Dan the Pixar Fan
With the news of Toy Story: That Time Forgot today, my mind has been on, well, Toy Story a lot!

I've been thinking of types of toys and themes/subject matters that have potential for future Toy Story themed projects. I'll explain...

1st of all I was thinking of the different types (not brands) of toys that have been represented so far and what still hasn't been explored. For example we have seen so far:
Bath toys
Fast Food (happy meal) toys
Collector's item toys
Day Care toys

So last month while I was in an old city in MD visiting antique shops with my in-laws and I couldn't help thinking of, while seeing all the old toys there, what the history was behind them. I kept thinking "I wonder what the story of this toy is from when it was probably opened as a present one day by a small child in the 1940s to where it is now, years later." I thought that would be a cool and interesting subject matter for a Toy Story film. So with that, I'll add this and a few more types of toys I can think of that I could see being subjects for future films:
Antique toys
Baby toys (my wife's idea ha! She said they would be like babies in personality)
Pet toys (my wife's other idea[smile]
Pool toys (somewhat explored at the end of Partysaurus Rex)
Attic toys (like mentioned in Toy Story 3)
Doctor's office toys (they always have them and they're always the same lol! You know the type I'm thinking of[smile]

Anyone got any more ideas?! [biggrin]

Next off I was thinking of all the themes/subject matters that have been represented in the Toy Story films. Things that relate to toys and their emotions and fears. For example, what has been done so far:
Getting replaced
Being Sold (yard sale and online)
Being outgrown
Being donated
Being forgotten
Bring Broken
Being Lost
Becoming a museum item/ Rare collectible
Never being bought/played with
Being mint in the box
Being stored away (box or attic)
Being thrown out
Being mutated/parts swapped (yes, thinking of Sid lol)
Being chewed up (Scud in mind)

So now with those in mind can you now think of more that could be added to this list of themes already explored?

Now onto themes that haven't been done yet...any ideas?

Lets open this up to discussion and can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts!! : )
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Pixar Post - T.J.
As we talked about on the phone Dan, I love these ideas. The part I connected with the most for sure would be the story ideas for other toys. I love the Baby Toys idea and how the personalities would also be baby-like. I could imagine the other toys trying to get them to stop crying or fighting - could be funny!

I think my favorite idea for future options would be the Pet Store. I think I'd call it Toy Story Pet Story and I'd love to tell the tales of the different shelves of toys. You know how dog people love to say that they aren't fans of cats and how cat people love to bash dog lovers? Well, I think the toys would also act that way - each one thinking they're made for the better animal to play with.  Then you could even follow the toys to the homes once their purchased...it's almost an endless story in a way.

The doctor's office toys would be great to start right in the dental office from Finding Nemo...that way you'd get a sense for where you are (and still be satisfied as you caught a glimpse of the "tank gang"). You could then see all the kids filtering in and out of the office and see how each of them plays with the toys and how they sit there (like you mentioned) year after year without changing.

I guess if I was thinking of additional ideas as well, I'd think of...
  • Something to do with just Remote Control cars. I guess that just came to mind because I loved RC cars when I was a kid...they were one of my favorites. It would be a one-dimensional story for sure, but that's what first came to mind.
  • Also, I'd think of carnival toys - it could be fun to explore the exchange between the different booths and types of toys in them (how some are really cheap and others are really expensive...but have to sit there for a long time with no one playing with them).

As far as the topics go, I'm racking my brain trying to think of other themes in which the toys could interact. How's about an theme around a toy becoming a mascot for a product or TV show and the selection process that it would entail between other characters as well...so I guess that boils down to "getting replaced" in some way, but it could have other emotional elements of being unpopular.

Those are my initial thoughts - now that the juices are flowing, I'll see if I can come up with any more.
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Rachel Cranor
The baby toys thing they did mention (preschool toys), either way, they all seem like great ideas! What if for the pet one, Bonnie got a puppy?
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Dan the Pixar Fan
Thanks so much for your thought out response TJ! I loved your additional ideas and insights. We'll see if any of these ideas ever actually happen! 
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Rachel Cranor wrote:
What if for the pet one, Bonnie got a puppy?

I think it would be too similar to Buster...so I'd like to see Bonnie get another pet like a bird or cat.
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Rachel Cranor
That would be so cute, other pets barely crossed my mind! I have these ideas bouncing around my head so, if any of them sound stupid, it's cause I'm procrastinating homework and just typing these down.

*In a brief bit of TSofT, it is assumed that Bonnie is a fan of DJ Bluejay, so they may make a reference to that.
*Two words: CAT TOYS! I'm allergic, but my cousins have some that I occasionally play with (very carefully). The cats' favorite toy at the moment is a mouse on a string tied to a pole. What if that very toy was always dizzy.
*My grandma's dog likes to chew up toys including ^said cat toy. What if rips and stuff instead of being impairing, are seen as battle scars?
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Pixar Post - T.J.
Rachel Cranor wrote:
*In a brief bit of TSofT, it is assumed that Bonnie is a fan of DJ Bluejay, so they may make a reference to that.
*Two words: CAT TOYS! What if that very toy was always dizzy.

I actually really like the DJ Bluejay reference and the tie-in to Bonnie. I also laughed at the dizziness of the cat toy!
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I don't know if this counts, but according to John Lasseter, the only thing a toy wants most in the world is to be played with by a child. Well what about toys who belong to adults or teenagers?
Like I have a Terry and Terri plush toy and I don't play with them like a child would but they always sit on my bed and I do talk to them sometimes, hug them when I feel down and it's my teddy bear at night.
So would a toy like that still be happy and feel loved even though it's not played with like how a child will play with it?
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Cool thought, oozma-girl! You got me inspired to go a little further with your idea!

What about toys who actually AREN'T supposed to be played with? You know the ones I'm talking about, like Vinylmations and, some, like, 25th anniversary Darth Vader figure for collectors?
And I know these are a little off of the definition of "toy" but what about model cars and airplanes, bobble heads and snowglobes! And you can't say those don't come alive just because they are not toys, because we Pixar fans know for a fact that snowglobes come to life(Knick Knack), so why wouldn't those others? And Hamm is not really a toy, and he comes to life!

The personalities Pixar could choose from would go on and on. Lots of them could be snobby neat freaks, since they would be "to important and fragile to be played with by those pitiful--what do you call them? Children?" But then Woody and Buzz could teach them about what it means to be loved by a kid, and then the collectible toy could realize they were right, and happy ending!

•Model cars and airplanes
•25, 50 anniversary and so on figures
•Vinylmation(may be a hard time making a short about these, though)
•bobble heads
•piggy banks(you could expand the bank universe, as I have seen hamburger banks and elephant banks before)
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Rachel Cranor
Great idea!

Also what about display toys? Like the ones that live in toy shop windows (they briefly touched on that with Buzz II in TS2, but he was too delusional to tell how he felt). Or toys that are actually for sale in the toy shop(again, TS2 with the various toys in Al's Toy Barn). And what about antiques? Here in Utah, we have tons of museums dedicated to the Mormon Pioneers, and there were lots of kids on those journeys. And what about video game systems? My brother recently had an argument with my mom about how his Nintendo DS is not a "toy." This might be stretching it, but it would be funny. I just keep thinking of an Xbox controller using it's handles as legs, and it's joysticks as eyes. Oh, and the Disney Infinity/Skylanders figures? They might be tricky, but they could hop around similar to the army guys. And they could be delusional about their progress in the video games. What about the toys you win at arcades/fairs/amusement parks? They could be kinda washed up, and weird. My mind keeps thinking of more "creative" toys like Legos and Play Doh. They can form into whatever they want. And homemade toys? At the museum I volunteer at, we teach kids how to make things like catapults, racecars and airplanes out of cardboard and straws. Plus, I make lots of 3D fanart out of things like duct tape and clay. Could those toys be unsure of who they are? And what about toys that got lost in different ways (ie summer camps, the pool, public places like a movie theater or a museum, the park, etc)?

There are so many possibilities!
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Dan the Pixar Fan
Thanks for all the thoughts Rachel,
I had already mentioned antique toys (that was what started this whole thought process if you read my initial post) and TJ had mentioned Carnival (amusement park) toys. : )

The one that stodd out in your post to me would be museum toys since that is referenced a lot in Toy Story 2 but never seen : )
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