Dan the Pixar Fan
As many of you may know by now, there is an incredible new and unexpected Vinylmation series premiering at the SSCC tomorrow...Pixar Villains! I just wanted to throw it on here, just in a case you missed it.

This series will be presented in two parts. The first part will be released tomorrow and includes six villains: Skinner, Stinky Pete, Zurg, Hopper, Incrediboy, and Randall. These are non-blind box and are limited to 480 pieces each sold ONLY at the SDCC. Dang it! Who wishes they were at Comic Con?


The second part will be released at the Disney Store/DisneyStore.com on August 18th. This will be a normal/wide release blind box set of 8 and will include: Charles Muntz, Mordu, Waternoose, Syndrome, Darla, Hardscrabble, Thumper and a currently unknown mystery chaser!

Who's excited for this thrilling series? Who are your top favorites? Shout out your thoughts here!
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Pixar Post - T.J.

OK, this is easy for me. Stinky Pete is my #1, followed by Syndrome, then Darla and finally Zurg. Sometimes it's hard to choose but this order was really easy for me for some reason! 

A few other notes on some of the characters.

Charles Muntz
Is it just me or does his face look a little funky? maybe it's just the angle, but it looks like his nose is broken and that he has a sunken eye. Not my favorite - at least from this look.

Henry Waternoose
I wish that there was sone kind of extra feet (or something like that) on Mr. Waternoose. I think it would look really cool to have some extras on there to widen his stance a bit.

Abigail Hardscrabble
Also, I have a hard time...and so does Julie...with Dean Hardscrabble being included in the villains set. Sure, she was hard-nosed and set in her ways, but she wasn't a villain and even came around at the end to respect Mike and Sulley! I was even talking with Giovanni (forum user Muschmugada) about this as well and he expressed the same sentiment based on a separate conversation. Julie's initial reaction was, "oh no, not Hardscrabble!" I can't disagree with that! That being said, I do appreciate that her head is raised (as it should be) higher than the rest!

Oh, and Giovanni had some great thoughts on the chaser, but I won't ruin his fun in case he wants to post it here - it's a great thought on a missing movie from the bunch! That being said, we're hoping it's Sid from Toy Story...the original Pixar villain!

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Ahhhh I am so excited for these guys!! And I still totally agree, T.J., about Hardscrabble and her inclusion in a "Villains" line. But it's very nice to have a vinyl of her and she uses that neck extension accessory very well in her design. And I also think Muntz looks the funkiest of the group. I don't get why some characters sometimes get the vinyl treatment, but their faces are done in a 3/4 sort of view, so it just looks odd.

And because of the lack of Cars in this whole set, I really hope that either Chick Hicks, Miles Axelrod, or Professor Z are included as the chaser. But then I realized later on that the only other film to not be represented in this series, besides Cars, is WALL-E. So having AUTO as a chaser would be very cool!

It's gonna be one heck of a time trying to snag the SDCC exclusive vinyls, just because of their limited numbers. But I can for sure say that this set will be the first time I just buy a whole case so I can gaurentee myself every character. Because in the end of the day, what Pixar fan doesn't want this whole set! Especially seeing characters like Thumper and Mordu get some attention is just plain awesome!
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Muschmugada wrote:
But I can for sure say that this set will be the first time I just buy a whole case so I can gaurentee myself every character. Because in the end of the day, what Pixar fan doesn't want this whole set!

Ha! Pixar fans do love their villains!! [Angry_zps01df8e28]

I also love the idea of Auto from WALL•E, that would be great!

I can't wait until you get this - I bet you'll be the first to reveal the chaser!
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Pixar Post - Julie
I'm excited for these as well! 

I agree with Muschmugada - I think a CARS villain would be a perfect chaser, definitely Professor Z! Though, I have a feeling that it may be Sid from Toy Story...but now I'm thinking about every sort of villain, like what about the angler fish from Finding Nemo, that would be a good one!

My favorite of the bunch would have to be Syndrome. I just love the hair and the diabolical gleam in his eyes, what a perfect Vinylmation figure. I also really love that they incorporated Mor'du, not that it's a secret - but I LOVE the film Brave so having another Brave themed Vinylmation made me smile [Big-Grin_zps23ec4c40] 

Like T.J. had mentioned, my only gripe about the set is that I don't agree with including Dean Hardscrabble. Though she was a bit stubborn and set in her ways, I hardly think she was a villain like Charles Muntz!

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Pixar Post - T.J.
Oh, and I should also note that I love, love, love the fact that the Darla vinyl has her holding a bag of fish!

A few of the complete sets have already been popping up on eBay - links are below

SDCC Pixar Villain Vinylmation Complete Set #1[image]
SDCC Pixar Villain Vinylmation Complete Set #2[image]

UPDATED - Those sets have since been sold so if you're looking for any additional sets, you'll have to check out eBay[image].

The packaging is pretty cool as well - simple, yet effective!

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Dan the Pixar Fan
I'm thrilled to see such great responses this morning! Muschmugada, you took the words right out of my mouth with basically everything I was thinking! As far as the chaser, I had your same exact thoughts thinking that it's either one of the 3 Cars villains you mentioned or the huge possibility of Auto or Sid (which Julie also mentioned). I also agree now that it's brought up (although it doesn't bother me) that is is strange that Hardscrabble is included in this line since she was not really a villain per se. However, I'm just happy to have her as a vinylmation it didn't even cross my mind! I think she fits in well, because of her menacing look, even if she might not be an "evil" villain.

If you think about it, Darla or Skinner aren't really villains either, ha! Darla is just a little obnoxious girl with head gear lol! They're definitely not on the same level as Muntz, Hopper, Syndrome or Stinky Pete [wink] Also, technically "incrediboy" wasn't a villain yet either...just a kid with a hero wanting to help out! I feel like in the Pixar universe, many of time there is not a true villain but rather a "road block", jerk or just someone who causes opposition/a difficult situation for the heroes to get out of and that's what these characters represent. Now that I think about it, this reminds me of a an old forum post about Pixar Villains

As far the angler fish, I'm sure you remember that he was just released in the Finding Nemo Vinylmation Jr. series (but on the other hand, Darla is also included there so I guess there's still that possibility!)

T.J., as I mentioned to you earlier, love the bag of fish Darla is holding as well! great addition. She's in my top favorites, in addition to Stinky Pete, Zurg, Syndrome and Hardscrabble.

I'm just devastated that the SDCC ones are seeing for $70 a piece or $400 per set. That's nuts!! They would only be $60 for the whole set if I were there...man...should have gone! Why didn't I?!

Great thoughts everyone! Keep em coming [smile] Can't wait for more news hopefully within the next few hours!
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Totally agree, Dan! Often times the "villian" is just a road block. In this instance, it seems "villain" is a general term and I think Incrediboy's figure is cool!
My favorites in this bunch are actually Hopper and Thumper! I loved Dot from the Pixar Series 2, and I think those two compliment and accomplish the same clever design that she had.
Dan, that's so interesting you say Stinky Pete is a true villain because I actually made a topic a while ago that goes against that statement! [smile]
I would be very interested to see who the chaser turns out to be, it seems like a Cars villain, Auto, and Sid are all great choices! I really hope that it is Auto though, there was no Wall-e Vinylmation in the Pixar series 2. And in the first series, the Wall-e vVinylmation was Captain B. McCrea, so it would be great to see a robot one. It would also be interesting to see Auto's design fit on a Vinylmation! Sid was actually the chaser for another series, Vinylmation Robots series 4.

My least favorite of the group is definetly Charles Muntz. When I saw him, I had to look closely because he appeared like the Witch/Crafty Carver from Brave!
That's all I really wanted to say... You guys pretty much covered it all! [smile]
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Dan the Pixar Fan
Alrighty, as many of you have probably already seen, the chaser has been revealed! I Love it. Such a creative choice. How did this not even come to mind? [smile] Click through to Vinylmation World to see:


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Pixar Post - T.J.
Uuuuuh, yes please! It's The Chicken Man!!! I can't believe this wasn't thought of either...but it's awesome!! That is a definite must-have!

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Dan the Pixar Fan
Ha! I could totally hear Rex say that as I read your post [smile] I'm so excited for it. It IS funny that Al never came up in our lists of villains. Perfect choice. I'm totally gonna go the Disney Store on Monday while I'm in CT to get a few! I'm hoping to snag at least 4 without repeats : )
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I agree that Hardscrabble is not really so much of a villain as she is a nuisance. However she makes a 'face turn' in the end. That is a term that we use in the wrestling business for when bad guy becomes a good guy. I happened to have received Randall, Waternoose, and Hardscrabble all in the mail today. I am not certain about adding the neck attachment because I have never taken the head off of a Vinylmation before. I do limit my Vinylmation collection to the monsters franchise but if I were to get one outside of the monsters franchise I would definitely have to get syndrome. However here is a little look at my vinylmation collection including the new Villains 5.
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Cool - that's great that you already got those vinyls! I picked up two of them at the store this weekend and got Dean Hardscrabble as well as Charles Muntz. I have to say that Muntz was the one I wanted the least solely because he looks like he was punched in the face and has a broken nose! [Silly_zps7c205e8c]

As far as putting the Hardscrabble neck piece on, it is actually pretty hard to get the head off of the body but it will work. The hardest part is getting a grip on the body or head without feeling like you're going to damage the arms or ears. I took a few photos to show my progression. The first image shows the "out-of-the-box" vinyl. The second photo is what happened the two times I tried to get the head off...the feet popped off first since they come off way easier. The third photo is everything apart - the head takes a bit of finesse for sure to get it off (a lot of sideways twisting). Finally, the fourth photo is everything back together.


I thought I'd also include a photo of Muntz for fun.

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Thanks so much for posting this! I tugged on the head just a little and it felt like was on there pretty good so I was afraid to pull much harder. 
The Disney store is about an hour from me so I haven't been able to make it there. So I got both Waternoose and Hardscrabble for $30.00 shipped. So I really couldn't go wrong on the price. 

I am thinking about going to the D-Store on Friday for a blind box or two. Maybe score a Syndrome [smile]
Although they have a trade box up there, but I am not certain if you can take Vinylmation in to trade or if it has to be ones you buy in the store. When I bought the MU Vinyl tray, the girls there were huge Vinylmation fan and helped me open the boxes. They sent the rest of the customers to the register at the end lol. They they pulled out the trade box and I traded an extra Mike for a something from a Bug's Life that I gave to my daughter.
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Is that a factory paint smudge on Hardscrabble's mouse ear ? That might come off with the gentle use of a Mr Clean magic eraser. If you're picky about that stuff like I am lol.
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