Warning: Potential Spoilers

As Takefiveaday.com commences its "Cars 3 Reveal week," they seem to have gotten their hands on die-cast lists with new and returning Cars characters listed for Mattel's Cars 3 line. There are some surprises in the returning character list, but the new character list is a complete mystery (with the exception of Ramirez and Storm). If you don't mind taking a sneak peek, here are the links to the lists:

Returning Characters List:

New Characters List:

~My Impressions (SPOILERS)~

It's interesting to see that there seems to be no Cars 2 characters on the list, with the exception of Brent Mustangberger. However, a character named "Crabby" is listed. I am unsure if this is the same Crabby as the Sig Hansen-voiced boat seen in Cars 2, though. It is also worth noting that there is a re-release of dirt track Doc Hudson. Given that the movie is about McQueen coping with his loss, I can only assume that there will be a flashback or two. There also seem to be a lot of little nicknames like "T-bone" and "Superfly" on the new characters list. Perhaps they were Doc's fellow racers?

"Chick Hicks with headset?" I guess this means that he does race commentary now. Although The King is not listed, Tex Dinoco and a car named "Hank Weathers" (sharing the King's last name) are listed. And I don't know what "Todd Pizza Planet Truck 'new'" is supposed to mean. My guess is that there could be a new die-cast mold for him (his mouth was positioned differently in Cars 2 than it was in Cars 1, after all). Or maybe there is a flashback to a time where he is not beat up?

What do you think? Surprised by any of the returning characters? Any first impressions of the new characters' names?
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I think Todd Pizza Planet may or may not be a different truck that has the Pizza Planet truck design. Or it could just be a different paint job with some other Easter eggs hidden it it (in reference to the "new" part). [wink]
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Spoilers continuing throughout this thread - if you don't want any reveals, look away. [smile_zpsf797a80b]

So, some additional thoughts on my part...

I agree, HCK, it does seem that Chick Hicks role has changed...but part of me wonders if he's a coach for a newer racer. I was actually thinking maybe Chick would be Jackson Storm's crew chief. Sure, Chick is all about the attention being on him...but he'd definitely still have a lot of attention on him as the coach of a new hotshot rookie if he doesn't have the ability to race any longer...plus, he'd still feel like he was beating McQueen in this role.

I also really like your thoughts on "T-Bone" or "Superfly" being Doc's fellow racers - they're kind of older nicknames so that would align with that thought.

Thoughts on the returning cars list:
  • Lightning McQueen with wrap and shredded wrap...does the shredding align to the moment when McQueen gets trounced by Jackson Storm and literally has the wrap on his car shredded off?
  • Todd Pizza Planet Truck (new) - wow, this one really throws me. If they change the design, that would be intriguing. I was also thinking about this...there should be a race car sponsored by Pizza Planet!

Thoughts on the new cars:
  • Brick Yardley - obviously a play off of the Brickyard racetrack in Indianapolis.
  • There are several mentions of mud (between the new characters and between the 2-packs below) - interesting to see where this will go...especially with Cruz having mud and a trophy!!
  • Triple Dent - Awesome - I'm so glad to see a new sponsored car geared after the gum featured in Inside Out!
  • There are a few other names which remind me of racing connections (i.e., Roscoe the Promoted reminds me of Roscoe Coletrain from Dukes of Hazzard...Smokey made me think of the movie Smokey and the Bandit...hope it's voiced by Burt Reynolds).

Today, Take Five a Day also updated some new details on new 2-packshttp://www.takefiveaday.com/2016/09/07/mattel-disney-pixar-cars-3-new-cars-3-2-packs/
  • I'm intrigued to see Strip Weathers Jr and see The King's kid racing!! The large number of new racers and even a Jr. really sells the fact that Lightning is the older car on the track now.
  • Chick Hicks with Headset and Natalie Certain - I said earlier I liked the idea of Chick being the crew chief of Jackson Storm...but this two pack makes me wonder. Is this the car he's a crew chief for...or is it his announcing partner?
  • Young Smokey and Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet - seems like this may be a throwback moment showing Smokey racing back in the day with Doc...this would also align with Burt Reynolds voicing Smokey if we're talking about older race cars now!!
Ahhh - I love having Cars news to think about!
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Wee Dingwall
No Mack this time round - could John Ratzenberger be voicing a new character?
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Wee Dingwall wrote:
No Mack this time round - could John Ratzenberger be voicing a new character?

Mattel releases Mack as one of their "mega sized" die-casts, and Takefiveaday hasn't announced the "mega sized" releases yet. Given that the new movie will center around the Piston Cup again, I am sure that Mack will return (he was in Cars 2, after all). 
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I really hate being spoiled, but im surprised at all the characters we might see, including the Triple Dent gum car, coming from one of the best moments from Inside Out

But the one im really looking forward to is the older racers, and im wonder if we might get to see Doc again (not his voice, of course, Paul Newman was his true voice) and how he 'died' (which we don't know a lot on how cars live and such, or how they can be repaired or not), he was my favorite character of the first movie and i mourned Paul's death, so i wonder how this is going to play out
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New post featuring two-packs:

New Post featuring deluxes:

This one indicates that Mack will indeed return, as well as The King, Jeff Gorvette, Van, and Minny.
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very excited to see all the returning characters as well as the new ones
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I love all the new names. Cool to see many continuing the trend with the puns!

It is my guess the the "new" Pizza Planet Truck just has a more refined paint job or a new expression.

It is great to see Tex Dinoco, The King, and Chick Hicks returning. This as well as the Radiator Springs-set location and the story focusing on Lightning again tell me that they recognize some of the mistakes many people had with Cars 2, and they intend to make a warmer, more heartfelt and connecting story.

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An image of a plastic Cruz Ramirez toy has been leaked, and she looks awesome, but rather simplistic compared to the concept art.

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Hmm, she does look rather simple. Maybe this is how she'll look before they begin to put on the details. [wink]
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They also leaked a list of races we may see in the film. Radiator Springs - will we get to actually see the town speedway, previously only seen in video games & books?

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Carsthetoys has created a photo list of 2017 Cars die-cast characters, and it is being constantly updated with leaked images of Cars 3 die-casts. Most of the new reveals so far are new Piston Cup racers, but there are a few side characters like Sterling and Miss Fritter revealed as well.

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So I found them on youtube hope you all like: the username I find them from is RCcars5 

more to come I guess but they don't come out in the us until may.
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a lot of brand new in-the-box Cars 3 die cast for sale (before release) at http://www.ebay.com/sch/hobbyhouseofthane/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= 

One of the two-packs revealed why Lightning was covered in mud with the number 15 in the demolition derby: we was disguising himself as another racer named Chester Whipplefilter (not sure if he's an actual car, but I think it's more likely to be Lightning using a fake name, but we'll probably not know for sure until June). http://www.ebay.com/itm/Disney-Pixar-Cars-3-2-Pk-McQueen-as-Chester-Whipplefilter-Luigi-Guido-W-Cloth-/282402199688?hash=item41c07b9888:g:4vIAAOSwax5YzyYS  
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