see McQueen as a crew chief for the first time, I may rather to see him racing and beating Storm better.
Smokey & Sally plays the roles as crew chief and supporter

Hahaha as much as I adore Sally, I don't know if I would like to see her as a crew chief, she doesn't know anything about racing. It's not a bad idea but I don't know how would that work[Confused_zps36c72db0]
McQueen finds himself trapped inside the crash. McQueen starts breathing heavily as he's traumatized from a flashback with his crash

That's what I thought it was going to happen during the crash between the next gen racers, right before McQueen quits the race. But as I said, Pixar should remind us McQueen's sad accident through the movie and that's why somehow it "failed". I guess people would like the film even more if they would have kept the tone the teaser had. I know, for some of the reviews I've heard they said it was a kids movie and somehow I agree with that because I was waiting to watch something like we saw in the teaser, a more mature film than the others and I guess that's why the teaser became so popular because it was dark and "grown up" so I think if the parents weren't so critic with the "darkness" of the teaser, I'm sure Pixar would have made Cars 3 a "darker" film.
And McQueen flies into the air doing a loop, shocking everyone

I love the idea and this would be awesome, Pixar should have included McQueen "flying" similar to the first movie on porpuse just to make us instantly remember that scene.
" I guess I might have been wrong about you champ" Storm drives off as McQueen & Cruz celebrate with his crew.

Something that came to my mind while watching the film was this. I thought Jackson would have more respect for McQueen, like he has learnt the lesson but it seems not XD. Also, talking about him and Cruz, of course, I've never seen the possibility of them being a "couple" but I thought Jackson would fllirt more with her. It's ok anyway, it's not something I really wished to happen, it's just something that came to my mind.
Putting his Florida 500 cup (he won with Cruz) next to a portrait of Doc. He goes for a drive with Cruz

Oh man, that could have been "fabulous" to see, it's really strange that Pixar didn't include a scene of McQueen in the racing museum looking at Doc's trophies and they can allow us to take a look at McQueen's own cups to. And now that you mention a drive with Cruz this is something that upsets me a lot: why McQueen is not taking a drive with Sally?? Why??? I mean, that scene was the most important the first film, I watched it in every TV spot back in 2006!!! Imagine how a little drive could take us eleven years back in time. I don't understand why Pixar doesn't give Sally the importance she had in the first film?. I don't know, I was thinking on a short scene maybe when she comes into the garage to talk to McQueen, she could have told him to take a drive and get out of there and get distracted for a while.
The only other complaint I have about the film is when the teaser dropped in November, the tag line read “From the moment everything will change” (referencing post-crash events). However, McQueen seemed to barely even notice the crash ever happened

That's exactly what I was thinking! I rewatched the teaser and it looks so astonishing and the movie looks like it was going to be much deeper than it finally was.I'm sure that Pixar can really make a Cars film not so "childish". They have all the techniques to make it possible and I think it can be finally accepted by the critics.
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