I thought i'd be a good idea to have a full topic for this new trailer, because boy, we've got a lot to discuss! What an amazing trailer!
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Wow. That was beautiful. [eek] I'm starting to like Spot and Arlo already. And I love how they can just totally change the feel of a scene so easily, with the meteor being so comedic in the trailers but losing that here. 

Also, does is it just me or is that brief moment of Arlo walking up some rocks the same one they were viewing in Insiders Access to Inside Out's behind the scenes video (except with all the textures and background added)? 
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Woohoo! super exciting to see the trailer release. We worked up a post here with some more details and observations. I do love Bonnie's observation of the trailer being what was seen in the Insider Access video where Pete and Jonas walked into the dailies room and chatted with the animation team and Peter Sohn. It is similar for sure - here's a screenshot from the insider access video to compare.

Pixar Post - The Good Dinosaur Animation Daily Meeting.jpg

Also, this evening we're going to be holding a Live On-Air Google Hangout to discuss the details of the trailer. Join us by watching here (using the embedded video), watch on Google+ or on YouTube

So, I have to ask...who is this guy? What a kooky character - is he crazy or a legitimate leader? 

Pixar Post - The Good Dinosaur - kooky guy.jpg 
A better look at the pterodactyls
Pixar Post - The Good Dinosaur pterodactyls.jpg 
A superbly lit shot of spot bathed in awesome green light from the firefly
Pixar Post - The Good Dinosaur Spot Firefly light.jpg
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I know we have not yet seen how the dinosaur society has evolved (And as far as we know that's not the main point of the movie) but I wonder how they will put the easter eggs (I mean Brave was not as nature based as this one and most easter eggs were on the witch hut) so I wonder maybe rock shaped or something Idk ...

As far as the trailer goes it's gorgeous in every sense and they did a good job to match the cartoony style to the dangerously realistic environments ! I get a sad Wall-e Cockroach vibe in a more personal way for sure no rockets on this one [Winking_zps1d9118ce]
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I love it! I think we can all agree that it is visually breathtaking, and i personally love how the story is looking. I looks very warm and timeless. I am already loving Spot. His design is just wonderful, and I love the texture and the layers of grime and dirt on him. Pixar has done a good job of conveying these characters emotions through their faces. A frame of animation is worth a thousand words, as they say. 

I think that guy is a "legitimate leader"... I think he just looks a little kooky from this perspective. To me, he seems like the Rafiki or Yoda character, very wise and connected to nature. I love how he blends in with the trees around him.

I love this guy, along with all the other crazy animals in the film. It reminds me of The Croods, but more based in reality which makes them not as "tacky" (can't think of a better word). I think that the filmmakers are having fun making some animals that are the "missing links" between now and 65 million years ago. But the animals are just far enough from reality so that they are still really cool to look at.

My one complaint is Arlo. I am sure in the film he will be a good character, but his design, voice, and weight don't sell it for me. When he is reaching for berries, his mouth clicks sound like a human's. The way he falls, he seems like a cat. I know he is a YOUNG Apatosaurus, but he is still the size of an elephant, right?
I was really into the trailer until Arlo fell down the mountain and we heard his voice. I was TOTALLY taken out of the trailer, and I had to rewind a little bit because I was thinking about his voice and missed a shot.

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Just... wow

Everything looked so REALISTIC, like the rain in the beginning, Arlo showing Spot the fireflies, seeing more of the dinosaurs,the song and scenery (by the way what's the name of the song played during the last few seconds?) , and many many more stuff I can't top off

Also, I noticed the whole 'boy and his dog' side of Arlo and Spot, like Spot defending Arlo when the snake appears, spot holding the firefly in his arms and letting it go, and Spot howling and Arlo doing the same, it's kinda interesting

Also, I noticed that this might be one of the quickest trailer release of a movie ever, like the teaser trailer came out last month and now we have a trailer the very next month
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Pixar Post - T.J.
PixarGus wrote:
I wonder how they will put the easter eggs (I mean Brave was not as nature based as this one and most easter eggs were on the witch hut) so I wonder maybe rock shaped or something Idk ...

...I get a sad Wall-e Cockroach vibe in a more personal way for sure no rockets on this one [Winking_zps1d9118ce]

First off - I never gave you an official welcome to the forum!! Thanks for joining and chatting! That's an interesting though how they'll integrate the easter eggs for sure - I like the thought and can't wait to see how they pull it off. Also, you're right that Spot does "sort of" mirror the cockroach relationship with WALL•E but much more of an expanded role!

Sally wrote:
what's the name of the song played during the last few seconds?

The initial song is unknown at this point, but the second song is actually called Crystals by Of Monsters And Men and can listen to the song on Amazon or iTunes.

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Has anyone else noticed that Spot's eyes are green, and Arlo's eyes are brown? They have each other's main color for their eyes! I don't think that was coincidental.
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Ooh - I hadn't noticed the eye colors being opposites...but you're right that it's not a coincidence! Excellent observation as always Aidan!
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I'm not a big fan of the designs of some of the other animals. I like what they're trying to do with the designs, but I don't get why some of the animals look super realistic (snake/lizard) and others look super cartoony (Arlo/other dinosaurs). It would've been better if they all looked cartoony.
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Pixar Post - T.J.
That's a valid point for sure and I can see other people sharing that same sentiment, Max!
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I made some stills as well


I still think that Arlo looks cartoonish compared to the environment. The first shots of the sky and the leaves as well as the forrest in the background looks absolutely amazing! Like it's real! Arlo looks great as well but in my opinion he looks a little bit cartoonish.

Also the first think that popped in my head when I saw the salamander was Newt I hope they used some of the Newt artwork for this movie!
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I can't wait for a super HD version of this trailer, so I can get some screenshots for my laptop background. 
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...not watching it. [wink] And this time, I will not cave! [tongue]
(Good thing the German release date is only one day after the American one this time...)

But I did catch that everyone's raving about the realism, and I already know that from the preview event. [tongue] It's breathtaking, isn't it? Without Peter Sohn's warning, I would probably have mistaken the nature footage as reference images.
Yeah, it took me a while to get used to Arlo's super-cartoony look as opposed to the landscape, because he really stands out that way, but after a few scenes, it's not that bad anymore.
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Frankly, I was surprised how much I actually really liked Arlo's design now that we've actually got a good look at it. I think his general cartoonish look and lack of detail (well, lack of immediate detail, clearly all his scales are there) that comes with it just gave him this younger, undeveloped sort of feel in comparison to the world around him. 

I thought of this example before actually looking it up to confirm it, so maybe I'm having some confirmation bias here, but think of it like this;

[com-591]  (I tried to find an image where their expressions were similar)

Marlin clearly has more lines on him, with the top of his head and what almost looks like lips, and it (along with the obvious stuff) gives him a sort of older feel compared to the smoother, young Nemo. I think that's sort of what's going on here; Arlo's smoother and less detailed than most of the other stuff to give him a young, inexperienced look.

This theory will most likely doesn't work when compared to some of the other animals, but it was just the conclusion I arrived at trying to figure out why I liked it.
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