Pixar Post - T.J.
So, I was pondering about WALL•E this evening and was thinking that I'd really love to go back in time to see that movie in the theater again. Not as a re-release, but to actually go back, having never seen the film so I could experience it again, completely fresh. There's something about the way that WALL•E made me feel which I hadn't experienced before and would love to experience that again.

The lighting, the "feel", the directing, the characters, the silent introduction, it all took me aback and completely blew my mind!

What would your Pixar movie be that you wish you could go back again and watch 100% new again? And...why?
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What a great topic!!

I didn't even think before answering, i knew my answer was going to be "The Incredibles" straight away. When I went to go see that movie, it was one of the most significant highlights of my whole life. I have a VERY big family and every year in Christmas time ALL OF THEM come down here. The Incredibles  came out in November, but since I lived in Mexico at the time we got it around Christmas time. 

So we all went to go watch The Incredibles, we literally took up like two whole rows in the movie theater. And i remember clearly me and my cousins being astonished with the how epic the movie was. Our jaws were dropped the whole movie, especially in the 1000 Mile Dash and the last act of the film.

After the movie, we all bought masks and never took them off! Then we bought A lot of chips on the supermarket just to get the prices of The Incredibles inside. We would go home and pretend to be the heroes of the movie. (I always picked Dash) and I would run around as fast as I could as my female cousin threw imaginary force shields at me. Then, we went to McDonalds to collect all the figures. 


I remember these figures so well!! We all played non-stop with them.

I still remember everything! It was amazing!! And hopefully when the second one comes out, we can all go again to repeat the awesome moment.

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Joe Hammerschmidt
The ones that I never had the opportunity to see on the big screen, of course. Those would be The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and possibly A Bug's Life? I was five at the time, so I'd have no memory of that one. I should also point out I'd never seen TS2 or Nemo in their initial releases in a theater, but of course I did later on in their 3D reissues.

Incredibles and Ratatouille share the same level of sentiment because they really were the two films in the canon that held the closest to my heart before Up came around.

As for films I had viewed in a packed auditorium in their original theatrical run, It's gotta be Up. The emotional parallels, the lovable characters, powerhouse combination of lighting, scenery and camera work, like we were seeing a children's book come to life, made even better in 3D. And of course, Giacchino's poignant score. At the time, Pete and his team really set the bar so high for what film could do. Fingers crossed they actually can do it again.
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Well, if I was going to go with one I never saw in the theaters, I'd have to say Toy Story 2.  I missed it in its first run, and then didn't go see it in 3D (kicking myself for that one) - and being such a big Toy Story fan, I hate that I haven't seen all three films on the big screen.  

As far as going back to re-experience something brand new, though, I'd have to say... yup... Toy Story 3.  Our (lame) theater doesn't do many midnight showings, so I saw the first morning show on opening day, and I've never been to the movies before or since where there was such an energy in the audience.  I'll always remember the crowd booing Lotso, and cheering when Big Baby pushed him in the dumpster.  Plus, it was my son's first real movie in a theater (he was just a toddler), and even being so little he sat through the whole thing, on the edge of his seat.  Since it played all summer in the theaters, I saw it multiple times, and every time it was so fun to be part of a room full of Pixar fans getting into the story.  
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Wow, that's a shock to me Heidi! I can't believe that you missed TS2 in theaters! I'm sure you'll get another chance again someday though. Yeah, Toy Story 3 was another one that I'd love to see over too - although I still get choked up with the incinerator scene, it's still not the same as that first time when I really thought I was going to watch my friends perish! Plus, the hand-off from Andy to Bonnie was so emotional - the pacing of that scene really sold it for me.
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Probably Toy Story 3, I was hyped for that movie!

Also, all of the movies before Cars. As I never saw those in theatres.
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If i could turn back time, it would be 2008 and 2009 for WALL-E and Up, I will never forget the first time I saw Up,I was sitting in the front row with my parents and grandparents and the best part is I saw it a day before release day(I'm from the Caribbean so I'm lucky)

Giacchino's beautiful score, the death of Ellie (Married Life too), the Adventure Book scene, the ending, everything about that night was beautiful, Pete Docter and his crew really nailed it, I really hope Inside Out will be the same thing

WALL- E was different, I saw it the day before too with my mom and uncle, my mom really loved the Define Dancing part while my uncle liked every single scene with the cockroach

Thomas Newman's score was beautiful as well(Down to Earth was great too), and I want re-live that one scene where poor EVE fixing WALL-E and then doesn't remember anything and the credits with the evolution of art
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Toy Story 3. I have never been as excited for any other movie as I was for Toy Story 3. June 18(The day it came out) was also my last day of school. So that was a bonus.

I would also go back to see the original Toy Story. I was not alive at the time, so I guess the loophole for that is that I could time travel my self there for a little while. I know the way we are talking about it, it would be like the first experience of the film. But I just think about looking at the people around me, what their reactions would be, and to experience 1995 culture around me. It just seems like such an interesting 90 minutes out of history that I would love to see.
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Pixar Post - T.J.
mac95 wrote:
...and to experience 1995 culture around me. It just seems like such an interesting 90 minutes out of history that I would love to see.

It was a magical time and I love that I was alive and old enough to "get it" at that time. I can't even describe how shocked I was at what I just saw - it altered the way I thought about animation...and I "thought" I loved the genre too much already! Ha! [Big-Grin_zps23ec4c40] The only problem is that Pixar ruined other animation for me - nothing else seemed as good after that.
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luxo jr.
I would go see Toy Story 3 up in theaters, and probably cry some more
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Personally, It'd be Toy Story, Toy Story 2 ,or Toy Story 3. I would love to travel back in time (preferably with a DeLorean [smile]) to 1995 and watch Toy Story in theaters. I did see the 3D double feature but I want to experience it in its original format. Same goes with TS2. I was about 10 when Toy Story 3 came out, and I was so friggin hyped for it. I had been waiting 10 years for a proper sequel and I had finally got my wish. I also really wish I could go back and buy the other Toy Story Collection figures that I missed out on: Rex and Utility Belt Buzz.
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andreas the pixar maniac
if i could go back in time i would go back to 2008 so i could see wall.e on the big screen agian i remember that when wall.e first got announced and the first teaser got realased i became more hyped for that movie than  any otter movie i had ever seen or heard about and the weird thing about this is the fact  that the first teaser was just wall.e looking at the sky with some great music playing in the background and it had no talking no jokes no characters except for wall.e heck i dident even know what the movie was about when i saw the first teaser and yet i was more excited than i had ever been for a movie and when i finally saw it... not only did it become my favorite pixar movie it became my favorite animated movie of all time[biggrin] and i just wish i could go back in time so i could see wall.e on the big screen just one more time so i could relive the magic of wacthing it for the first time once agian[smile_zpsf797a80b]
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I would go back to 2015 and see Inside Out. I actually missed Inside Out in theatres because when it came out, I hadn't realized how good an idea of something that's not really used in film can be. At the time, I was still a kid (7th grade) who was skeptical about new ideas that aren't common objects (or person's lifestyle) (like Inside Out, the opposite being Cars or Zootopia) and I didn't think I would like it. I was really afraid of watching something new then - my DVD/Blu-ray collection then was literally all the Cars and Toy Story films and Up (compared to now, it's every Pixar movie through and including Finding Dory). A couple of months after Inside Out came out, I saw films like WALL•E and The Incredibles for the first time (at least that I remember). All the "new" films I saw were Pixar, since I've always had a higher level of trust in them since Cars 1 came out. In October, I decided that The Good Dinosaur would be the first non-sequel I would ever see in theatres (after seeing and loving most of Pixar's catalog at the time, and finishing them by March 2016) - and I decided to catch Inside Out on a library DVD. Less than 20 minutes into the movie, I was already regretting my fears of Inside Out being a bad movie, and by the end, it was the first sequel less movie in the #1 spot since Cars 1. In fact, after seeing and loving The Good Dinosaur (3D), I decided that I would never miss another Pixar movie in theatres.

To sum up what I said in one sentence: I wish I had seen Inside Out in theatres because I was afraid it wouldn't be good and I didn't give it a shot and I ended up loving it - with the side effect of loving other movies as well after learning the lesson of trying new types of movies.
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