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The first screenings for Pixar's latest offering Finding Dory begin today! The film officially comes out in 4 days!

It's been 13 years since Finding Nemo and Finding Dory is Pixar's 17th feature film and arguably the most anticipated film of the summer.

Finding Dory is predicted to be the second Pixar film to cross the 1 billion mark. With a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, Finding Dory seems to be sitting well with critics. How will the Pixar fans react?

Come back here to discuss your feelings/initial reactions towards the film! This is the spoiler-free thread.

Rate the film from a scale of 1-10
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Tazbanian Devill
I saw it tonight!! It was so incredible! It had an emotional depth that I didn't see coming. 9.5/10. Piper was brilliant also! My new favorite Pixar short! 
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Tazbanian Devill, was the screening you went to a special event with bonus stuff, or just an advanced screening?
Anyways, I'm going to see it tomorrow night! I'm so pumped, especially since Finding Nemo was the first film I saw in theaters!
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Such a beautiful story, and a lot of funny moments, great characters, and emotional input

As for Piper, it was such a cute short, and the best one i seen all year

I'll put my real thoughts on the film on the spoiler thread, but stay at the VERY end of the credits, you'll like it a lot
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Glad everyone's enjoying it! I can't say I'm as excited as I've been for previous Pixar films but I'm looking forward to it! Over here in The Netherlands the film comes out in two weeks but I got tickets to a marathon featuring Nemo and Dory next Saturday. Haven't seen Nemo in a while so I'm excited to see that one on the big screen in 3D as well. 
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Here’s Our Finding Dory Movie Review with My friends and brother, and myself! Hope we did Great! 
Hope ya guys enjoy! 

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Tazbanian Devill
PixarDude- It was a normal 3D Early Screening of the film! 
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This movie was my favorite Pixar sequel after Toy Story 3.

It does everything a Pixar movie is set out to do: Give us new, interesting, and genuine characters, an extremely fun adventure, raw, relatable, and heart-wrenching emotion, breathtaking animation, a character-driven story, clever humor, and cute, big eyes.

It also does everything a sequel should do.

It doesn't feel like an entire rehash of Finding Nemo. It seeks for a couple of similarities to give us a nostalgic punch, but also completely departs itself enough to tell an entirely different story in the same universe.

Dory's character is so amazing, and seeing her arc further developed was a big treat.

The new characters were fantastic and in my opinion they can easily be shelved with the other classic Pixar characters that we know and love. (Bailey was my favorite)

I will deliver a more complete review in the spoiler section, I just wanted to give my initial thoughts out.

The only flaw that I have with this film, is, that the way some characters escape some injurious circumstances was noticeably convenient. 

My rating system is very specific.

Overall I would give this amazing sequel a 9.4/10

I think its fair to include that it was a great theater experience sharing the room with many people (80% were high-school kids and up) that love the first Finding Nemo. And the way they applauded at the end made my heart happy.
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Going to see it tonight, so excited!!! 
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Hope you enjoy the movie Arlo! [biggrin]
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OK so I just came back from Finding Dory and man was it fantastic!! Anyway guys here is my spoiler-free review of Finding Dory!! 
Come on this is Pixar!!! We know the animation is going to be fantastic!! And it is!!! From the wonderful stingray migration scene all the way down to the flowing kelp! This along with The Good Dinosaur is Pixar's most visually impressive feature film. I also love the character designs all the way down from Dory to Mr. Ray. As well as some of the new characters designs as well. Hank's character design is so fantastic and I can definitely see how it was the hardest Pixar character to ever animate. Just everything about the visuals are fantastic!! And just like Finding Nemo I love the wide variety of color in this film!! It's just great!! And by the way the film looks fantastic in 3D! So I definitely recommend you check this film out in 3D!! It's worth that extra 5 bucks!! 
The story here is great!! I was invested in the film the entire time!! I wasn't bored for a second!! There was never a dull moment in this film!! I physically wanted to know who Dory's parents were, and how she got seperated from them!! And I actually felt really bad for Dory and what she was going through, and yes I did cry!! Anyways the story here is just fantastic! 
Dory in this film is fantastic!! Ellen DeGeneres is great as Dory, again. And of course Dory is super funny, but as I said we feel really bad for what she is going through and her disability! And so Dory has some great character development!! And of course all the returning favorites are great (Marlin, Nemo, Crush), but the ones that really steal the show are the new-comers, specifically Hank. I just loved him. And if they decide to make another Finding Nemo film, I want it to be called Finding Hank. Destiny, is also great and I love her introduction and everything that led up to it. Bailey, didn't really do it for me like some of the other characters and I felt like his character was lacking some depth, but he was still pretty funny. Fluke and Rudder and Gerald were great, and Becky (while her part was small), she was also great!! Also Jenny and Charlie were both great, and very supportive parents!! Not to mention Baby Dory was fantastic!! She was probably my highlight of this film!! 
Thomas Newman once again provides a great score!! But I was really surprised they didn't play "Nemo's Egg" more than once. And I'm glad. Because I loved the new score, not as much as Nemo's, but I still really liked it. As for Sia's Unforgettable, at first I was unsure of it, but after seeing the film and seeing how great it blended with the credits, I have to say it's pretty awesome. Also "What A Wonderful World" is played during the film, and that was pretty great! 
OK so this is a very funny movie!!!! When I wasn't crying during this film, I was laughing!! Also the end credit sequence is hilarious, so be sure to stay after the credits!! 
Ellen is great as Dory, and really fits the character, at this point I can't imagine another voice coming from that character other than Ellen! And she just does a fantastic job!! Albert Brooks is actually very funny as Marlin. And Ed O Neil killed it as Hank, he was just so fantastic!! Kaitlyn Olson did fine as Destiny, her performance was nothing groundbreaking like Albert, Ed or Ellen's, but it wasn't bad it was just fine. Ty Burell was great as Bailey, but for me there just wasn't enough of him for me to get invested in him, so I just lost interest in the character, but I do think Ty Burell did a great job as him. Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy, oh my gosh, killed it as Dory's parents Jenny and Charlie, they were so great!! And whoever did the voice for Baby Dory also nailed it!! As for Hayden Rolence, the new voice of Nemo, he also did great and sounds exactly like Alexander Gould from the original!! Idris Elba and Dominic West were also really great!! And of course Sigourney Weaver was great!!! LOL!! 
CAST GRADE: 10/10 

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I saw it and I think it was fine. It had some AMAZING moments and some very disappointing moments. I don't think I can compare it on here without spoilers, so I'll save my opinions for the spoiler thread but I ranked it a 7, which is very decent in my opinion. 

My ranking of Pixar sequels:
1. Toy Story 3/Monsters University (can't decide!!!)
2. Toy Story 2
3. Finding Dory
4. Cars 2
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I'm still not going, but my siblings went and then told me their thoughts, and I thought I'd post a shortened version of that here. According to them it's good but unbelievable at parts, and they'd give it a 6/10 but it gets a 7/10 because of Gerald. 

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Not trying to advertise my blog, but here our my full thoughts:

Great movie with some flaws.
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