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Darth Hamilton
19. Monster's Univerisity
18. Brave
17. Cars 2
16. The Good Dinosaur
15. Ratatouille
14. Up
13. WALL-E
12. Finding Dory
11. Cars
10. A Bug's Life
9. Toy Story 2
8. Inside Out
7. Cars 3
6. Toy Story
5. Toy Story 2
4. Coco
3. Monster's Inc.
2. Finding Nemo
1. The Incredibles
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Ive finally decided to do a ranking, hasn't been easy but bare with me. This all based on my opinion.

18. Brave
Simply put, nice looking visuals can't save a troubled script from it's bad writing. I don't really like the characters very much and I find the humour to be aimed at preschoolers. Not my cup of tea. However I will say that I really like the scene where Elinor & Merida speaks to one another in contrast about the betrothal.
17. A Bug's Life
I can see why people might think this is underrated and better than it seems, however despite the pretty decent story and message I really don't like the focus on bugs. Never liked bugs and this was just jarring IMO. However the film is worth enough to check out for it's message that really speaks for itself.
16. Cars 2
I'm not a fan of the protagonist swap with Mater. However I will say that I did enjoy the World Grand Prix segments and the overall overseas feel to the film. The visuals are stunning, I just wish this movie never centred on Mater or spy shenanigans.
15. Cars 3
Used to like this film, until I read the script for the film after my 3rd viewing and was insanely dissapointed. The writing is all over the place, the characters aren't that memorable this time around and there's so much filler in the background. No longer a big fan of this film. Looks like they borrowed the backgrounds from TGD. These days the film feels unnecessary. Although his Rusteze suite is one of my favourite paint jobs for Lightning McQueen. And the demolition derby sequence was pretty funny with some heartfelt scenes between McQueen's memories of Doc.
14. The Good Dinosaur
First screening left me dissapointed. 1 year and half re-visiting the film, I have softened up for it a bit. I still notice the flaws and the ending makes it feel anticlimactic. Yet the film still is ok and somewhat enjoyable in it's own right. It has one of my all-time favourite sad sequences made by Pixar.
13. Toy Story
At first I felt really bad putting this one so low, but now I can see why I feel this way. Of course the film is a classic and this is a fun film yes, but I feel that the film is a little too simple for my taste. The characters are (for me) much better in the sequels where they have matured and appear more dimensional. The animation why not awful these days is still a bit dated and Buzz just looks weird to me in this film. It just hasn't aged too well for my appeal. Though it's very much still a fun film.
12. Monsters University
Surprisingly this used to be much higher on the list, mostly due to Monsters Inc being my first Pixar film in the cinema. However I see where people are coming from when they say that the film can be a mixed bag with a bittersweet arc for Mike. However the arc makes sense and the film doesn't really make me feel like it's bittersweet. Yes it is a parody of earlier college films but since I haven't seen too many of those before, the film was entertaining enough. The animation is on Toy Story 3 quality and very colourful. It's nowhere near Monsters Inc but it's a pleasant little film.
11. Wall-e
I like Wall-e but I don't love it. However the animation in this film outshines almost all the post-Wall-e films in being most realistic before TGD. The characters are all likeable and memorable. The use of mostly no-dialogue is also a very appreciated presentation in cinematic storytelling. The film is cute and meaningful.
10. Up
Aside from Wall-e's unique approach, Up succeeds in feeling complex, expansive and risky. The film's cast of characters are as far as I'm concerned very memorable and well written. Dug is obviously my favourite but the whole adventure in Paradise Falls is one of my favourite road trip adventures. While the villain is obviously rather weak the film is saved by the clever idea of letting go and move on to start a new adventure in Carl's life. 
9.   Toy Story 3
I don't think Toy Story 3 is the best of the trilogy but I think it's still excellently executed in character development and story progress. The new characters and the old are all well written and fun to watch. The human characters are almost actually my favourite bits of this film. I loved seeing Andy in a more realistic style with so much more depth and emotion. The animation is also very good, probably cause the film ran on a 200 million budget. But the film can also be a bit hard to watch. Since it's very emotional and also little more pessimistic. 
8.   The Incredibles
Obviously the film is very nostalgic, since I was kid when it came out. The film is really enjoyable and epic but that's about it for me. The film never really reaches a groundbreaking level for me in animation unless in being the best superhero film produced in animation. The characters well they're alright but they're not my favourites either, except for Edna (who steals the movie for me). I didn't care much for their dysfunctional family scenes or constant fighting in arguments. 
7.   Finding Dory & Coco
On number seven I have both Finding Dory & Coco, because both films deal about blood related relationships and quite similar morals. Mainly cause I find both films to be very predicable but very well executed as films, despite their non-originality. Both films feature smooth, colourful and expressive animation with a huge cast of characters. Both films have their protagonist on a identity crisis. The only difference between them is that one is based on a holiday and the other on a disability. While these films are equally re-watchable and enjoyable, I'm not very much fond on the blood related ancestry is regarded as important and is demanded to be happy (I very much understand what they're addressing but in some cases family can come from those that aren't blood related in my opinion). Despite that, the films both set themselves safe at number seven.
6.   Inside Out
This film is surprisingly growing on me the more I watch it. I adore the cute art style and the soft score of the film, about playfulness and vibrance. I also really appreciate the message about being sad is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. The idea of adapting to a new setting is relatable and can be very struggling. I just wish we could have seen more of the human world. Inside Out is a very sweet film that I'm going to re-watch many times in the future.

Finally! were's getting to the top 5.
5.   Toy Story 2
Definitely my favourite of the trilogy. The sequel makes the right decision to expand on the lore of the world and Woody's history. Side characters are this time written very likeable and even Potato Head is nice in this one. The film cleverly adds in messages about reality of growing up but appreciating the time of creating great memories, instead of leaving any chance unhanded. The film is fun and really awakens the imagination inside of me with so much new stuff in this sequel. With so many new locations to visit and a great opening sequence with Buzz in a video game. Even Rex gets a small subplot about Buzz and & Zurg. I love Toy Story 2 for being so much fun and meaningful in small doses. The animation is also a step-up from 1995's Toy Story.
4.   Cars
Probably only me, but what gives. Cars is for me the film that is the oddball of Pixar, but that's enough a reason for me to appreciate it. I get where people are coming from when they say that the story, world and characters aren't Pixar quality. However that's where I feel like the minority when I really appreciate Lightning McQueen's character arc in this film. He goes through such a beautiful change over the film and he's interactions with the Radiator Springs gang feels genuine and real. The racing scenes are great and the score and soundtrack is top-notch quality from Randy Newman and the song artists. The film leaves me feeling like (the real kid inside of me is having fun and appreciating the silliness of cars coming alive). I love the message of this film and I think this excellently closes my overall continuation on the Cars franchise, and instead I count the the rest of the franchise to be spinoff material. Cars 2 nor Cars 3 can never capture the magic I felt with Cars. Besides the animation has aged well too.
3.   Monsters Inc
Ah the very first Pixar film I saw on the big screen, the memories come alive. This film cleverly touched upon the what if? monsters lived in a monstropolis and feared children. I love all the characters in this film, the animation is unique enough and the setting is beyond creative. There's some real heart to the film which have helped it age well as a classic. This film is flawless, just the ending that always kills me with tears... crying in corner.
2.   Ratatouille
Yes, Ratatouille is up there with Finding Nemo. This film gets better and better. I love Brad Bird's story of Remy, a dreamer who wishes to become a chef. A clever subplot about the protagonist interacting with the underdog and hiding a secret identity. A mature subject on criticism and adulthood. Remy is the black sheep in his clan. His father mostly ignores he's ideas and wants to control his way of thinking, his brother doesn't appreciate his talents and he's been raised to believe all humans are bad. Remy however faces this bias with real life experience with the human world, thus learns to adapt in a society where he finds his passion and survives on his own. Over the course he also deals with his self esteem in a clever spirit form of his idol, Gusteau. I love Remy as a character. It's a refreshing portrayal of a protagonist that actually prefers to be on his own and doesn't haft to have a group around him to be happy. Remy is one of these rare introverted protagonist, he's a strong & independent character. And the animation, oh the animation looks so good. It looks delicious, the food, setting and the writing is all of Pixar's best work. You can't tell me that they didn't understand the look, smell and sense of food. There's not too much plot holes or unnecessary emotional moments here either. Just a very delicious film with lots of good storytelling. Pixar really outdid themselves with this masterpiece. I could go on forever how much I love Ratatouille.
1.   Finding Nemo
Alright and finally we come to number one, Finding Nemo. Seeing this film on the big screen back in 2003 was mind-blowing. This film doesn't deserve to both look this amazing and have such a impactful story about a father & son. The story from a average kids point of view is an appealing, fun, sad and clever film about fish and parenting. From an adult's point of view the film is a tragic but wonderful story about a overprotective father that travels into the unknown to save his son while overcoming the 5 stages of grief. Coming to terms with the 5 stages of grief we as an audience take away from the film that listening to our young is very important and that life is not meant to be scarred from trauma. Life is a mystery that is worth exploring (Which Dory helps Marlin see through a different perspective. We as an audience know that both Marlin & Nemo haft to overcome their obstacles and grow as people to change for the better. Which is why I also want to mention that Marlin's character development in FD is very honest and true when Marlin not only re-visits the drop off but also manages to enjoy the view, overcoming the tragic incident that happened in Finding Nemo. 

Ok so that's it. I haft to say that I'm actually really satisfied with my ranking. I love that I have such a mixed variety of concepts in my top 5 about toys, monsters, fish, cars & rats.
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Pixar Post - T.J.
What a great, updated list from BornFromThe90sDarth Hamilton, and New Konoiche. The extra insights totally sold me on some of the plot points (especially since I tend to look so closely at the visuals of the film). 

I've said for a while that I'm going to create an objective way to look at the films and I really want to get that wrapped up so we can all use it (these responses inspired me). Essentially, it's a way to rank the films based on different criteria that allows you to score a film. So, a film that ranks really high technically can be compared against one that you just love simply because it makes you laugh to see where it falls overall.  
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1. Toy Story 
2. Toy Story 2
3. Toy Story 3 
4. Monsters Inc. 
5. Cars 
6. Ratatouille 
7. Finding Nemo 
8. The Incredibles 
9. Monsters University 
10. Up 
11. Inside Out 
12. Coco 
13. Wall-E 
14. Toy Story 4 
15. Incredibles 2 
16. Finding Dory 
17. Cars 2 
18. Cars 3 
19. A Bug's Life 
20. The Good Dinosaur 
21. Brave 
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  1. Toy Story 2
  2. The Incredibles
  3. Ratatouille
  4. Toy Story
  5. Toy Story 3
  6. Wall-E
  7. Monsters, Inc.
  8. Up
  9. Finding Nemo
  10. Inside Out
  11. Coco
  12. Toy Story 4
  13. Monsters University
  14. A Bug’s Life
  15. The Incredibles 2
  16. Finding Dory
  17. Brave
  18. Cars
  19. Cars 3
  20. Cars 2
  21. The Good Dinosaur
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Updated list after seeing ONWARD! Some changes to my overall ranking after rewatching. 


7. CARS 
9. WALL-E 
10. UP 
12. COCO 
14. TOY STORY 4 

19. CARS 2 
20. CARS 3 

22. BRAVE 

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Here's my quick Onward Out of Theatre Reaction (from 1 week ago when I saw it :)
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My Pixar ranking (though this is from least favorite to favorite give that it's less subjective and more personal) 😁:

1. Finding Nemo
2. Inside Out
3. Toy Story 3
4. UP
5. Toy Story 2
6. The Incredibles
8. Coco
9. Onward
10. Toy Story
11. Monsters Inc
12. Ratatouille 
13. Incredibles 2
14. A Bug's Life
15. Finding Dory
16. Toy Story 4
17. The Good Dinosaur
18. Brave
19. Cars
20. Cars 3
21. Cars 2
22. Monsters University
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