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Pixar marks a milestone this year with its 20th motion picture, the highly anticipated, and unarguably most desired sequel from the studio from fans and casual moviegoers alike, Incredibles 2!! The first pres-screenings have concluded and the screenings for fans begin showing tomorrow, (I know a lot of us here will be watching on Wednesday). Come back here to review the sequel we've waited fourteen years for. Yes, this is finally happening. 

[banner]  I kept the poll to single digits for simplicity sake, although I know many of us like to get specific with numbers (me included) Just rate the movie as specifically as you want on your review and round in the poll.
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I just got back from the double feature a couple hours ago, and I have a LOT to say. I won't give out any spoilers (although I will mention a couple easter eggs). 
First of all I LOVE HOW THEY MODIFIED THE DISNEY CASTLE AND THE PIXAR LOGO IN THE OPENING SEQUENCE. I love how the castle's 2d; it makes me think about the 2d animation in the credits. 
I absolutely LOVE the story and how it's planned out. Brad Bird definitely did a good job with writing it, and I love how everyone goes home with a different message just like how it was in the first Incredibles. There were a ton of funny scenes, and Jack-Jack and Edna were just HILARIOUS. 
I saw A113 in 2 different places so far: on the green trash can next to Frozone when he's told about Winston and to make supers legal again, and on a sign at the Metrolev's tracks. However, I couldn't see it on the EverJust, and I'm still looking for the Luxo ball and the Pizza Planet Truck. I'm honestly not sure if the truck's even hidden somewhere in the film considering it hasn't been spotted in the first Incredibles to date and it takes place in the same area (except when Elastigirl fights crime in New Urbem). 
The graphics were STUNNING. It's as if it's a live action film. The technology definitely evolved a LOT since The Incredibles's release in 2004. The character animation also evolved a lot, and I guess that's partly because of Incredibles 2 being animated with Presto instead of Marionette (which was used for the first Incredibles) since Pixar used Presto to animate since Brave. 
Michael Giacchino did an amazing job with the score. It kept the theme of the score from 2004, and it fit in very well with the theme just like the first film. 
Screenslaver was pretty scary (makes sense the film has a PG rating), but nothing way too intense. I love how the wannabe supers' powers became a challenge for the Parrs, and I loved all of the new supers, especially Voyd. I actually got one of the Mystery Minis, and the figure turned out the be her!!!! She's currently on display on my desk, and I'll post a picture of her tomorrow on the Incredibles 2 Merchandise forum. 
Did anyone else notice the difference between Bud Luckey's and Jonathan Banks's voice? 
On a side note, I was looking through the Cineplex Magazine and found this. 
Overall, Incredibles 2 is an action-packed, hilarious, heartfelt and incredible movie, and everyone who watches it takes away a different message depending on the stage of life they're in, making it an awesome family movie and suitable for everyone.
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Here's our Fun Filled Movie Review of Incredibles 2! Hope ya Like it! 🙂 
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Tazbanian Devill

Brad Bird's return to animation was partially a success. Incredibles 2 marks Brad Bird's first animated film since his masterpiece Ratatouille back in 2007. This film boasted jaw dropping animation that only Pixar is capable of bringing to life as well as a somewhat enjoyable new Incredibles adventure.

The first half of the film had a really intriguing storyline. It was fun to see Elastigirl take center stage this time around while Mr. Incredible stayed at home to take care of the kids. Seeing Bob Parr experience what it is like to raise kids on his own was extremely entertaining. There are some mind blowing action sequences featuring Elastigirl in the first half of the film as she tries to uncover the identity of the new villain Screenslaver. There is a particular action scene featuring planes flying over a city and a brilliant score that truly blew me away, it is my favorite action scene in the entire film. The overall score in the film by Michael Giacchino was fantastic!

Edna Mode had some of the best scenes in the film, she is such a likable character. Jack Jack was also very enjoyable though there were times when I thought they were going a bit overboard with him. Most of the new characters were interesting. The animation in this film compared to the original was insane, Pixar truly have talented animaters.

Unfortunately when the villain's identity is revealed the film begins a downward spiral in quality. The build up to who the villain was was far more enjoyable than actually knowing who it was. The second half of the film failed to have the same entertainment and momentum that existed in the first half of the film. I found most of the second half to be very generic and cliche including the identity of the villain and their motives. There are also many scenes in this part of the film with sudden cuts that did not fit well into it at all. Also If you have epilepsy I advise that you do not watch this film. There are way too many scenes with annoying flashing and flickering strobe like lights in the second half of the film that will definitely not be appealing to many. I have no clue who thought that having these lights throughout the film was a good idea, they made me want to shut my eyes they were that bad.

Overall this film had a lot to love but unfortunately also had a lot that bogged it down. Brad Bird is capable of telling better stories, the first half of this film showed the potential for an amazing one... Hopefully his next film is better. He has now put out two underwhelming films in a row Tomorrowland and now this. I would like for him to direct an original animated film again.


More Reviews here:

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I've made it very clear, annoyingly clear even, that the original 2004 film is not only my favorite Pixar film, but my second favorite film of all time, so the excitement I had going in was basically indescribable. I was flabbergasted by the fact that it even lived up to my expectations. Brad Bird understands that the first film is so fantastic because it manages to disguise a superhero film as a family drama, and this new entry excels on that front as well. If you're looking for themes as hard-hitting as the first Incredibles film, you're not going to get that; this next chapter replaces the dramatic undertones with ones that are more heartwarming, and it feels all the more appropriate as these characters did solve their challenges they faced in the former film. 

The sequel doesn't backpedal on anything established in the first movie, it builds on it, which just solidifies this as the first great Pixar sequel since Toy Story 3; because films like Cars 2 and FInding Dory degrade any character development their predecessor established, and it was so frustrating. The action sequences in this sequel were absolutely fantastic, and so much fun to watch, the filmmakers get stupidly creative with these powers, it sort of puts the other recent superhero films to shame in that regard. The B plotline with Mr. Incredible stepping up as "Mr. Dad" was surprisingly very compelling; it's heartwarming, it's hilarious, and it is were you find most of the character development, which was so appropriate. I laughed so hard, I was constantly in the edge of my seat, and it's a film that will make you smile throughout its entirety. My only issue is the villain, not a bad villain per-se, but the writing around him/her was a bit lackluster, but given that the narrative is very much about the family, it doesn't fracture the film too much. Overall, a sequel that lives up to the original, which is so surprising for me to say. 

SCORE - 94/100
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I’m going to review Incredibles 2 in as short of a way as I can. The best sequel they could’ve made, one of the most fun animated films, constantly entertaining, deep and thought-provoking, fantastic action, and absolutely incredible! 

Jack Jack stole the show! By far in my opinion the best non-Toy Story Pixar sequel and that’s saying something since I really enjoyed both Cars 2 & 3, Monsters University and Finding Dory. 

Man does Brad Bird know how to direct action! 
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I’d give the film an A+ in my book. 
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Went to see this earlier this week at long last and sorry I'm a bit late to the party (my brother kept putting me off due to his work life that he recently got) so my local library chipped in a $25 gift card for Regal Cinemas (the same one I went to see Godzilla 2014 and Star Wars: The Force Awakens in) so I went to see this on Monday, but now onto my review of the film itself:


The Good:


It lived up to my expectations going into this and is just as good as the first film (if not better in certain parts of the film such as the heartwarming moments between Bob and the kids, especially him and Violet (which nearly made me tear up), story arc was a nice follow-up on the minor plot points of the first film with Supers being illegal and having the ban repealed at the end (and it was actually a good thing Bird chose this story), and the action was far better than the first film by a longshot (the train scene being the best part), the humor was on point and was even funnier than the first film (Jack-Jack vs Raccoon is going to end up being one of the all-time classic fights) and Jack-Jack's moments with Auntie Edna were just pure adorableness (Violet was also just as adorable as she was in the first film), also a lot of world-building and buildup went on in this film (and Violet got a lot of buildup in this film which implies she'll be the main character in the next film). 


The Bad:


My only major gripes was the way the main villain was done (Screenslaver's not a bad villain per say, in fact he was way more menacing looking than Syndrome will ever be and it showed he could have topped Syndrome had he had his own backstory (Oliver Sansweet should have made a cameo in this film), Screenslaver was yet another plot twist villain (a very bad one at that in Evelyn Deavor who was written very badly and is probably one of the worst written villains in Disney's history), another gripe, mostly a minor one that the character development on the Parr family was wrapped up far too quickly (about halfway through the film right before Screenslaver's reveal), also Dash and the Wanna-Bes (Voyd mostly) hardly had character arcs in the film (Dash got shafted badly due to Jack-Jack while Voyd and her groupies were mostly minions throughout the film).


Final Opinions:


Other than that, it's better than Finding Dory by a landslide and comes very close to touching the 2 Toy Story sequels (had Screenslaver not been a plot twist villain and actually had good connections with Elastigirl and the Supers being banned, rather than being a boring pizza guy being hypnotized, this would have easily topped the first film), it gets an A+ (same score as the first film).

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Incredibles 2 is an amazing pixar film to view. I think Pixar did a great job with Incredibles 2. I love the fact that before the movie, they had an opening telling everyone in the theaters that they were sorry about the fourteenth year wait but what was cool is the fact Pixar has never done that before in all of their movies. Pixar actually is going above and beyond infinity with the graphics. 

I personally love how in this movie, they kept it going. I think Incredibles 3 is another option that they should have. Eh the first one was okay, I mean, I love The Incredibles. But the sequel made me want to enjoy it more.

It was an alright movie, but the fact it was the first movie by Pixar that there was some profanity and not like an explicit language but kinda okay.

Would I get this on dvd? Yes, because the way Pixar has brought it back to life again on the big screen, yes!!
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