I think at least half of the members here have see this by now and no one seems to be mentioning it. [Confused_zps36c72db0]I've seen some pretty negative reception other places so I wanted to see what you guys' thoughts were.

I left to go to the bathroom and by the time I got back the volcano was partially submerged and I was pretty much lost. [Silly_zps7c205e8c] Will hopefully be able to form an actual opinion on it when I go see Inside Out again.

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This had split people and Pixar fans up. There’s reasonable criticism of the gendering of the volcanos too.

Man, is it corny (like that "lava" pun, get it, lava=love). Man it's so cheesy, with a song stirring volcanos to love and rise out of the sea. Man is it weird to watch two realistic volcano with cracks of eyes and mouth sing such a tropical song and eventually a duet.

On the overall level, I enjoy it for its atmosphere, lulling soundtrack, and for being adorable (though it’s kinda creepy and awkward). 

It's one of those shorts where I just snicker so awkwardly and nervously at it, yet I can't help but to like it for that reason.

It’s more like it’s one of those odd little but cute pretty pictured storybook you read when you were little. That's the most basic level I can describe this film. Really, this high-quality animated corniness is probably what won me over.

It was all shortcomings rather than faults.

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I liked it a lot more than I thought I would! I initially was really looking forward to it, but when we saw the clip of Uku singing, I got nervous and kind of confused. His mouth sliding in and out of his rock as he sings looks ridiculous.

So I was nervous when the short started. But the visuals are gorgeous, and it has a nice song and overall vibe to it, so I was able to overlook the wierd volcano love story.
I actually really liked the whole "I lava you," thing. It was my favorite part of the love story between Uku and Lele.
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I'm still not sure if I strongly like or love Lava. 

The songs was the short's strongest point. The rhythm, voice, style, consistency and lyrics just came together to create a sweet and beautiful tone. 

The animation was breathtaking. My jaw dropped at how amazing everything looked, from the trees, to the animals, to the time lapse, underwater explosions and to the lava.

The story is extremely original, I appreciate a risk like that and it paid off. 

The only complaint I have is the transition between the final two scenes.


When the male volcano is at the bottom of the sea and the female volcano was on the top, he came up and the scene cut to both of them embracing. 

How did they get there? The female volcano was facing the other way and they were not that close to each other. Even the female volcano was leaning a bit toward the male volcano. Sure it's a short and the time is limited but I was scratching my head as to how they ended up "hugging" and leaning into each other when they were further and facing away from each other to begin with. 

I'll give the short a solid 8/10. My favorite is still La Luna. But Lava was also very wonderful to look at.

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I really liked the short personally. But in the middle I swore it was going to have a depressing ending (he was drowning in his tears, seriously???) And my brother and I exchanged a glance and said "Oh my god they're evil," and I was thinking, "if just the short is like this then what's the movie going to be like??"
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Also, I thought about the gendering of the volcanoes and knew some people would have a problem with it (people also had a problem with the gendering of Wall-E and EVE), but even if Pixar had tried to make them androgynous, viewers would have defaulted them as male (there's so much research about that), plus once they're singing the voices would obviously be male or on the one hand I get the complaint, but I just don't think it's feasible, plus I may be biased because I like girl characters (thus my like of EVE and the feminine volcano; I really liked that volcano's design btw).
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It was a very nice short. The water, animals, foliage/vegetation and environment took my breath away. I enjoyed it and it's something I would see again.


When I saw the male turtle, I instantly saw the face of Crush from Finding Nemo. Did anybody else? [tongue] Well, anyway, now that I think of it, I can see an entire short being made all about the animals and the environment. It was just fantastic!

Also, I was very surprised with the story- I thought I would know what the entire short was about but by the time Uku was just a little volcano on the brink of extinction, I was like "Huh, I didn't know this was going to happen!" I guess I didn't know as much about the short as I thought I did.

It was really awesome. The story was good, the characters pretty great, and the visuals were amazing. All though this isn't my all time favorite, I'd say it was very nice short. [smile]
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I loved the short. To me, I thought it was a cute little way of explaining how the Hawaiian Islands came to exist. Or at least some of the lesser known islands in that chain. 
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I love it! I have listened to the song many, many times.

It might be my favorite short!
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I loved it, because it kinda explains why the islands came to be, also the song was cute, and I'm seeing it everyday on Disney Movies Anywhere (at least until it expires)
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Okay, it took me almost two months, but I FINALLY saw Inside Out again and stayed for the whole short, so I can finally give my opinion.

I think this short would have done fantastically if it was a comedy.


Seriously, I was laughing at this. Of COURSE freakin' everything's in pairs. Of COURSE even the clouds look like they're holding hands. Of COURSE the water ripple forms a heart. Of COURSE the crack around him also forms a heart.

Also, PUNS. And that part where the rain cloud ends just after it covers him, like nature was just purposefully screwing with this guy.

It was magnificently corny. Just exaggerate some more to make it look like a parody of corny love stuff, and this would be golden. 

As is, aside from the unintentional laughter, some nice visuals, and the female volcano having a lovely voice, this was pretty meh.
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Hello all,

Just wanted to give a heads up that we posted our 1-on-1 interview with Jim Murphy (Director of Lava) on our latest episode of the podcast (episode 41). It starts at 50:38 into the episode...but there's tons of fun wrap-up chats about the D23 Expo in there as well! Check it out! I'd love to know what everyone thought.
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Karthik Murali
I think the short was beautifully done. I loved the song. But there was one thing that threw me off. And it did that to my wife too. The male character looks alright. But the female charcter looks way too feminine. That contrast was too stark for me. And frankly I thought that was sexist. Like its Ok for the male to look ugly and but the female just had to somehow look beautiful. Men grow hair too, if they don't intentionally cut it off.

Also the previous Pixar film MU had Blue Umbrella where the concept was similar to this. Maybe they could have put in Sanjay's dream now and tied in Lava with The Good Dinosaur.
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I don't think lining up schedules based on a two shorts being love stories with inanimate objects is very good for the creative process. I also don't think the message it would send to Pixar employees is very good: "Oh, you want to do a love story? We just did one of those, so hope you don't mind if we just slide that down the lineup..." [smile]
Also, why do you think that Uku is ugly? I think he looks like what a male volcano looks like. I also thought the hair thing with Lele was pretty clever.

Really late on this T.J., but great interview, ha-ha [biggrin]
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Hey Karthik - so I have to agree with you on one point. I agreed that Lele was too feminine. It was something that bothered me when I first watched it that Uku looked like a volcano, but Lele looked like this lush beauty. Not sure why, but it did bother me...until I spoke with Jim Murphy about it. He had a really great explanation of how Lele is built from a series of his favorite places of his around Hawaii (as well as some places just for inspiration). One character looked like a volcano so that set the slate for the movie and you knew what it was about, but the other didn't have to look like a volcano to complete the story. 

Due to that, I wouldn't say it was sexist in any way. If that's how you interpret it, that's OK, but from a design standpoint, there was no intent there.

If you check out the interview I did with Jim, he explains all the pieces and parts from Hawaii that make up Lele (it's the link three posts up to Episode 41 of the Podcast)!

Also, thanks Aidan for the compliments on the interview! It was a blast chatting with him!
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