Hello, everybody! [smile] So I was thinking about Finding Dory, and I'm wondering as to when Pixar will start releasing international trailers for the sequel. I usually like watching them for the new footage, and since the movie is being released in about 2-3 months, I'm surprised that there hasn't been anything yet. Then again, I don't really know the schedule for international trailers, so maybe they'll start releasing them a few weeks after The Jungle Book. Anyway, I'd be interested if you guys found out anything. [wink]
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Looks like we got ourselves an international/Japanese trailer, gang!

Go crazy! Translate it, screencap it, go all willy nilly!
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Zoey_Trope wrote:
Looks like we got ourselves an international/Japanese trailer, gang!

Go crazy! Translate it, screencap it, go all willy nilly!

The middle aquarium where it has all the sea creatures circling around reminds me of what the Shedd Aquarium has! Kinda like the main showcase aquarium! Not sure they call it in the movie but at the Shedd Aquarium, they call it the Caribbean Reef! 
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Wow I really wish I knew what they were saying haha

But in Dory's flash back this time (which is even shorter then before) it shows a baby Dory!
I had to look it up on youtube slow the video down (which you can do right there in youtube) and start and stop the trailer frame by frame to be able to catch that fast moving flashback!

There is also a lot of little cut scenes from a sunken cargo ship an it looks like that is where we will find a giant squid!

This is also are first big look at the marine life institute and it looks wonderful!

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Pixar Post - T.J.
Reading further could lead to viewing spoilers (screenshots from the international trailer are below).

Such a cool trailer - be aware that there are lots of new footage and character details (in case you're not trying to spoil any new elements). We wrote up a post on the new footage and even spotted two new Easter Eggs (details below).

We found a 1080P version on's YouTube page, so I added that as well as some new screenshots! 

Finding Dory International Pixar Post 4.png

Cool look at the outside of the Marine Life Institute

Finding Dory International Pixar Post 2.png
Finding Dory International Pixar Post 3.png 
Finding Dory International Pixar Post 9.png

Right at the end of this scene with Hank and Dory in the stroller, there's a sign that says, "The World's Most Powerful Pair of Glasses". I wonder what that's for? To support a joke later?

Also, the stroller is called StröllR which I'm wondering if it's a play Wall•E and Burn•E / Supply•R (the machine that gives Burn-E the light fixtures).

Finding Dory International Pixar Post 11.png

This scene seems like a total callback to Nigel carrying Marlin and Dory in the first film.

Finding Dory International Pixar Post 1 Easter Egg.png

The two Easter Eggs Julie spotted right away...I have no idea how on the first watch!
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Oh and since iPixar mentioned it, here are the screenshots showing baby Dory as well as one more big fish from the flashback sequence.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 1.01.43 AM.png 
Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 1.01.57 AM.png 
Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 1.01.11 AM.png 

Also loved this awesome camouflage for Hank as well!

Snapshot-2016-04-20 at 12_02_32 AM-1423058192.png 

And here's a very dark and quick look at the firefly squid which appears to take Nemo away!

Snapshot-2016-04-20 at 12_59_24 AM-2000742027.png 
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andreas the pixar maniac
 i was just about to make a post about this trailer but you Guys beat me to it[wink] ps the new trailer was freaking awesome especially the part where we see dory as a baby[biggrin]
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Just Keep Swimming
So excited we got a new trailer today!

I love the slimy texture of the kelp in that one shot outside the marine institute. As someone who's messed with wasted up kelp on the beach, I can say that the visual development did a great job capturing that detail.

I also love that we get to see more of the Marine institute! I haven't been to the aquarium in Monterrey yet (my family's going for the first time this weekend!) but I can see a mix of different aquariums that I have been to. Like the water fountains where the kids are playing, they look very similar to the ones at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. I bet there's more references to other aquariums like ThePolishGent mentioned.
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Alright, now that I've had some time to calm down, let's see what I have to say about this trailer! I'll use some rough timestamps to make things a bit easier for you guys to spot.

0:12- I love how Nemo and Dory both smile in sync here, it just shows how far they've come in terms of their friendship; They're almost like brother and sister at this point!

0:17-I was pretty surprised at this bit here, it clearly shows how her faulty memory can fail her sometimes. Not sure if her waking up in the night and forgetting that Marlin and Nemo's home can sting her is a common occurrence for her, or if it's connected to the flashbacks in some way. It looks like the same scene from the beginning of the first teaser, so...

0:20-Here come some more flashbacks! In this bit we get a couple scattered shots of her parents (expanding on the one shot from trailer 2), as well as some bits of what appear to be Baby Dory wandering the ocean alone, including a shot of her looking up out of the water at a starry sky. For those of you who looked at the first few pages of the Art Of book preview (now removed), you should know where that shot is from. And then there's the one clear shot of Baby Dory. Even though the shot is only 2 frames long, you can faintly see, moving in the distance, what looks like other baby Blue Tangs, much like the ones in trailer 2. The more I look at this shot the more depressing it gets, because it looks like Dory is sadly watching from the sidelines as the other little fish play. Her memory loss probably made her feel really left out as a kid.

0:21-Continuing the flashbacks, we see Dory's parents with what appears to be an Ocean Sunfish (caught them all the time in Animal Crossing). Finishing up the notable shots, we have a quick look at a drain grate. Pipes and drains and being "sucked away" seem to be a reoccurring theme here that probably ties in with how Dory got separated from her family (the Art Of book had a little bit on this as well).

0:34-The little dudes are back! Squirt looks a bit older here (it has been a year in-universe), but I also like how the other baby turtles are more distinguishable from each other now. In the first film they all looked roughly the same, just with different shell patterns, but here they have different face models and body types. Hooray for sea turtle diversity!

0:41-If you look closely at Dory here, it appears as though she's caught in a six-pack ring. Maybe this ties in with the "trash-shelled" hermit crabs we've been seeing?

1:02-Is this the first time we're seeing Hank talk with mouth movement? Kind of an awkward stance to see it, but still.

1:11-So many colorful fish! But no other Blue Tangs in sight...Hmmmmm....

1:13-This is the same shot of the other brain coral hut from trailer 2, but the way it's placed here makes it seem as though it's on the floor of the MLI's centerpiece. Could this be her parents' home?

1:15-Once again, going back to the Art Book, it said that Dory's presence in empty space is going to be a big part of the film. And this shot's no exception. Another bit that gets sadder the more I look at it!

1:16-If you look behind Nemo here, you can see what looks like the background of the last shot from the first teaser (the clam/oyster bit). Same scene?

1:21-What the heck are these things? I'd assume some type of sea worm, but...?

1:23-That plastic fish on the right looks like a cheap green and purple recolor of Dory. It's also freaking me out.

1:24-Looking again at the touch pool bit, you can see the sippy cup that Dory's in later in the trailer. She probably ends up here after the stint in the stroller.

1:27-And then things get wild! This bit's really giving me a TS3 vibe for some reason. Also you can see in-universe plushies of Bailey and Destiny in the background!

1:30-We've heard in the past that Destiny and Bailey are going to have a sibling-like feud, and here it shows. Also, Bailey "dials it in" for a moment!

1:35-This stroller bit is also giving me a TS3 feel. Also, "World's Most Powerful Pair of Glasses"? Maybe that's a walkway into a 3D movie theater?

1:39-Nothing to say except that Dory's smile here melts my heart.

1:40-The squid! And shipping crates too! A part of me thinks that this encounter is how Dory gets separated from Marlin and Nemo.

1:44-The otters invading a truck while carrying Dory (with no water)? We definitely need context for this bit. Do the otters choose Dory as their leader or something?

1:45-Destiny going all Free Willy on us!

1:46-And finally, Marlin screams his head off while Nemo has the time of his life as they ride in Gerald's bucket(?) being carried by Becky the loon!

Whew! What a trailer! Keep in mind we still are expecting the 3rd US trailer soon, so hopefully that one will have some of these scenes in English. This film's looking to be one wild (emotional) ride!
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Rewatching the trailer again, I've come to realize that Dory gets caught by the MLI personnel right in the kelp forest outside of the facility! Also at 1:15, there's also what seems to be a somber moment of Dory going on. But who is she talking to? A otter? And it's in regards to her family? Well anyways, I assume parts of my 2 predictions stands correct!
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Can we just talk about how stunning this film is going to be? Every shot is beautiful. Whats your favorite?

Pretty sure those worm things are in the touch pool and they're warning Dory to "Turn back" which I think is hilarious!

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iPixar wrote:

Can we just talk about how stunning this film is going to be? Every shot is beautiful. Whats your favorite?

Pretty sure those worm things are in the touch pool and they're warning Dory to "Turn back" which I think is hilarious!

That second to last shot of Destiny jumping in the air was breathtaking!! My favorite overall would probably have to be the scene at 1:38 where Hank is jumping from one suspended marine sculpture to another carrying Dory right in the middle of the gorgeous aquarium tank!! I've already know that out of all of them, Hank is going to be the most fun to watch!
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Also in regards to those worm looking things, those are garden eels!
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Even though I didn't understand a word in this trailer, still what a wonderful trailer! This film looks great! 
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Has anyone found a translation for this yet?...or at least know anyone who might understand?...
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