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Now that Toy Story of Terror has officially premiered in North America (10/16/13), share your thoughts with us and fellow Pixar fans on what you thought about Pixar's FIRST 30-minute television special. If you want to read our detailed review, hidden item list and our favorite technical moments, you can check it out on our site. If we've missed something from hidden item list, let us know below!!
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"That was totally wicked"
-Rusty, The Incredibles

I was laughing my head off one second and absolutely terrified the next! I could not spot any easter eggs besides the little frame surrounding Mom's license plate reading "Pizza Planet" and Bonnie's DJ Blue Jay shirt. It was very fast-paced and I was always on the edge of my seat. Jessie overcoming her fear is a great way to add to the story, and the "monster" was pure genius! He was wonderfully animated and adorable! I was thinking, "When can I get a Mr. Jones plush?" The lighting in the final scene was just right, and Combat Carl was great in every way. I think Al was undoubtedly the one who purchased Woody and Jessie on "Ebid". The villain was realistic and funny.

Can't wait to catch it again(most likely on Disney Channel)!
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Just finished watching Toy Story of Terror with the kids and I thought it was really good. I thought the graphics and story line were great. Combat Carl was really funny. Most important my kids both said it was awesome!
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I really loved the balance between suspense and the familiar humor we have come to love from these guys. Personally I'm thrilled that Jessie was featured as she is one of my all time favorite characters. I'm one to watch things multiple times ot catch different things, I really wanted to enjoy the story of my favorite Pixar guys and appreciate the technical nuances so I wasn't after any Easter eggs this time.
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Did anyone catch a hidden reference to the motel manager and a possible relationship with Al? Brothers maybe??
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I was thinking that was AL who.bid on Woddy
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Foozie Bear
Loved this. This is the greatest thing since Monsters University! Oh wait..it was the only thing since MU... [smile] 

This special was smart, fast and witty. Another great Pixar masterpiece. It was hard to catch all the hidden references since this thing moved so fast. (Man, I wish I had a DVR.) 

Loved Combat Carl. I Hope he finds his way. 

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With all of the news coming from the Pixar Post on this film, I couldn't wait to watch it.

At the beginning I thought that dialog and scenes were a little rushed, but that was understandable, considering the team usually works on full feature films instead of just television aired shorts.  As the film went on, the storyline was awesome, second to none as always, and the commercial breaks were noticeably timed very good -- I couldn't wait to see what happened next.

One of my favorite scenes was when the gang was running from the hand and watching all of the things "woosh" by.  I thought that scene was animated really well along with the lighting.  I also thought the concept of the "monster" being an iguana was clever -- not too scary, but not too soft.  However, I thought that there were a few things that got "dumbed-down" for the sake of time, such as the constant narrations by Mr. Prickepants and the repetitious Combat Carl, but I'd have to agree with Mac95 on the reference to Al as the highest bidder!  I didn't notice any other references or Easter eggs other than that, but I was surprised that the score was done by Michael and not Randy.

Overall, I really enjoyed the film, but I just wish it were longer!

Edit:  I just noticed, Al is giving this a two thumbs up in my icon, I agree!

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Rachel Cranor
Just finished watching it! I had a huge stress trying to find out what 8/7 c meant for Utah.

My thought on the EBid immediately was Al. My dad loved PEZ cat and the Lego bunny (he's the man who took 3,000 pictures at Legoland). I spotted the Gazerbeam headstone (after rewinding) and say the DJ Bluejay merch owned by Bonnie. The iguana was a nice touch. I loved the fact that Combat Carl spoke in the third person and how Jessie faced her fears to save her friends. I also loved the transformer type guy who Jessie stole his box.

Anyone else notice how protective Buzz was of Jessie? This was adorable.
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@ Rachel.good find on the Gazerbeam headstone, did not see that at all, must watch again !
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I seriously screamed out loud laughing when the cat Pez turned and "puked" a Pez candy out! Thinking back (dang I need a dvr) I really appreciate all of the horror movie genre winks. Psycho was a given but I really loved how they brought in Godzilla with the pet Iguana. Did anyone else flash to Partysaurus Rex when Jessie was climbing up the faucet in the bathtub scene?
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Pixar Post - T.J.
218jj wrote:
Did anyone catch a hidden reference to the motel manager and a possible relationship with Al? Brothers maybe??

asparks23 wrote:
I was thinking that was AL who bid on Woody

mac95 wrote:
I think Al was undoubtedly the one who purchased Woody and Jessie on "Ebid"

Excellent catch all of you! I remember reading an interview in which Angus MacLane mentioned that they were going to show Al in his Chicken Suit at one point but they had to cut it due to time - so I bet you're right...Al is out of luck again!! Here's a tweet from Andrew Stanton reaffirming it.


Man are we working up a great post which has a ton of the hidden references...but you guys have all caught so many of them...great job everyone!! 

csp131 wrote:
With all of the news coming from the Pixar Post on this film, I couldn't wait to watch it.

Woo Hoo - thanks!! I tend to agree with you about your comments of the story feeling rushed. When we first watched it, Julie and I looked at each other and said, "what are your initial thoughts?" We both said that it felt rushed as our first comment. Not that we weren't enjoying it, but that it was so fast! Great minds think alike.

More come soon everyone and keep the comments coming, I love hearing what everyone thought of the short and the great insights that everyone is coming up with.
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Pixar Builder

Saw the short for the third time this evening- Thank you xfinity Comcast.

Some stray observations:

*The manufacturer of the DVD player is "TEKnotronic".  Technotronic is the name of a popular Belgian band from the 1980s.
*Bonnie's Mom drives a hybrid. Her license plate reads "MCU726" with the border "I Break for Pizza Planet".  (interesting- I wonder if that's related to Bonnie now owning the aliens?)
*The owner of the Motel's name is "RON TOMPKINS" (in case any of you were wondering).
*The type of printer is a "Rogue DBM340".  This might seem trivial but consider that "Rogue Printers" are essentially printers that are installed on open networks without other's knowledge and that the hotel offers free Wi-Fi.
*In addition to stealing Toys, Ron apparently steals other objects from unsuspecting patron's knowledge.  The items listed for sale include:

  • Camera
  • Game Buddy
  • Video Camera
  • Sunglasses
*All of the Toys listed on Ron's Board are:
  • ZIPPER MAN (parody of Super Man)
  • SNAPS (???)
  • SPEED LACER (Speed Racer)
  • POCKETEER (Disney's Rocketeer)
  • GERMAN BEAVER (AKA Pricklepants)
  • T-REX
  • COMBAT CARL 12''

*The Pocketeer has approximately 11 pockets and 7 of which are non functioning
*On Ron's computer, the observable post it notes read "BRAND NEW DAY", "NEVER IGNORE A MAN'S COURTESY", "DON'T FORGET TO...." and "I AM BETTER EVERYDAY".  It appears like Ron has trouble with low self esteem.  
*In response to all of your thoughts- YES.  AL was the one who placed the winning bid on Woody.  The Mailing Address for Woody reads 

Al's Toy Barn
1001 W Cutting Boulevard
Tri County Area, 94856

*The return address reads

"Ron Tompkins
31 State Farm Road
Tempe, Arizona

*Bonnie is wearing a DJ Blue J T-Shirt, as well as her necklace from TS3
*On Ron's Desk we can see a white Luxo Lamp


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Pixar Post - T.J.
Hey everyone - in case you wanted to check our detailed review, hidden items and favorite technical moments, you can check it out on our site.
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Pixar Post - T.J.
218jj wrote:
Did anyone catch a hidden reference to the motel manager and a possible relationship with Al? Brothers maybe??

That would be crazy and super-ironic, but Andrew Stanton mentioned that Al was the winning bidder of the Woody doll (see image above). You were also spot on in referencing the balance between suspense and familiar humor.
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