Pixar Post - Julie
Today there were a lot of exciting new details surrounding La Place de Remy - the new Ratatouille themed area in Disneyland Paris. 

Well, this has us wondering if perhaps there will be a Colette, Linguini or even a Chef Skinner meet and greet area. I also think that a great addition to the land would be the Health Inspector's car parked near the Ratatouille ride or near the restaurant. 

What would you like to see in this new area?  Any merchandise or hidden items throughout?
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Rachel Cranor
I probably won't be able to see it until I move out.

But if I could go see it, I would be so exited!

If you look at the picture that Julie posted, you can see a glimpse of an old man and a little boy talking to someone who looks like Colette. 

I hope that it turns out like CarsLand! I loved all the attention to detail.

I also hope that the French like Ratatouille better than people I know. My dad thinks that the whole animated cast is ugly and my friends think that even the idea of rats is disgusting.
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Dan the Pixar Fan
Like I was saying in my comment on this post...totally wish I could go there! And the fact that Michael G. is scoring the ride with his signature Ratatouille music? So amazing! The Ratatouille soundtrack is one of my all time favorites. It's SO gorgeous. To hear what he does for the ride and hear the return to the classic themes would be way cool.

When I showed Brita this post about this Ratatouille ride at DisneyLand Paris, she was dead serious on wanting to go because she LOVES France, French food, the culture, etc...she would want to make a European trip out of it and hit it up while we're there! Honestly, I can't really see it happening for reals but at least I know she's on board if it ever works out : ) That would be amazing!

Thanks for the post Julie!
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A first video inside the ride and a video of the ride's opening have been posted on Youtube.

The ride looks so cool! Ratatouille is my favorite Pixar film and I'm visiting DLP this September so I can't wait to experience the ride myself! (And buy a lot of merchandise!)

Edited by Pixar Post - June 24 - Removed video link since it was no longer active on YouTube and replaced it with another ride-through video from DLP Guide.

(I need this!)
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Dan the Pixar Fan
I happened to be watching vids of the ride and dedication last night too! Man does it seem cool. Honestly though, it is hard to tell what the ride experience is totally like since on the video you're just watching mostly 3D screens. I imagine it would be like someone trying to watch Toy Story Mania on youtube and trying to get the full experience. Just not the same!

Because the watching ride on youtube was mostly watching the 3D parts, I would have to say my favorite part seems to be the whole line/cue and the beginning of the ride. I just loved how they captured the streets of Paris (loved the traffic sounds) and really captured the film, even down to the silhouette of the girl  through the window. I loved Gusteau's appearances as well and just the whole atmosphere/ambiance, it seems almost tranquil with the Ratatouille theme playing in the background. Gorgeous! The outside details were awesome too, such as the motorbikes and the sign for the inspector. Oh and all the new merch there!! Man, too much awesomeness! So jealous! Time to make a trip to France.

By the way, the video that was posted on here of the ride is not working anymore. Here's the link to another one on youtube:
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Pixar Post - T.J.
We ended up writing a review post from the ride because it looked so cool! I have to agree with you, Dan, that the video (I'm sure) doesn't do the ride justice. I've heard some critics of the ride complaining that it's just another ride where you just sit and watch TV - I tend to actually like rides like this because they're more immersive than thrill rides which typically concentrate on the excitement rather than the theming. I really enjoyed the part with the burners firing up overhead - so cool!

Here are a few more pics of the merchandise - can't wait to get my hands on that Remy hat and plush characters of Remy and Emile!!


Also, I think it goes without saying that we're jealous of you going in September Maxxie03 - I'm sure it will be a blast and we can't wait to hear what you thought!! 
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Dan and I have talked a lot about Disneyland Paris and this ride especially, but I didn't see his post or this page until now. I went to Southern France when I was 13 and I loved it! I've always dreamed of going to France with Dan and visiting Paris (since I didn't go there when I visited before) and it would be AMAZING to go here! I really want do this for our five year wedding anniversary, how fun would that be!?
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Brita129 wrote:
I really want do this for our five year wedding anniversary, how fun would that be!?

Better get on it, Dan! [Cool_zpsf7e1371b] That would be an amazing trip without a doubt!
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We get Cars land France gets Ratatouille land. Life isn't fair. [Sad_zpsb02439e1][Angry_zps01df8e28]

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Bonnie wrote:
We get Cars land France gets Ratatouille land. Life isn't fair. [Sad_zpsb02439e1][Angry_zps01df8e28]

My thoughts exactly! I don't care much for Cars >.>
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Ultimate iPad Expert
This place looks so great! I'm so jealous of you France.
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So I went on the ride last September guys and it was AWESOME!!! I'll write a little piece about my thoughts when I have time. I'm going to DLRP again in April so hopefully I'll be able to go on the ride again. 
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Gonna be going to DLP next week, I'm so excited! [biggrin] I'll definitely be checking this out. This is my first time there but unfortunately for various reasons I'll only have a day, so I'm planning on squeezing in as much as I can - for those who've been to DLP before, is there anything else particularly notable/special besides the Ratatouille ride? Also, would it be appropriate for a 4 year old, or would 4 be a bit too little for this?
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This is my review of the Ratatouille ride at Disneyland Paris. I've divided it into three sections for easier navigation: La Place de Remy, Ratatouille Adventure, and Final Thoughts.

I'll start off with a review of the general Ratatouille area. It's got its own little nook in the Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris, connected to the Toon Studio road by a cobblestone path, and the Toy Story Playland via a large, spacious tunnel. It's definitely rather enclosed in its own little place, but is very accessible from the rest of the park and not hidden from view. Most of the pictures you've probably seen show a large Parisian building flanked by the Bistro Chez Remy on one side, and toilets/Chez Marianne on the other, with a large plaza and fountain in front of the ride entrance. This is pretty much it, but on the other side of the plaza is the tunnel to Toy Story Playland, as well as a tall fence and vegetation that encloses La Place de Remy. Overall, it's as beautiful as you've seen it in the pictures, but only when you're there can you really see how it fits into the rest of the park.

One thing you can't see from the pictures is Michael Giacchino's music. It's not just playing during the ride, it's playing in the plaza as well, and it's amazing. Avid fans of the movie will probably be able to recognize that it's simply alternate versions of existing pieces of the soundtrack (in particular I picked out a livelier version of "Colette Shows Him Le Ropes"), so it's not like anything really brand new, but I believe this helped ensure the area retained a familiar Ratatouille vibe while offering fans something new and fresh to take in. Casual visitors probably wouldn't be able to distinguish between the the music in La Place de Remy and the film, anyway. The music really adds to the charm of the place, and if it weren't for the noisy crowds, one could just sit down on a bench with some snacks and just listen to the music.

For Bistro Chez Remy, it turns out that the "Reservation Recommended" notice is in reality more like "Reservation Required." I tried to walk in to eat, thinking that a late evening dinner after the primetime dinner rush would be okay, but it turns out that it's so popular that not only is a reservation basically required, you have to do it at least 2 or 3 days in advance. Advice for future visitors to DLP: make a reservation at Bistro Chez Remy 2 or 3 days in advance. If you're indecisive about whether or not you want to eat there because it is quite pricey, I would suggest perhaps sharing a 3 course meal, or maybe just purchasing dessert. Missing out on Bistro Chez Remy is my biggest regret, because looking in from the window it just all looked so good, so if you're going to DLP, don't miss out on this.

Across the plaza are the FastPass machines, toilets, and the beautifully designed gift shop, Chez Marianne. I walked into the gift shop, looked at some prices, and went, "holy ****, I'm not buying any of this expensive stuff"; thirty minutes later, I emerge from the shop clutching two large bags bulging with assorted merchandise. They have Ratatouille-themed merchandise in the front of the shop, and general Disney merchandise in the back. A lot of the expensive cookies and candies were in decorative reusable tins, somewhat justifying the prices, while there were plenty of Ratatouille-themed products, including child and adult T-Shirts and hats, cooking aprons, chef's hats, plush toys, stationary, cereal bowls, mugs, etc. There was also a buy-one-get-one-free special for champagne glasses for anybody who purchased more than €20 worth of goods when I visited. The only negative was that the clothing was all obviously geared towards men, even if they are officially regarded as unisex. Finally, it also appears that all the stuff available here is also available in the main gift shop outside the park, though of course shopping in the immaculately constructed Ratatouille store is a much more pleasant experience.

Now, onto the good part: the Ratatouille ride. Quite simply put, it's amazing. What I love most is that it's amazing in a subtle, sublime way, sort of like the movie Ratatouille itself. The experience wasn't propped up by wild roller coaster shenanigans, like the comparatively disappointing Finding Nemo-themed Crush's Coaster was, but instead relied upon the immersive 4D experience, so the fun part was fed to you, not forced onto you. Don't get me wrong, the wild roller coasters throughout Disneyland that throw you around are super fun as well, but the Ratatouille ride is something different and special.

The most obvious difference from the other rides is the use of real 3D. Crush's Coaster mimicked 3D with a mix of visual and practical effects; for Ratatouille, you get real 3D screens and cool 3D glasses. And not the flimsy things you receive at the cinema either; these are made of premium plastic that feels solid in the hand and sturdier on the head. They're smartly designed to be compatible with heads of all sizes and made to not fall off during the ride. As for the 3D itself, it was excellent: much, much more realistic than the stuff at the cinema, probably because Disney has control of the entire experience to enable maximum exploitation of the technology. There was a bin at the exit for you to dispose of your glasses but I decided to keep mine as a souvenir.

Those who have read the descriptions will know the ride is an immersive 3D (with 4D special effects) experience where you are shrunk down to the size of a rat and must follow Remy throughout the kitchen to prepare a dish, whilst avoiding Skinner. The ride itself was a mix of viewing a screen in front of you, then traveling through the huge physical sets to the next screen, etc. The transition was rather obvious - it wasn't seamless to the point where one couldn't tell the difference between a screen and a physical set - but carefully done so that it was all integrated reasonably well. However, this is also what made the ride extremely cool: it was something very unique and different from the other roller coaster-based rides. The only real issue, I believe, though relatively minor, was the lighting - the screens were rather bright and the sets were kept rather dark, which didn't help the contrast.

Next, I loved the trackless technology used by the ratmobiles. It's not just a pointless gimmick, because it enables three things: less noise, customized vibrations, and multiple route options. The less noise (the ratmobiles glide smoothly over the floor) is just super useful, as it allows you to really be immersed in the video, sounds, and music around you (in contrast to the extreme noisiness that plagues most of the roller coaster rides). The customized vibrations were really cool: the ratmobiles vibrated in subtle ways to mimic motion in conjunction with the 3D to create the illusion that you're falling down or climbing up or whatnot without actually moving much. It would have been awesome if it was 100% practical effects and you were actually zooming through the kitchen with Remy, but then the decision to forgo another typical roller coaster rehash in favor of a new type of experience with 4D visuals and effects is what makes the Ratatouille Adventure special in the first place. Finally, apparently there are multiple, different paths the ride may take each time, made possible by the absence of a track, but I only got to go on it once so I couldn't test this feature out.

The immersive experience in the ride here is simply unique, especially when the other flagship rides are all basically roller coasters with different designs and decor. There is no flying everywhere strapped to the seat while you scream your head off: instead everything is delivered in a gentle yet exciting way, like a small but refined gourmet meal versus stuffing your face at a buffet. Additionally, the claim in the description that it will leave you "hungry for more" is entirely true: this is the one ride where I felt a real urge to instantly go back on again immediately, a feeling largely absent from the other rides, and I would have done it had there not been a two and a half hour wait.

It has evidently left other riders hungry for more as well, as this was by far the most popular ride in DLP (line-ups rivaled only by the Frozen singalong event, which looked pretty long too but didn't have an official wait time estimate). The constant 2-3 hour lineup throughout the day was approximately double that of the other flagship attractions (Thunder Mtn Railroad, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, etc.). FastPass sold out within two hours; I arrived an hour after opening and barely managed to a FastPass for the evening. Advice for future visitors to DLP: go to the Ratatouille ride first thing in the morning and get FastPass tickets, as they will be gone within a couple hours of the park opening, and possibly even faster on a busier day.

The Ratatouille Adventure is the most popular attraction at Disneyland Paris, because it's the best attraction at Disneyland Paris. Forgoing the traditional exhilaration and wildness of a Disneyland ride in favor of a different, subtly immersive and quietly flamboyant experience, the ride holds and thoroughly deserves a special place amongst the top tier of Disneyland's flagship attractions. Unique, wonderful, and delightfully true and complementary to the film, the Ratatouille Adventure was the highlight of my trip to Disneyland and definitely a must-go for anybody going to Paris or DLP.

Get your FastPass and get them early: within an hour of the park opening if you can. Make a reservation at Bistro Chez Remy at least three days in advance; the restaurant may be a bit pricey but you can always share a 3 course meal or order dessert a la carte. And save some money for splurging on the merchandise right across the plaza. If you're arriving to DLP via the Paris Métro and RER A line, set aside maybe half to an hour for the waiting in line that's gonna happen before you even enter the park: waiting to get off the train (only so many doors to serve a jam packed double decker train), waiting to get on the escalator (two trains full of people, and only one escalator!?), and the security check. Finally, if the ride closes due to technical difficulties, do not die of panic (nearly happened to me) and do actually check back later in the day, as they appear to manage to fix any technical issues rather quickly.

If anybody has any questions about the Ratatouille ride or DLP in general, feel free to ask! [smile]
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