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 Originally posted by UntoldStories113
Yeeeeeeeeees! I just reserved my ticket for the Annecy Inside Out Screening!! I don't have to wait until October! Guys, I'm so happy right now! [rofl][crazy][love]

That's great, I am so happy you don't have to wait the extra 5 months!
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Good news from me as well

My theater is holding a pre-release day screening (I'm from the Caribbean and they always do that) and they're showing a double feature with Inside Out and Jurrasic World and the tickets are free, I already got mine and got notebooks featuring the characters
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Thanks, mac, I appreciate it! [smile] I'm still pretty hyped about this. I'm heavily spoiled already, but staying away from crucial plot points for several months when everyone else has seen the movie would have been nigh impossible. [wink]
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I won't spoil the movie for y'alls, but I'll spoil the rest of the event since it's not likely to come out later on. 

The event started out promptly at 7PM, after about twenty minutes of Inside Out "fun facts" along with those spots of the actors describing their emotion character. We started with two trailers: The Good Dinosaur and Zootopia. There was a HUGE groan when we saw the green disclaimer because we thought we were gonna skip all that junk. Luckily they kept it simple with just two films.

Immediately after, we were treated to a tour of the Pixar animation studios campus with Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera. This was a fairly long segment (about 20 to 25 minutes), and it started with a brief segment of the cast riffing humorously on how they think animation is made. (great improv from all of them) Then, of course, Pete and Jonas invite us into the campus to see how it's "really made". The two hilariously keep teasing the film as if they're holding you off from seeing it. (which they were literally doing) Even though the kids in the audience started to get extremely impatient late into the video, the adults were engaged and laughing quite a bit. The two burst in on teams examining footage from both The Good Dinosaur (with Pete Sohn who shows us a brief animated clip of Arlo) and Finding Dory (Andrew Stanton in attendance), although they intentionally lifted the curtains up in the edit bay so we can only glimpse at the still of what seems to be Marlin, Nemo and Dory in front of their amenone home. We see some framed Inside Out concept art (including the famous, first piece of concept art, which they say was the one that solidified the concept) as well as Joe Ranft's original take on the storyboarding process. They take us through a tour of the animators' offices and show not only all the themed areas (they apparently had to rip out an old boardwalk due to it being infested by termites, to the seemingly real horror of Pete Docter), and all the amazing themed offices. The best ones were the one meticulously themed to a crashed plane fuseloge and an office with a secret door leading to a hidden speakeasy. Finally, we catch up with Josh Cooley at the Toy Story 4 production offices, who states John Lasseter is in the story room. Jonas knocks on the door (which displays the TS4 logo, an eerie reminder that it is really for reals happening), and John answers dressed in an Inside Out hawaiian t-shirt (I think this might have been staged :wink[smile] and won't let the camera into the story room even though Jonas keeps insisting. He praises Inside Out and very slowly closes the door, carefully to make sure the camera doesn't pry into anything related to TS4. The segment finally comes to an end as Jonas and Pete wish us adieu. It was filmed not too long ago, about the week of the IO wrap party as the film had been finished and you can see signage for the party around the premises.

The audience was confused a bit, as even though Jonas and Pete tell us that we're "seconds away from the seeing the movie"... we of course are immediately shown Lava instead. Which was a cute short, I'm growing a bit tired of these romantically-focused shorts coming from Pixar and WDAS but I did like the song and unique concept.

The film then of course screens in full. I reviewed it in the review thread, but once again: it's fantastic. Wonderful film. Go see it... although I'm kind of preaching to the choir on a Pixar forum!

After the end credits, we are then treated to a two-minute long loop of toolkit animations while we wait for the Q&A to start... except that we sit through it five times as there seemed to be a delay.

Finally the Q&A begins. It's just Amy Poehler and Pete Docter being interviewed by a British moderator in Australia, weirdly enough. It went for about 30 minutes. Here's some interesting tidbits:
-One pitch of the film had the story be about Riley as an aspiring actress, wanting to be the turkey in the big Thanksgiving play, only to find out once she's made it to the part, all of her fellow classmates are disinterested as they start to grow up, leading to Riley feeling like an outcast. Another pitch had one of the plot points as Riley being invited to a slumber party, and she goes through some emotional turbulance as the emotions squabble on which kind of chips to bring to the party.
-Amy Poehler's favorite Pixar characters include Woody and Mater.
-Amy Poehler was actually brought in to fix the character of Joy a couple of years into the writing process, along with voicing the character. Before Amy, the biggest note Pete was getting about the film was that while it was ambitious, the main character was obnoxious and unlikable. He states that Amy completely fixed the character.
-Pete stated that Meg LeFauve was very important in the writing process, who made Pete, Ronnie, Josh and Jonas throw out everything that they thought was cool but useless in helping tell Joy's (or Riley's) story. He stated that while a couple humorous throwaways (mainly exercised in the end credits) stayed on, Meg was responsible for making the film really click at a good pace.
-Amy stated that this was one of the best experiences in her entire career, working on Inside Out.

And that was about it, the moderator, Pete and Amy (who jokes that we all must be wanting to use the bathroom by that point... which was true, it had been nearly three hours!) ask us all to tell our friends at home to see Inside Out and wished us goodnight. The theater was barely above half-full, and it went to half of that after the movie ended (the diehards stayed)... they enjoyed the movie, but seemed annoyed at all the extra fluff. That's what they get for not reading the fine print.
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Pixar should've done this event worldwide. It's really unfair that everyone who doesn't live in the US won't be able to see this behind the scenes and TGD/FD footage. The event sounds awesome and I would've loved to have attended it.
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Hello all---

I attended the event last night, too, and I want to echo goldenstate5's comments. The studio tour was absolutely fantastic. My lovely wife, who really isn't into the behind the scenes stuff, laughed out loud a couple of times and said it was a fun peek behind the scenes.

It was great seeing the various Pixarians and their offices. We basically got to see almost every main area of the studio except the store. It was great seeing Pete's and Jonas' offices. Pete's is water themed, and Jonas' has lots of Disneyland items in it, including a classic Frontierland Attraction Poster that I'd love to have hanging on my own office wall (it's my all-time favorite attraction poster).

It was also cool to see the Inside Out production offices. The main lobby area included a progress board that Jonas explained, showing that all the departments are now at 100 percent complete. On the wall behind the receptionist desks were huge posters like the ones on the walls in the film's Dream Productions scene ("Where are my pants?!," "Something's chasing me!," etc.) They should sell them!

My hope is that this tour ends up on the blu-ray. It's probably being created now, so maybe we should all email Disney home video and request that it be included...! No's probably my favorite Pixar behind the scenes film the studio has released.

We live between Houston and Galveston, so we braved the tropical storm to attend the event. The bad weather meant that the satellite connection failed, so we didn't get to see the Q&A, which was disappointing.

If anyone filmed it or recorded the audio and posted it online, please post a link. I'd love to see/hear it.

The theater manager gave us free movie passes, which was nice, but I wish Fathom could come up with a way for folks who attended the event to see the Q&A online. Oh well.

The movie itself was among Pixar's best so far. My wife said it was among her five favorite Pixar films, and I would agree.

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Oh, I really hope they put the behind-the-scenes look on the Blu-Ray disc, I wasn't able to attend the event and I really wanted to see it.
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My theater had just like fifteen people. All stayed for the Q&A. And my theater missed the first like five minutes of the Q&A for some reason. The screen was just blank. 

And I have to admit I started getting impatient with the tour. [frown] I'd read about it before hand but the lanyards they handed out implied you got the tour video online, and I didn't expect it to be this long to begin with. Plus the obvious fact that I really didn't care about the last two movies they talked about. By the time they started searching for Lasseter I was getting very irritated. I hope they put the video somewhere so I can really appreciate it, but there are moments where it looks like they're really close to giving things away and pausing might let you catch said things, so I don't know if they will. 

And it looks like they released the voice actors "explaining" animation as a video (I'm pretty sure it wasn't exactly this, but it's mostly the same).  Or, maybe this was posted first. Whatever. 

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Pixar Post - T.J.
Great summary of the event goldenstate5 & mkselucas (and welcome to the forum mkselucas)! I for one really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at the studio. I'm going to sound braggy for a moment, but it was really fun for Julie and I to be like, "seen that, been there, dang...haven't been there"! The video that Bonnie posted was released the day before the event, but I'm not sure they'll release the video online - like others said, it seems like a good fit for the Blu-Ray!

We did record the audio from the Q&A session after the movie and we'll be including portions of it (the most unique questions) on our next podcast episode - recording this weekend (June 20 or 21 and posted probably on Monday the 22). 

Oh and yeah, our theater was pretty empty too - only 25-30 people.

Anyone that didn't get to see the inside behind-the-scenes video can enter our contest to win a code to watch it online (I'll update a link to the contest in a few minutes here). UPDATED - More details on the giveaway are on our homepage
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If they edit the video, it could work. But as it stands now, it'll look very weird out-of-context. Pete and Jonas, and several others constantly reference the event the audience was currently at.
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Pixar Post - T.J.
goldenstate5 wrote:
If they edit the video, it could work. But as it stands now, it'll look very weird out-of-context. Pete and Jonas, and several others constantly reference the event the audience was currently at.

I thought the same thing, but I didn't know if they would just include a small bumper ahead of it that set the stage for what the event was. Who knows - the video is set to expire online on September 30, so does it just disappear after that? That would be a bummer.
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Thanks for the welcome, TJ. I've actually been listening to the podcast for many months now, and I've visited the message board as a guest. I just didn't have enough time to register, etc., but now that it's summer, here I am.

I really hope they include the unedited tour on the blue-ray.

And I'm glad to hear that y'all recorded the Q&A audio. Any chance you could post it all someplace? I tweeted a couple of questions from my daughter and would love to see if they were answered!

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Pixar Post - T.J.
mkselucas wrote:
And I'm glad to hear that y'all recorded the Q&A audio. Any chance you could post it all someplace? I tweeted a couple of questions from my daughter and would love to see if they were answered! Thanks, Matt

Possibly, let me review everything and see how it turned out!
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