Hello everyone,

I was inspired by BeanoMaster's thread and some comments on a recent Cartoon Brew article, and wanted to ask you all:

Do you think it is acceptable to refer to Pixar movies as Disney movies?

Arguments in favor often cite the fact that Disney owns Pixar; Disney is the distributor; and Disney has tried very hard in recent years to conflate the two brands (which is why you always see the Disney castle before Pixar's logo on every Pixar movie). Arguments against often cite the fact that this confuses people between WDAS and Pixar; it's ambiguous and misleading, which causes issues like the case with "Planes"; and it's disrespectful to the artists.

Imo, while technically correct since Disney does own Pixar and markets their films under the Disney banner, strong arguments can be made for how it's misleading, causes confusion, and is ultimately disrespectful. However, I'd love to see what everyone else thinks on this matter [smile]
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To be honest, it really doesn't bother me if some people categorize Pixar movies as Disney movies. Mainly because Pixar has been associated with the Disney company for a pretty long time now and in these days, you do see characters from both studios collide with each other in storybooks, toys and at the parks. Heck, you can even spot some regular Disney easter eggs in some Pixar films. But at the same time, I would not put a Pixar film on the same level as a regular Disney movie since they both share a characteristic trademark look on their characters that's different from both studios and they both do different story telling. Pixar is more into the deep creative original storytelling compare to Disney's adapting fairy tails and other stories base off from other books into animated movies. And on a side note, whenever I do mention to someone about a animated film that's made by Pixar, I don't say Disney/Pixar but instead I keep it simple and just say that it's made by Pixar.

And forgive me on this rant but I do want to add in that anything from Marvel and Lucasfilm are indeed not Disney. They never were from the start and they never will be. Do I really need to say anymore of why that is? I don't mean to gripe but it really pisses me off when I see something that I grew up with for the longest time (that being Disney) being turn into something that's not meant to be and having it's image tarnish. I still do love Disney but at the same time, I'm not at all loving the corrupt decisions that they're making now and days. It's just seems that the people that are running the company have forgotten the roots of Disney and what made Disney well...Disney! If Walt and his original team of animators, storyboard artists, directors, etc. were still alive, I guaranteed you that they would not approve of this decision making that's being made in the company.

But to end on a semi high note, they might be fascinated by Pixar and all of the work that they've done over the years. In fact, I'm highly sure that they would have love it.
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I go back and fourth. With John Lassetter helming both Disney Animation and Pixar, I understand how people would be inclined to refer to them as the same. From a business standpoint, the relationship between Disney and Pixar is one of the most effective and interesting 'friendships' between two corporations in today's world of business. However, I do have a concern with referring to Pixar movies to Disney Movies. Each company has their own unique history, both Disney and Pixar have remarkable histories and I worry that if everyone sees them as one and the same, we will forget the history of one (or both) companies. For that reason, I try to refer to them as separate companies as much as possible. 
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Gray Catbird
It annoys me a lot. I don't see it as justified. The studios might be close, but they are still different entities, with their own film slate and their own campus.

But... There was once a time were you could confidently brush off the confusion as the result of a marketing ploy by Disney. WALL-E or Toy Story were clearly not Disney films.
However, now Disney and Pixar are obviously very close, and with every new film WDAS produces, it seems to get more evident. Zootopia could be a Pixar film, save for the typically Disney animals. Moana could be a Pixar film, save for the iconic Disney "Princess" story-type. Wreck-It Ralph... is a Pixar film, let's be real. WDAS has even taken traditions from Pixar, like Easter Eggs, or the attached short.

Still, I think they have enough character that it is justified to call them separate. I get the feeling that they are still significantly different, in terms of character design, and type of stories... Disney does the musicals. Meanwhile, Pixar would never do a princess movie... Oh wait.
Nevertheless, again, as far as I know, outside of top people like Lasseter and Catmull, these are two different studios, right? For me, that's enough to make it inacceptable to make any judgement or critique that conflates the two together. Pixar cannot be blamed for Planes, or praised for Frozen.
Perhaps the resemblances are mainly due to the fact that WDAS was revived by modeling it on Pixar.

But hey, at least we can all agree to be angry when Disney/Pixar films are conflated with films from OTHER studios?
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Pixar Post - T.J.
This is a topic that I've gone back and forth on for a long time now. Ever since I saw Toy Story in the theater, I was mesmerized by Pixar and was disturbed by the fact that Disney was slapping their name all over the film (as if they created it and not just marketed and distributed it). I was a lot more staunch with my views in the 90's and 2000's, but have come to more of a center as time as gone on. 

I still correct people when they refer to one of the film's incorrectly, but I just gently bring it up to correct them. I also had to realize over time that I paid close attention to the studios and therefore I was more "in the know" than some of the casual animation moviegoers that I would chat with. Essentially, I didn't want to be the guy that rolled my eyes at someone for getting it wrong when I was just as easily in that situation when someone would be talking about sports and I didn't know all the players or teams. I didn't like feeling "less than" for not knowing that info, so I didn't want others I was talking to about Pixar to feel "less than" either. 

BUT...Planes is where I draw the line - not only did the worlds directly collide there, but the story was not up to par with Pixar. I feel that was the largest misstep in the cross-pollination of the studios and I wasn't happy having to chat about Planes as if it were a Pixar film to people. I didn't blame the viewers though - I blame the studios for that one. 

That's a long way of saying that although I don't like when people refer to a Pixar film as a Disney film, I do understand that it happens. Do I find it "acceptable" though - NO! Ha! [Laughing_zpsee77b0c4] Heck, I have people ask me often if the Minion's are Pixar - so it's really no surprise that people think Disney IS Pixar.
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