It's finally here! [smile]
The third and final Finding Dory trailer:

EDIT: here's the one from Pixar's YouTube account:

my own initial thoughts: fantastic opening sequence, and fantastic ending sequence. The middle feels a bit choppy with all these different scenes, but I'll have to watch it a few more times to dissect and digest it properly.
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Give it up for trailer 3! 

We finally got to see some scenes from what I believe is the opening of the film, what with baby Dory being lost and all. Looks like there will be different voice actors for both baby Dory and teenage(?) Dory, which is neat; it makes the fact that she's growing up a bit more believable.

I really do like that they reused the actual line from the first movie about her family. Ever since I watched the original film when I was little, I always wondered about the meaning behind that statement. The way it's used here really gives it a lot more substance, which is important for the story being told.

However, I am surprised that we didn't get to see Dory's parents again. It would have been nice to see them with little Dory or something, but I guess they're saving that for the actual film. 

Is this the first time we've seen Gerald on screen? What a weird sea lion: freaky, yet charming. On a similar note, this movie is filled with potential outcasts; aside from Baliey, Destiny and Hank, we can add Gerald, Becky, and that one yellow fish in the tank to that list. And yet the only outcast Dory truly notices is herself. And that's what makes your main character compelling.

This trailer pretty much solidified the fact that you WILL cry at this film. I know Pixar films tend to have happy endings, but said happy ending may not exactly be what you had in mind. With that being said, Nemo's "Will we have to say goodbye to Dory?" line has me very worried. But also excited.

With this trailer finally out, there's no stopping Dory now! Can't wait for the livestream tomorrow night!
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The most heartbreaking part of all, for me, is Dory. I mean, poor thing, seeing that scene, i realized that she might have spend HER LIFE looking for her parents ever since losing them, and with no sign at all, knowing that they're still out there

That scene just now gave me a familiar tingle from the beginning of Up, like in that scene, instead of Carl and Ellie sharring married life together, its just Dory finding her family in her lifeline

Also, was those fish at the beginning the couple voiced by SNL star Kate McKinneon and Fear himself, Bill Hader? idk

The squid, nice design, but i really got scared looking at it, really got anglerfish memories there

The rest of the trailer was great, more good moments from Hank, Bailey, Destiny, and the seals of Rudder, Fluke, and Gerald

Also, knowing this is the last trailer, im surprised they didn't show Charlie and Jenny, i know they already revealed them on their own, but they could have shown a little tibit of them like the last trailer

Can't wait for next month, guys
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That was a wonderful trailer through and through!! It's really amazing that Dory has been looking for her parents ever since she first got separated from them and hasn't given up. Heck, she continued to stay positive without breaking down in tears and just kept swimming! You can say that Joy has full control of her! [wink]

But aside from that, I'm looking forward to that Hader/McKinnon fish couple!  I even mention that they look like one of those love couples that argue a lot and don't agree on anything. 

If you look closely at 0:27, she looks like she's doing that thing that Bailey does of which he calls it "Dialing It In". Is she using that same technique later on in the movie to locate her parents? We'll just have to find out.  

As one would say at 1:10, Dory fishes galore!

I just notice at 1:15 that there's all sorts of hermit crabs using everything objects as shells. That's where we'll probably meet Bernard! In case anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, he's this little "crabby" guy right here!


Plus, I would've think it would have been much funnier if it was only Bernard with the "everyday object" as a shell and all the others with regular shells. But it's still going to be a very funny scene nevertheless!

And Hank disguise as a baby.....too cute and funny! [rofl] That part alone was hands down my favorite moment in the whole trailer! I do kinda think they should've save that moment at the end of the trailer! But aside from that, I can't wait to see more of his funny/creative disguises! Hank is hands down going to be the most fun to watch!


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Oh the feels! What a fantastic trailer that was! Probably the best Finding Dory trailer I've seen! There were tons of heartwarming scenes in the trailer! Was I the only one who felt super sad when Nemo asked Marlin "Does this mean we have to say goodbye to Dory?". 
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Here's what i think of the Trailer (with special guest Dory) in my recent trailer reaction/review video! :-) 

It was Awesome, Funny, and Emotionally captivating! Can't wait to see it on Thursday Night Before showings. 
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Posted by Sally: That scene just now gave me a familiar tingle from the beginning of Up, like in that scene, instead of Carl and Ellie sharing married life together, its just Dory finding her family in her lifeline

I couldn't agree more, I said that same thing in the other forum topic!
Part of this trailer gave me a whole new emotion for Finding Nemo because now when I watch it I will think this is the first real strong friend Dory has had her entire life while looking for her family...
When Finding Dory comes out on DVD I am probably going to watching Finding Dory up to where she finds Marlin, then stop it and watch Finding Nemo in its entirety, then go back and finish Finding Dory!
This really makes this moment even sadder when when Marlin thinks nemo is dead and he is about to leave Dory and she says...
(sorry about the poor quality)

"Don't go one has ever stuck this long with me before..."

We know that she meets the fish couple when shes younger and we know she interacts with a Sunfish when shes a teenage but Marlin is honestly the first person that has ever stuck with her for this long...I'm going to need A LOT of tissues for this movie haha
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If you look closely at 0:27, she looks like she's doing that thing that Bailey does of which he calls it "Dialing It In". Is she using that same technique later on in the movie to locate her parents? We'll just have to find out. 

I think that's just her thinking face because she makes the same one when she trying really hard to remember P. Sherman 42 wallaby way sydney. 
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Zoey_Trope wrote:
 Is this the first time we've seen Gerald on screen? What a weird sea lion: freaky, yet charming. 

That reminds me, it's kinda funny that Fluke and Rudder have Australian accents when they're both American mammals. I'm don't know why that is but it really doesn't matter. It's just something I've notice.
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SethHappyNemoGuy wrote:

It was Awesome, Funny, and Emotionally captivating! Can't wait to see it on Thursday Night Before showings. 

I didn't know you had a YouTube channel! That's awesome! 

Also, it's cool how you're going to see it on Thursday night! I'm going to see it on the 18th of Saturday with my mom!

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I love it. I really enjoy how they are showing how it isn't just a rehash of Finding Dory, this film has its own message about family. I love all the interactions between the characters, like the hug between Dory and Hank. His face says everything with no words.
Overall, the movie looks visually gorgeous, with fun characters and a sweet story. I can't wait! Only now am I realizing just how close we really are!
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This... Trailer... Was... AWESOME! Oh boy, this was definitely worth the wait! My favorite part was at the beginning when Dory was asking people for help to find her family- it was really emotional. The rest of the trailer was pretty fantastic as well, and now I can't wait for the movie! [biggrin]
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Gray Catbird
I'll say just this: finally, I am sold.
To me the previous trailers seemed too much like a rehash of Finding Nemo, and that didn't quite enchant me. In a sequel I'd hope to see some new things, and in my view the previous trailers didn't give much to hope in terms of originality (I was actually somewhat annoyed (!!!) by the recycling of the most emotional theme of Finding Nemo in the teaser).

But this trailer... it is really great. It shows much more of the personality this film in particular might have. The jokes are great, and the story seems like it can go somewhere. Now I actually think it could be great! [smile]
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Just Keep Swimming
It's interesting that we didn't see any more of Dory's parents, although with it being this close to the release date, I doubt we'll get anymore than what we already have, unless they have something for us tomorrow on ABC.

I'm glad we got to see the fish couple at the beginning! I take it that they adopt little Dory for a while before she wanders off again. Poor thing, She's probably made a whole string of friends in the ocean who take her in. Then she absentmindedly leaves to find her family and forgets all about them.

I'm wondering if one of those yellow fish at 0:45 is voiced by Alexander Gould (original voice of Nemo), particularly the one who says 'Dude'. The voice sounds old enough, but I could be wrong...

"Well, I guess you're stuck here."

"Your not helping, Bill." Funniest bit right there xD

Hank makes for a very convincing human baby! And the look on his face when Dory gives him a reassuring huge is so cute! I love when a character who's portrayed as a stick in the mud starts caring for another character, especially when the other character is a fun, happy go lucky person. You can tell he's beginning to see Dory as a friend!

Nemo's concerned about having to say goodbye to Dory and Marlin's speech to her is so heartbreaking.

"When you find [your parents], you'll be home."

This gets to me because in Finding Nemo, Dory tells Marlin that when she looks at him, she is home. Now Marlin's telling her that her parents are her home. He's accepted that they're probably not going to be together as a family after Dory finds her parents T-T

Over all, I'm very happy with this trailer. I'm glad Pixar hasn't shown us any extended clips of scenes from the film like they've done with previous films, because now we can appreciate the surprises/plot twists even more!
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Such great thoughts everyone. Can't wait to chat more tomorrow evening (and hopefully get some insights from the ABC special event) - just thought I'd throw this in since I hadn't seen anyone talk about cool is the Dory emoji on Twitter too?! (If you use the hashtag #FindingDory or #JustKeepSwimming) a Dory emoji pops up...although only seen on Twitter and not apps like Tweetbot or Twitterific.) I'll add the Dory emoji to our list of emojis to use here on the forum in a few days...can't add it now since I'm traveling!
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