Pixar Post - T.J.
Well, the wait is finally over - the first trailer was released right on cue (as we heard ahead of today's 9:00 AM PST release). We wrote up full details on our site and we'll keep updating more details as we hear of them (here and on the site), so stay tuned!

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Pixar Post - Julie
Today Pixar released the official Teaser Poster for Inside Out, along with an interactive new promotional website called Inside Out Motion Poster where it links to all the additional sites, including the soon-to-be-launched, official Disney website based on the movie. The movie / motion-poster from the website is embedded below. 

What do you think of the poster design? We love the simplistic design with the pops of color and can't wait to see more...but it also begs the question, why is the silhouette very male-influenced if the main location for the emotions is inside Riley's mind (a female)?
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I liked the whole trailer. It was funny and show all of the Pixar emotions. I like the poster because of the colors.
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So when I checked Pixar Post this morning to see if anything was new, I immediately noticed in stunning clarity, "Inside Out--trailer--October 2--9:00---12:00---"! Now, I had school today, so that's why I did not respond right away. I was able to see the trailer just several minutes after it was released, though.

As a first, I immediately noticed that the introduction was very similar to a trailer for Up. It explained something, then showed footage from some of Pixar's films. Just though it was interesting, as Pete Doctor directs both films.

Now, for the thing that I am now excited for most of all about this film(that might change, though, as this is most certainly a tease) is the emotions. It is very clear to me that Pixar and Disney are trying their very best to sell these emotions and make us love them. It helps that the emotions are very central in the trailer. I can see how it would be their top priority, because it could be hard to make the general public interested in this movie. And it looks like they have that under control, as the emotions are VERY likable. That shot at the end of the trailer when all of them are shooting up is really the hook for me that makes me want to see more of them. I think that Disgust's little hair flip and "ugh" will make a teen audience happy, as it gives them something to happily relate to. I love Anger. I love the squash 'n stretch effects on Fear as he screams for everyone to look out. That gave me some fun with the pause button! And the "group hug" shot at the end was just gold all around. I have one minor nag: The design style of inside the mind looks exactly like inside the bee hive from Dreamwork's Bee Movie. Please reassure me if you can.
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Gray Catbird
Thought it was really great. It's still just a glimpse (this is a teaser trailer after all), but what a glimpse. Everything's beautiful.

Really like the design of what was shown of the inside of the mind. It looks like a mix of Up, Monsters, Inc and a child's drawing, with a retro touch. And how there are subtle cues that remind DNA or cells, but that still remain very abstract and unique. One of the most awesome details for me is that window that opens behind the headquarters. It suggests how immense the world of the mind could be. I mean, it seems to me that usually inside the mind cartoons depict a world that only exists in relation to the outside; they only have one window, the eyes. It's amazing that here, the other side seems to be equally vast and important.

Also, was excited to see we have our first Easter Egg! The chinese food boxes on the dinner table seem to match perfectly the one that first appeared in A Bug's Life, and that was also in Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., and Ratatouille!
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Ultimate iPad Expert
I really enjoyed seeing a trailer finally. I really wanted to see the characters in motion and see some of the voice talent matched with the characters. Each moment, during the beginning part with clips from other Pixar films, was getting me more and more hyped to see the Inside Out scenes. I at first felt slightly annoyed with it, probably because of my selfish want for the Inside Out portion. [tongue] I'm glad I waited through it, though. In regard to some comments from on the live session, I have some thoughts. I'm not really sure if the house that the family was in is their new house in California. If you look behind Riley's father you can see what looks to me like some folded up boxes. From moving experience, my family and I bought many boxes like those that were folded up. Once we moved into our new house those boxes were taped up, so there wasn't any use to fold them up again. I'm not sure why they would need to keep folded boxes anyway. You can see what I believe to be the same boxes in the background when you see Riley in the Disney Movies Anywhere video. So, I'm guessing that this could be there house in Minnesota, though the points you guys made do make sense. Next, I really like the motion poster for the film. The design of the poster reminds me of Saul Bass, especially the head. I don't know, it just seems like something he would create. I love how in depth, all of you are in background details, I never noticed the hockey sticks, puck, and trophy like objects before. To me it looks like two more trophies next to the green object in the window. Lastly, you discussed in the live session about when you thought the next trailer would come out. This is my optimism talking, but I still believe that Inside Out's next trailer will come out in front of Big Hero 6. I mean MU's teaser came out just about a year before the film came out. The next trailer came out much closer to its release. We got Inside Out's teaser about 8 months before it's release. By this comparison, I would assume we get another trailer, at least some time this year. Also, Big Hero 6 got a teaser in May 2014, and a second trailer in July 2014, so a small wit could be possible. Well, these are my thoughts, overall I cannot wait for the next trailer, and for my chance to watch the film!
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Pixar Post - T.J.
mac95 wrote:
The design style of inside the mind looks exactly like inside the bee hive from Dreamwork's Bee Movie. Please reassure me if you can.

First of all, you are totally right about the design style of the emotions themselves - totally lovable! As far as inside the Bee Hive from Bee Movie, I can certainly see similarities in the colors and shapes between the spaces - but I guess I'll hold off until I see more. But, as usual, great eye and memory to remember inside the hive!


Gray Catbird wrote:
Also, was excited to see we have our first Easter Egg!

I cracked up when I read this - of course you were already spotting easter eggs - you're the king of those for sure! I mentioned this on the Google Hangout we held on the day of the trailer release (in case you saw it).

Ultimate iPad Expert wrote:
So, I'm guessing that this could be there house in Minnesota, though the points you guys made do make sense

Good points as well - I guess time will tell on that one! You're also completely right about the retro feeling - and Saul Bass look to the "motion poster". I also really like your thoughts and hopes for the trailer release - we'll see what happens there too. Big Hero 6 seems to be the next logical choice for sure and we're kind of feeling the same way!

Sullivan wrote:
The world inside her mind is so colorful while the external world is more dark and somber. Pixar really knows how to use color well in their films.

Absolutely, Pixar definitely knows what they're doing when it comes to color and contrasting worlds (think WALL•E with the trash-filled Earth and the Axiom)!

Great thoughts everyone! Can't wait for more!
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Gray Catbird
Pixar Post - T.J. wrote:

I cracked up when I read this - of course you were already spotting easter eggs - you're the king of those for sure! I mentioned this on the Google Hangout we held on the day of the trailer release (in case you saw it).

Aw, well thank you... I guess I'm just a big fan of Easter Eggs, it's just mind-blowing how many things can be hidden in Pixar films, and it's always awesome to find new ones.
On that topic, did you know it's not all? Another one has been spotted (not by me): the playground in Riley's memory is actually the one in Sunnyside!! It was right there and I missed it; shows how badly I know TS3. It's probably not actually Sunnyside, since the setting is different and the slide is straight instead of coiled; but otherwise all details match.
I find that really cool. Usually we don't get Easter Eggs so early, it seems to me. Makes me wonder if Inside Out will be a new Toy Story 3? (TS3 has so many hidden gems nobody knows how many there are!)
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Dan the Pixar Fan
Yah I saw that on the Inside Out wiki page a few days ago about the slide being from SunnySide! I just wasn't sure if it was actually an official easter egg or if it just resembles it.
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Yeah, I wondered that as well - but I kind of just thought it was similar too. Maybe we'll get a better glimpse on a future trailer or in the movie. Yeah, I wonder if this will have a lot of little hidden items - it certainly seems like there could be since there will be plenty of nooks and crannies in the mind to hide things in. Then you'll really have your heyday looking for all those easter eggs Gray Catbird[Laughing_zpsee77b0c4]
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