In preperation for Pixar´s Inside Out I would like to share my ranking of the movies from worst to best. (if there is a similar topic like this I apologize, I looked and didn´t find). And I challenge you to rank too!

14. Cars 2. - Unnecessary sequel, not terrible, but lacks any real emotion, charm and appeal to adults like Pixar almost always pulls off. 

13. Cars. - Good Movie with likeable characters, its just lower on the list from the stronger appeal to kids.

12. A Bug´s Life - Great world, with witty characters and a really good time overall.

11. Monsters University - It´s extremely hard to make a prequel, even harder than a sequel, Pixar still pulled it off.

10. Brave - Very different and extremely likeable princess, going on a very different and likeable jurney than your usual Disney princess movie.

(From this point on, I ADORE every single movie that is left on the list, leaves a very hard challenge for me)

9. Toy Story - One of the best group of characters ever put on the big screen, those characters happen to be toys, and this movie happens to be amazing. TS will live in our hearts for infinity and beyond.

8. Monsters Inc - Pixar´s funniest movie, that also happens to be clever and the most original of all. Also pulling on our heartstrings with the relashionship of Boo and Sulley.

7. Ratatouille - Very risky film, but Brad pulled it off flawlessly, with great characters, relatable story and a great message overall. "Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere".

6. Toy Story 3. Spectacular "ending" to arguably the best trilogy of all time (till 2017)

5. Toy Story 2. In my opinion the best of the three.

4. The Incredibles. Relatable family problems, with breathtaking action sequences and diversity of setting. Most rewachable Pixar film.

3. Wall-e. Just beautiful, amazing visuals help the great bond that these robots who we love form. (without almost any dialogue)

2. Finding Nemo - Amazing journey across the ocean, we encounter the most amazing characters, every obstacle the fishes face is just as breathtaking as the last, and an emotional son and father story.

1. Up - The most amazing one of all in my opnion, heartwarming first 10 and last 10 minutes. Great father and son bonding from an old man who could never have a son, and a kid, whose father doesn´t pay attention to him. This movie is the greatest emotional roller coaster ride in the movie world.

Remember that my list and everybody elses is subjective. If your favorite Pixar movie happens to be at the bottom of someone´s list, don´t sweat it, after all we are all friends and we all love Pixar.

You don´t have to put the reason behing every ranking like i did, if you want to, go right ahead, but just the ranking alone will suffice. Sorry for the hard challenge. Very interested in your rankings my fellow Pixar friends [smile]

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I love these topics because I'm happy with whatever rankings people choose. I think every pixar movie deserves love. My own list is mostly based on personal enjoyment and what resonates with me!

14) Cars 2: a light James Bond parody that's good for the kids and also merchandise sales!

13) Cars: A racing move good for kids. So so.

12) Ratatouille: I respect how risky the plot is, but I've only seen this movie once when it first came out and it didn't really touch me like other Pixar movies do. I guess high class chefs just aren't an interest of mine. It's cute, though, and I like the theme about dreams.

11) A Bug's Life: the caterpillar is funny, and Hopper is a surprisingly dark villain. He's definitely among Pixar ' s most atrocious characters, which is noteworthy seeing how most of their movies don't really have villains, but antagonists who may not be so bad depending on how you look at things. It's sadly a forgotten film, and I have a soft spot for it despite it not being among my favorites.

10) Brave: I think this movie is a lot better than many people make it out to be. Merida is a strong princess with real flaws, but she makes up for them in the end. I love that it is about a mother/daughter relationship, and both mother and daughter are sympathetic and well developed. Some parts made me and my family tear up in the theater (other people sniffed too so it wasn't just us).

9) Monsters University: a fun-loving movie that pokes fun of certain aspects of college life. This movie is beautifully animated and stuffed full of worthwhile content. I felt like even the secondary characters who barely showed up were adequately characterized, and the sharp witted humor is perfect. The Mike/Sulley dynamic is great as always, I love their friendship! I also think that what they did with Randall was pretty unique, as he was neither tragic nor a bully by that point, but a nerd desperate for acceptance who made some poor choices. There are loads of colorful new characters, and we get more exploration into the monster world. What stops it from being higher is that the bare bones of the plot aren't quite unique (nerds vs elites), but I think what Pixar did with it was refreshing and even surprising at times.

8) Wall-E: unique, risky, emotional, brilliantly animated. This movie is a gem. What makes it especially fascinating is that lack of dialogue throughout stretches of the movie, and yet it remains enthralling to many people. Great for SciFi fans, with shades of 2001 a space odyssey and an environmentalist message that shows a freaky future

7) The Incredibles: I haven't seen this since I was a kid, but I remember how much me and my playmates loved it! It was a fresh take on superheros, as it's about a whole family and takes place after the main characters' primes. All the main characters have internal struggles they must overcome, and they draw closer as a family. The side characters are equally charming, and Syndrome is among Pixar ' s most dastardly villains (perhaps the worst).

6) Finding Nemo: What can I say? This movie is a classic! I saw it in theaters as a kid and it's another movie me and my playmates gushed over. It has so many golden nuggets and a great large cast of interesting characters. Amount our favorites were Dory, Crush, Bubbles, and the John Ratzenberger fish. A completely memorable movie that I and loads of others have watched so much we probably know it by heart (even though I haven't seen it in quite some time).

5) Toy Story 2: part of my favorite Pixar franchise. The introduction of Jesse, which begins to explore themes such as abandonment and rejection. Jesse's story is a complete tearjerker. The Prospector is a very sympathetic antagonist because of his hurt and rejection, and his fate at the end was perfect. I love the exploration of collector's toys.

4) Up: among Pixar ' s most experimental movies. I love that it focuses on an old character for a change. The music is perfect, with the voiceless montage at the beginning conveying a clear story brilliantly. Another tearjerker. It has a floating house, an old man, a boy scout,talking dogs, a bird name Kevin, and a deranged wilderness explorer, and somehow it all works. Somehow!

3) Toy Story: Classic. Me and my brother watched it repeatedly as kids, and it has some great lines. Funny and thought provoking, and the way Sid's house was filmed made it particularly frightening even though he's just a kid that modifies his toys. I still want a movie accurate Pizza Planet to be made!

2) Toy Story 3: I think this is the most well done of the trilogy. It has themes of growing up, abandonment, loss of childhood, and even a nihilistic slant from the villain. Sunnyside daycare looked all sunshine and rainbows at first, but became a bleak prison that personifies Lotso's crushed and blackened soul, and perhaps the trapped and lost feelings all the toys have from dealing with feelings of worthlessness and rejection. Big Baby and the monkey were genuinely creepy, and the movie deals with some cruelty to the day care's toy subjects,with the toys being beaten and broken as punishment if they tried to escape (as being thrown away is the cruelest fate for toys according to Lotso) and old-timer even being beaten for information, and buzz getting his personality changed. Lotso is a truly twisted villain, but I find him sympathetic and tragic in a way, feeling worthless and replaceable. Definitely impressive for a pink fluffy bear. The ending is a perfect tearjerker.

1) Monster's Inc: What can I say about this movie? I was in love with it even as a kid, and I think it's Pixar ' s funniest movie. The movie sucked me in from scene one (and that's when the nonstop comedic gold begins) when the monster is trying out to be a scarer. The monster world is engrossing and fun, and ruled by a secretive agency that manages to be at once hilarious and intimidating. The movie is a continuous cycle of action, intrigue, mystery, and humor, and an invaluable example of good plotting. Every scene is necessary and progresses the plot. It's unique in that it's about a monster factory, and the main two characters are just two workers who accidentally get caught up in a dangerous conspiracy.The doors to other worlds lend it a magical quality, and the climax at the end where Randall snaps and tries to kill them as he chases them from door to door is just perfect. Speaking of Randall, he's a great villain, because he's neither too evil nor not evil enough. He's geeky and awkward yet intimidating and slithery, and has a huge attitude. He definitely has the coolest design of all the monsters, with all his legs and color changing abilities, and his conversations with Mike are funny. Boo is unbearably adorable and the ending is just perfect.
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Vellerie wrote:
I love these topics because I'm happy with whatever rankings people choose. I think every pixar movie deserves love. My own list is mostly based on personal enjoyment and what resonates with me!

That was a great analysis and a joy to read. Great choices and I love sharing the love of Pixar! Thanks for taking the time to answer my topic!!
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Oh man - I love the time and thought you two put into the initial post as well as the detailed responses! I don't even know where to begin with how great the write-ups and descriptions are - wow!

Now, here's a tough thing for me. I've thought about these rankings time and time again and I just can't consistently come up with a list that I feel good about. I do completely agree with Vellerie's comments about A Bug's Life for sure (...It's sadly a forgotten film, and I have a soft spot for it despite it not being among my favorites.) true! 

One of these days I'll have to kick myself and come up with a proper list, but I'll start by saying that Toy Story 2 is most likely at the top of my list! <-- See, I'm doing it already, I can't commit to a favorite...I said "most likely"! Ha! [Laughing_zpsee77b0c4]

By the way, Vellerie wins the forum today for the best word usage...nihilistic. I have to admit that I feel I have a decent vocabulary, but I had to reference that one since I couldn't pull it from the memory banks quick enough! [Cool_zpsf7e1371b] [Nerd_zps76dc97d3]
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Glad you enjoyed it man! I would love to see your list, and quite frankly, Toy Story 2 is, in my opinion, the best of the Toy Stories. I love everything you are doing with this website. I love it! I can finally share my Pixar love with others. Thanks for making all of this possible!
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Ultimate iPad Expert
This is really hard, but let me see what I can throw together.

14)  Brave - I had a hard time deciding between Cars 2 and Brave for the final spot, but Brave ended up with the spot.
13)  Cars 2 - Cars 2 beat Brave mostly because of the fact that I'm an extreme sucker for awesome spy stuff. [Smug_zpsbec03801]
12)  A Bug's Life - A Bug's Life is a great film, but with so many better Pixar films it's sadly very low.
11)  Cars - The heart of Cars is the main reason it beats it's sequel and these other films. Plus it was the first Pixar film I ever watched in theaters.
10)  Monsters University - Not nearly as good as it's predecessor, in my opinion, but MU should have at least been nominated for Best Animated Feature last year at the Oscars.
9)0  Ratatouille - Ratatouille is a fun film, with a quirky premise that Brad Bird makes work very well.
8)0  Toy Story - I'm surprised that the Toy Story trilogy is so low on my list, but they're still great!
7)0  Toy Story 2 - Toy Story 2 has a slightly better story than Toy Story 1 and introduces some great new characters!
6)0  Toy Story 3 - Each Toy Story film got continuously better for me and Toy Story 3 ended the trilogy very well. Hopefully Toy Story 4 will continue this legacy.
5)0  Wall·E - Wall·E does a great job of having heart, comedy, and action despite not much dialog from the main characters.
4)0  The Incredibles - I have watched this film so many times with my family that it almost began to get tiring. I still love it, however, and Brad Bird continues to amaze me. I can't wait for Tomorrowland!
3)0  Finding Nemo - Another big film that my family watched together a lot. So much heart and comedy throughout.
2)0  Monsters, Inc. - Monsters, Inc. not only has great heart, not only has great comedy, not only has great action, but it holds a special place in my heart. Because of Monsters, Inc.'s greatness, I found Pixar.
1)0  Up - Pete Docter did it again with Up (and it looks like again with Inside Out [Winking_zps1d9118ce]). Plus, Up is the first Pixar film I ever went to see in theaters after my love of Pixar began!

I felt curious, so here is the list of Pixar movies, as ranked by Rotten Tomatoes:

14)  Cars 2 - 39% with 124 negative reviews
13)  Cars - 74% with 145 positive reviews
12)  Monsters University - 78% with 142 positive reviews
11)  Brave - 78% with 175 positive reviews
10)  A Bug's Life - 92% with 77 positive reviews
9)0  Monsters, Inc. - 96% with 184 positive reviews
8)0  Ratatouille - 96% with 221 positive reviews
7)0  Wall·E - 96% with 234 positive reviews
6)0  The Incredibles - 97% with 224 positive reviews
5)0  Up - 98% with 275 positive reviews
4)0  Finding Nemo - 99% with 236 positive reviews
3)0  Toy Story 3 - 99% with 279 positive reviews
2)0  Toy Story - 100% with 78 positive reviews
1)0  Toy Story 2 - 100% with 163 positive reviews
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Wow, for rotten tomatoes all of those are actually good ratings except Cars 2! I'm okay with Toy Story 3 being one of their top rated haha.

Great list! Up is a great choice and I'm glad it gets so much love. It's also nice that there's going to be some wind up toys from it soon.

For my list the only easy choices were my top 2 and bottom 2 XD But Inside Out is probably going to completely rock my list!
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Thank you guys for taking the time to answer this poll! I love both of your lists! Hopefully we get a few more replies to see more diversity between us Pixar fans. Thanks for answering again! And Up is also my favorite!
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I will not be including Brave, Cars 2, Toy Story 2, or Toy Story 3 on this list, due to not seeing them in a long time and feeling they need a rewatch before I judge them.

10) Monsters University - Extremely cliched and near completely devoid of laughs. At best unnecessary, at worst damaging to original film, hurting the emotional weight put behind Mike and Sulley being best friends their entiree lives. 

9) The Incredibles -  Good movie, though not as funny as most of the others, and it's attempts at sad moments have never worked for me.

8). Cars - Funny, but stupid. It works if you're willing to turn your mind off while you watch it, but, well, I'm not. 

7). Toy Story - Very funny, AWESOME climax. Gets a little boring in some parts.

6). A Bug's Life - Fairly funny and fun to watch. The locations on the island are beautiful, and Hopper's a great villain. 

5). Ratatouille - As usual, major "This premise should have sucked; congrats on it not" points. There's just something endearing about the whole thing that's hard to pinpoint, and certain specific shots I love. I also like how it takes a character type that's fairly cliched ("I want more than what my life has to offer me!") and makes it so unique. I've never cried over this one either, but I've gotten much closer than The Incredibles. 

4). Monsters, Inc. - Funny and sweet. Tons of creativity on display in almost every shot, and also had a fantastic villain (ignoring the prequel). 

3). Finding Nemo - Funny, tearjerking, beautiful, fantastic all around. 

2). Up - Fantastic all around. Super creative premise, and seamless blending of several odd elements. Proof that Pixar doesn't need to take the focus away from humans to have a unique movie.

1). WALL-E - Everything good in the other movies is present, but made more impressive through lack of dialogue. To call its sad moments "sad", to call the protagonist "likable", and to call the romance "sweet" are all understatements. The kind of movie where the only time watching it doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy inside is when it's purposefully ripping your heart out, and doing a fantastic job of it. 

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Awesome list and it was very endearing what you had to say about Wall-e. My top 3 are also your top 3! Just in different order. Thanks for taking your time to respond, I just love hearing other people´s opinions. Hope you get around to watching the Toy Stories again, it´s a perfect time for a marathon! They are truly special films and we will remember them for infinity and beyond. I agree with Monsters U that it was unnecessary and cliched. But it pleasantly surprised me, keeping in mind it was nothing new. Quite frankly, the last 30 minutes contained the Pixar magic that the first one had, and it was an absolute joy to watch. It definetly gained more points from me after the third act.
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Luis504170 wrote:
Hope you get around to watching the Toy Stories again, it´s a perfect time for a marathon!

My problem is I don't own the third one. I have the second one only on VHS, and we don't have the remote for our VHS player anymore, and I'm too lazy to get up and work it.

Quite frankly, the last 30 minutes contained the Pixar magic that the first one had, and it was an absolute joy to watch. It definetly gained more points from me after the third act.

I thought the last fifteen minutes or so, once they got to the human world, were decent (they should have just made the whole movie about that), and I've seen a few negative reviews agree that it picked up near the end. Unfortunately, well, it's the end, and they had nothing but cliched characters to work with for their big "sad" moment. 

Also, they kind of hinged the climax on the worry that Mike and Sulley won't make it back to the monster a prequel, set before a movie in the monster world. Which makes it near impossible to actually worry or have suspense.
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Here's my current rankings, I will most likely tell you where Inside Out ends up when I see the movie:

14. Cars 2 - It isn't as bad as some critics call it, it does have good action. But it is weaker compared to other Pixar movies.
13. Cars- It does have some sweet moments, but like its sequel it is weaker compared to others.
12. Brave- It has some great moments in there, but it just not that good in my eyes.
11. Monsters University- Fun movie, but it wasn't that interesting until the 3rd act.
10. A Bug's Life- It does have great moments like Hopper and the circus bugs, but I think there is a reason why it is forgotten. 
9. Monsters, Inc.- I think it can be boring at some points, but it is mostly creative.
8. Ratatouille- It is creative, greatly animated, but it only suffers for being a bit boring sometimes.
7. Toy Story- A true classic, that changed the face of animation. The only problem is the humans and Scud.
6. Toy Story 2- Being a great classic that is better than the first one.
5. The Incredibles- Where's my super suit? I love this movie, but it isn't as good compared to the next four.
4. Toy Story 3- My favorite Pixar sequel so far and shows that Toy Story really does keep on getting better, the only problem I have it the Andy thing at the end that I find a bit awkward.
3. Up- Super creative and has everything you want from Pixar movies: great story, great animation, and great characters.
2. Finding Nemo- An animated classic that is truly a delight to watch every time you do.
1. WALL-E - My favorite movie of all time so far that shows why Pixar is so awesome in every way possible.

Any thoughts? [Smug_zpsbec03801]
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Ultimate iPad Expert
I like your thoughts, PIX-R.113. Also, I find it really interesting that none of us have a Toy Story film as our favorites. I feel like most people (who aren't huge Pixar fans) would probably choose one of those.
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Thanks, Ultimate iPad Expert! I like your thoughts, too!
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Great list! Very similar to mine, thanks for taking the time to answer this. And I have a feeling that Inside Out will replace one of my top 3. I can just feel it.
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