I'm sure a lot of people have heard about this by now. But I couldn't find anything about it here on the forum, so I decided to post a new topic about it. Because I would like to see how all you guys are reacting to this very surprising news. That news being if you didn't read the title, that Disney Infinity is discounting production. It's final two releases will be three Alice Through The Looking Glass figures (set to come later this May) and the Finding Dory playset and figures (set to come this June). The reason why it is happening is because it was announced at the Disney Quarterly Earnings that they would be shutting down Disney Interactive, which means Disney Infinity would be discontinued. I was pretty shocked by this news, just because Disney Infinity has been just such a profitable game, being the #1 in the Toys-To Life franchise. John Blackburn (the SVP & GM at Disney Interactive) has spoken up about the news, and this is what he said: 
"By NOW you may have heard the news that we have made the difficult decision to discontinue production of Disney Infinity. From the beginning, Disney Infinity was built for you—our fans—and I wanted to take a moment to THANK you not just for YOUR support over the years, but for creating a community that made Disney Infinity MORE than just a game."
And with Disney Infinity being discontinued and Disney Interactive shutting down, 300 jobs are expected to be lost. They are also expected to close down Avalanche Software. Although fans, like myself are pretty upset with this very sad news, I remain suppourtive of Disney and respect their buisness descisions, as well as their judgement. 

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Pixar Post - T.J.
We wrote up a post about the news and are so bummed by this. We'll have more personal comments as we dissect the news, but one of the elements I wanted to include here was an excerpt from the Disney earnings call. During the Q&A session, Bob Iger was asked about swapping from licensed gaming, to console production, to going back to licensed gaming.


Jason Boisvert Bazinet - Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. (Broker)

Just a question for Mr. Iger. I think even before the decision to shutter Infinity, we were at least getting questions from institutional investors about Disney acquiring a console or a video game company I should say. I'm not going to ask you to comment on that, but can you just refresh us in terms of what caused you to start as a licenser of your content, pivot into consoles, and now move back into licensing and what the lessons learned were?

Robert A. Iger - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Well, we thought we had a really good opportunity to launch our own product in that space. I realize it was console space, but it was also essentially – a large component of it was the toys – they call it toys-to-life space, the toys-to-life business. And, in fact, we did quite well with the first iteration of it. And we did okay with the second iteration, but that business is a changing business, and we did not have enough confidence in the business in terms of it being stable enough to stay in it from a self-publishing perspective.

You know that you take on substantially more risk, particularly when it comes to manufacturing and managing the inventory, the toy inventory of that business. And in fact, as Christine noted, a good part of the write-off that we just announced comes from having to write-off that inventory that we took responsibility for when we went into the publishing business. And we just feel that it's a changing space and that we're just better off at managing the risk that that business delivers by licensing instead of publishing. It's just that simple.

We did fine with the product initially. We actually made a good product. I give the developers a lot of credit for the product that they made. It was extremely well received. But we knew going in that there would be a lot of risk with this product, and the fact that we did so well initially, gave us the confidence to continue with it. The truth of the matter is that the risk that we cited at the beginning when we went into this caught up with us.

There are some lessons learned in there, but thought it was interesting enough to share. I just wish they didn't have to buy Avalanche, take them under their wing and then now get rid of them and all those employees - even one of our friends! [Sad_zpsb02439e1] Such a bummer - but I understand business-is-business.

In our post we asked a few questions that I'd be interested in getting everyone's take on as well.

  • What was your favorite play set?
  • What was your favorite individual character to play in the game?
  • What was your favorite physical character (figure)?
  • What were your thoughts between version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 - what edition did you favor?
  • Do you feel there were mis-steps along the way - if so, what were they?
  • Finally, what did you like best about the game?
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Pixar Post - T.J.
I figured I'd also throw my responses in for the questions I asked...
  • What was your favorite play set?
From 1.0, it was The Lone Ranger - 2.0 was Guardians of the Galaxy - and 3.0 so far has been Rise Against the Empire...but I feel it may be Finding Dory when that comes out.
  • What was your favorite individual character to play in the game?
Mrs. Incredible was my favorite of the Pixar characters for her crazy striking range (because of her stretch). 2.0 was Drax (cool moves and loved how to used the blades and had the super-jump). 3.0 so far has been Kanan because of his blaster and light saber combo!
  • What was your favorite physical character (figure)?
Easily, Merida! Great design of the figure and I've said a bunch of times how cool the wisp was on the base of her figure.
  • What were your thoughts between version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 - what edition did you favor?
I wasn't a big fan of 2.0's release being solely Marvel play sets. The stories weren't strong enough and the game play wasn't as engaging as 1.0 to me. I LOVED 1.0 because of the capsule collection (green and red), the story lines were fun and the number of Pixar play sets was a plus in our book! 3.0 was also great - the Star Wars figures were a perfect addition to the game and a ton of fun to play with. Inside Out's playset being puzzle-based was a lot of fun...but the graphics always threw me off in this one and the design felt dated. 
  • Do you feel there were mis-steps along the way - if so, what were they?
I do think there were mis-steps as there are in any company. In the case of Infinity though, I think it came down to a few things.
  1. They produced too many figures - they should have stuck to the core figures that they knew would sell well. As much as it was "cool" to have the Tron figures released in physical form, but did they really sell well enough to justify the cost to develop them.
  2. They tried to produce the game for too many platforms. The initial "limited functionality" of the Wii version was poorly communicated, the PS Vita, the Apple TV version, the PC/no PC changes just made it seem like there wasn't a solid direction for the game.
  3. The fact that the Frozen figures weren't made into a play set was a big mis-step in our opinion - that's solid gold if you could have put together an engaging Frozen world. I think it was pretty clear that Frozen merch sold really well!
  4. The mis-step of making 2.0 only Marvel and then releasing a separate Toy Box starter pack a few months later felt disjointed and was kind of a back-hand slap to the community of Disney and Pixar fans that built and supported 1.0. It felt like they aged the game up at this point too as some of the younger audience playing 1.0 sat out the more battle-laden 2.0 release.
  5. In 3.0, they wanted more play sets, but in order to do that they asked multiple developers to create them. This led to a SLIGHTLY-disjointed feel between the universe and made me question how they could manage quality control among the vendors. 
  6. The Inside Out play set was fun, but some of the levels were too hard for the younger players they attracted. Also, the design felt dated and the colors, although bright, were muted. Something was off in the play set...but the character designs and unique abilities was a great addition!
  • Finally, what did you like best about the game?
I loved the collection aspect of the figures and bringing them to life in the game. The design of the figures was AMAZING and the community that the game spawned was equally as amazing. I was never a huge toy box only kind of player because my schedule only allowed smaller chunks of time to I wanted the game to be ready when I was, so I spent almost all my time in the play sets and loved every minute of them...always wanting more.
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So sad to see them go, but once again, money... still glad the Finding Dory figures are still coming out

1. For 1.0, the entire Pixar levels (Toy Story in Space, The Incredibles, Monsters University, and Cars) for 2.0, the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy levels, and for 3.0, The Force Awakens

2. 1.0 was Vanellope because you can race her and throw cherry bombs, 2.0 was either Hiro, Baymax, Merida, Maleficent or my all time fav Marvel character, Rocket Raccoon, and 3.0 so far is the Inside Out characters, Spot (still wondering why they didn't do one for Arlo), Ant-man, Poe, and Rey

3. SO MANY: But the designs of the IO figures are favorable, Joy, Sadness, and Fear's designs were my favorite

4. 1.0 was okay because of all the Pixar playsets, 2.0 was my favorite because of Marvel, and 3.0 was mainly Star Wars but still fun

5. I dont think so, sure they do always do this and that, but i support them

6. I love it so much because you can play any Disney character you want, also the levels are stories are great too
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What was your favorite playset? 
From 1.0 it would definitely have to be the Cars or The Incredibles playset, from 2.0 it would have to be the Guardians of the Galaxy playset, and from 3.0 it would have to be Rise Against The Empire or Twilight of the Republic. 
What was your favorite individual character to play in the game? 
This one is tough-since there are so many fantastic characters that you can play in the game, but I would have to say for 1.0 it would have to be Buzz Lightyear, Mike or Mickey Mouse (sorcerer), for 2.0 it would have to be Spider-Man, Iron Man or Rocket Racoon, an honorable mention would also have to be Donald Duck, and for 3.0 it would have to be Yoda, Anger and Vision (Marvel Battlegrounds). 
What was your favorite physical figure? 
Hands-down Anger from the Inside Out playset! 
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I honestly never played the game, not being able to afford video games (college student lol!) but I LOVE the figures and this news was shocking to me. I think that their Inside Out figures are the nicest figures they made, but I think I'll have to pick Merida as my favorite figure, followed by Mulan. The way Merida is posed with her bow, the intense eyes and mischievous smile, and I love that they chose Mulan's look from the end of the film, which represents her character best--neither the painted, dressed up look she was uncomfortable in that most of her dolls represent, nor the masculinized Ping. They make me happy every time I see them. I guess the figures are going to start becoming scarce as time marches on.

A lot of people are holding out hope that Disney will start making new and better video games to bounce back from this.
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