This year marks the 20th year of Pixar putting out movies! So I thought it would be cool to look back at the old and the new and tell our favorite scenes. 

And I mean your ABSOLUTE favorite scenes, not just memorable or likable scenes, but the scenes that take your breath away when you see them, or scenes that you look forward to when you start the film. (Or if you're like me, when you show someone the movie they haven't seen, you stare creepily at them to see how they are reacting to that scene)

My top 5. (In no particular order)

1000 Mile Dash
INCREDIBLE SCENE! I still get the nostalgic feeling when I watch this scene. It reminds me of how insane and jaw-dropping it was when I first saw it as a kid. Dash using his powers to the full extent for the first time while being chased by Syndrome's minions is an extremely fun and jaw-dropping experience. Can we also just talk about when HE STARTS RUNNING ON WATER!!!! And lets not mention all the awesome explosions and flying and landing that happens while Dash runs his butt off! 

Space Dancing
I cannot imagine Wall-E without this scene. It makes me almost punch a wall when I remember it was almost not in the movie, and it originally took place in a towel closet? This scene is a visual masterpiece. Not to mention that every feeling that Wall-E and Eve had been holding on too finally come out in the most beautiful way possible. Flying through the space, passing the Axium, the tracks they leave behind, the music, the cinematography, the pace and the nature of the scene just come together so memorably and so amazingly. Any word I can possibly say about this scene is an understatement. 

Thanks for the Adventure!
Most people consider the first 10 minutes of Up the saddest part of the film, and I see how. But for me, the scene that hits me were I live, is the scene were Carl sees the pictures Ellie left for him to see. Every time he turns the page, another tear just escapes my eye (And I'm not one to cry in the movies) And the message and importance of the scene is so significant. This is the moment that Carl finds out that he was being ambitious and he was chasing for something he already lived through. "Thanks for the Adventure, now go have a new one!" That just shows how Ellie didn't really care for Paradise Falls as long as she was with Carl! And the score is perfect as well. 

This could be the end of us. 
The incinerator scene in Toy Story 3. All the toys just holding hands and facing DEATH and almost welcoming it is an emotionally striking moment. Hoping for there to be a chance to escape this one and realizing that there is no escaping and that the best thing to do is embrace death and die with each other because they are a family. I actually thought the toys were going to die. I actually did. I love this scene, I love everything about it and I will remember it for the rest of my life. 

Tomorrow will be another Great Day.
Free Skating scene in Inside Out. The determination of Joy is powerful. And her having an intimate moment with Riley is just so beautiful to me. The way she slowly skates with the memory of Riley and the intimacy she holds in her eyes is just very powerful. The scene is so simple but so effective. The lighting, the sound, the music, the simplicity and the cinematography just came together to create such a beautiful scene. 

Present your favorite scenes however you want. You don't have to write an essay like I did for mine, it can be very off-putting. I'm just a guy that naturally likes to write and explain his feelings very well. 

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This is gonna be hard, let's see:

5. The ending of Toy Story 3
4. Define Dancing
3. Bing Bong's sacrifice
2. The beginning of Finding Nemo
1. Married Life
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Hm, this is tough. I’ll probably forget half of them. [tongue]

No particular order on this list.


Toy Story 3: Incinerator

This one is so powerful to me. The visuals and atmosphere and voice work and acting all come together to create a masterpiece. And I was truly, genuinely concerned for the toys’ safety, because I wouldn’t have put it past Pixar to end the film by killing them all off – that is, ultimately, the end for all toys. I was actually physically exhausted when I’d gotten through that. Incredible scene.

Toy Story 3: So long

I’d hyped the movie so much beforehand that it kinda terrified me. Ever since I’d seen Toy Story 2 at the theater, I’d been convinced that the story wasn’t over. I’d been convinced that there would be a part three at some point. In other words, my expectation were sky-high, and I was pretty sure there was no way to satisfy a decade’s worth of anticipation. Right? Wrong. This scene right here was such a perfect ending to such a perfect trilogy that it simply took my breath away. The sheer melancholy of letting go, the way Andy reveals just how much he cares about each and every one of them after they’ve agonized about it for the entire movie, and a big, big chunk of the credit for the scene’s effectiveness goes to the music. Such a perfect scene. Still has me in awe every time I see it.

A Bug’s Life: Rain

This one is amazing. All throughout the movie, the insects are talking about doing things “before the rain hits” (forgot the actual wording; haven’t seen it in a while), and as a human viewer, you’re like “oh, okay, they just have to hurry,” but then when the rain actually hits, for the insects, it’s the equivalent of a freaking air raid. And that just shows how incredible the people at Pixar are at getting into the heads of characters that aren’t human, and how ingenious with reinterpreting things from their perspectives.

Monsters University: Sulley arrives at the camp

I still don’t understand why I felt this one so strongly the first time around. Because I’d seen Monsters Inc, I knew Mike was okay by that point, I knew the kids weren’t actually toxic so nothing could have happened to him in the first place… and yet, I was at the edge of my seat with worry. Maybe it was Sulley’s hushed voice in the deserted room. Maybe it was the bleak lighting. Maybe it was just that the events leading up to that scene influenced my perception of it. Whatever it was, it was freaking awesome.

Inside Out: Riley’s birth

At the first few piano notes over the Disney logo, I started grinning like an idiot. [wink] The atmosphere in this entire scene is just lovely, and it perfectly conveys such a powerful sense of wonder and awe and beauty and bliss. Plus, I’ve said this somewhere before, but the interplay of visuals and music when Joy pushes the memory away gives me the shivers every time I think about it (and I suspect that won’t have changed when I get to rewatch the movie). So yeah, this one makes me hope that Pixar will have more scenes picturing facets of one particular feeling in the future.

Monsters University: You said you believed in me

I have a huge thing for (fictional!) arguments between friends in which you can understand both sides and aren’t inspired to vilify anyone. My heart just aches for both of them here because Sulley meant so well but did such a terrible thing, and Mike allowed himself to rely on Sulley’s support so much and then it backfired on him. Plus, Mike’s friendless background makes this a thousand times worse – he’s being so vicious here because he’s lost yet another friend, and he’s basically angry with himself for still not having learned the lesson that friendships are never forever. (I don’t believe that, of course. And neither does he, at least in MI. But at this point, he still does.) And again, the effect is amplified by the music and lighting, and the clever trick that Mike and Sulley are separated by light and darkness. Powerful moment.

Toy Story: Falling with style

C’mon, how can you not? [wink] The chase scene still gets me excited every time I see it. It’s awesome, ties up so many loose ends, results in such a heartwarming moment… what’s not to love? I can’t even find one singular moment to cite in particular; I just mean the entire thing from when they rush out onto the street to when they wink at each other. Great stuff for sure.

…can’t think of anything more. Maybe I’ll add to this in the future.

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Great topic! There are so many great scenes in all the Pixar movies.

Toy Story - The Green Army men
When at the beginning of the film the soldiers are hiding in the plant to report Andy's birthday gifts. You really feel how small the Toys are in a human world. I love how they use the baby monitor to report the gifts. Later I saw in a documentary that this scene was the first scene that was animated for the movie. I still love this scene very much, it is great to see in Toy Story 3 how Woody send the soldiers on one last mission again! and of course they succeed!

Monsters, Inc - Ride of the doors
For me it is the first scene where Pixar shows us how big they can make their universe. When Mike and Sulley hopped on one of the doors and came into the hall where all the doors were stored it just blew my mind! You could see millions of doors stored and floating around the hall. The scene that followed when they were chasing Randall was very funny!  

UP - Carl goes up
Great moment when the house start to float with all those colorful balloons! I really love this scene. especially when the house flies trough the city.

Monsters University - The Lake scene
When Mike and Sully are at the camp and Sully sees Mike sitting in front of the Lake. Not really the scene but the environment and the lighting still giveS me goosebumps. It looks absolutely amazing!

The Good Dinosaur - Lizard/Salamander
Yes this movie isn't even out yet, but just like Julie said in the Google Hangout video, the moment when I saw the Lizard/Salamander walking in the first trailer for The Good Dinosaur I was blown away! It looks so natural, great piece of animation! Can't wait for the movie!     

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Dylan wrote:
Great topic! There are so many great scenes in all the Pixar movies.

The Good Dinosaur - Lizard/Salamander
Yes this movie isn't even out yet, but just like Julie said in the Google Hangout video, the moment when I saw the Lizard/Salamander walking in the first trailer for The Good Dinosaur I was blown away! It looks so natural, great piece of animation! Can't wait for the movie!     

I remember Julie saying she was blown away by that as well! Yes, it is truly jaw-dropping animation. The way the salamander moves, the colors, its hard to pinpoint what it is. But its just so natural but big as well. 

I can totally see the Firefly scene becoming one of my favorites though!
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