With all the upcoming untitled films, I'd like to know who you would like to direct these films? Especially first-time feature-length directors? For instance, here are some that I'd like to see be given the reins:

  • Teddy Newton - Teddy directed Day & Night. Somewhere I remember him saying he thought his style is quite a bit different than what most people think of a Pixar film. That sounds intriguing to me. Pixar has always been about trying new things, shaking things up, so I'd love for Teddy to get the chance.
  • Mark Walsh - Directed Partysaurus Rex. What a blast of a film! I'd love to see him direct a feature-length film.
  • Enrico Casarosa - Directed La Luna, which I thought was a beautiful film. I think he could bring some nice humor and heart to a feature-length film. I believe he is head-of-story on The Good Dinosaur, so he'll be preoccupied for a while.
  • A couple others include Ronnie del Carmen and Gary Rydstrom, although it sounds like Rydstrom is directing a film for Lucasfilm.

So, who would you like to see directing one of the untitled films?

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Well, I know that Teddy is working on something, so that's confirmed. I would love to see another story guy, like Jeff Pidgeon, get a chance. Jeff's been at Pixar a long time, and I'd love to see him direct something.
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it looks like two of these slated films will be Teddy Newton and Mark Andrews.. and personally i want to see Brad Bird come back!
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I'm intrested in seeing Enrico and Jeff but i also want Peter Sohn directing a film.
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Realistically I can see the 3 untitled and mysterious films after Lee's being directed by:

Brad Bird: One of the Senior Creative guys with Lasseter, Doctor, Stanton, and others. Directed 2 very successful films already(Incredibles, Ratatouille), and those 2 films were made 4 years apart and he hasn't made one with Pixar since so he's due for one. People have been dying for an Incredibles sequel which could very well happen after all these original films have been released and I'm sure he'd be first in line to direct that.

Peter Sohn- Getting to Co-Direct Good Dinosaur with Bob and has done voice overs for a lot of the films, he's a staple in the studios team and he's getting to shine. I expect him to be given the go ahead after the Good Dinosaur wraps up.

I would say Jeff but since he didn't get MU i don't see why he would get a film now so I'll go with John Lasseter, he put out a film even being CCO at Disney and it would have been about the same distance between Cars and Cars 2. Plus he can do whatever he wants since he's John Lasseter.
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Pixar Post - T.J.
maxxie03 wrote:
I'm intrested in seeing Enrico and Jeff but i also want Peter Sohn directing a film.

I completely agree with Peter Sohn as well - I think he has so much value in so many areas in Pixar. Plus, since he's (as mentioned) co-directing now, it really seems like only a matter of time before that will happen.

Additionally, I would also LOVE to see Austin Madison head into the director's chair one day. He's recently moved into the story department and if you ever follow his personal website, he has an amazing sense of humor and a wit that is unmatched by many. He is also an insanely engaging speaker and educator that has a little of the Mark Andrews energy about him. Don't even get me started about his artistic abilities as well - I often get frustrated wishing I could draw with his posing abilities, perspective skills and speed. Wow!

Finally, I think this will come as no surprise to anyone that I would most like to see Mark Walsh in the feature directing role. His humor, charisma and passion are outstanding and it comes across in his work like non-other. His work in animation (lead animator for Dory), vocal talent work (recording for Toy Story), short direction (PartySaurus Rex) and much more has definitely set his plate for the massive undertaking that is "directing" (at least in my view)! Ha!

Great topic Jeff!
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Pixar Post - Julie
This is such a great topic!

My top three would be:

1. Mark Walsh - After the success of PartySaurus Rex I feel that his storytelling and direction would be perfect for a feature role or even that of a feature short. I'm most curious to see him in a role directing new characters that we have yet to meet.

2. Mark Andrews - It's no surprise that one of my favorite Pixar films is Brave. Yes, it was a co-directed film but it's Andrew's enthusiasm that really has me excited to see what he can do next.

3. Austin Madison - I completely agree with T.J. on this topic - as we have discussed this numerous times. Madison is not only artistically talented but has a unique wit about him that reminds me of director Dan Scanlon. 

Additionally, I would also love to see John Lasseter back in the director's chair - perhaps, this time in a feature short...just to mix it up a bit 
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I'm really looking forward to the Mark Andrews and Teddy Newton films. I think if Brad Bird doesn't come back to direct The Incredibles 2, Teddy Newton should. I also want to see a feature from Angus MacLane, director of BURN E and Toy Story of Terror which comes out this Halloween season. 
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I would really like to see Brad Bird do The Incredibles 2, however I know that is a longshot.

I think it would be great to see if Darla Anderson would ever take the reins and be a director. I know it was mentioned in your article about Darla and Kori and how they wouldn't work together on a film but it would be neat to see Kori produce and Darla direct. Even if Kori didn't produce I would still like to see Darla's viewpoint in a Pixar feature.

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Enrico, particularly given his vocal affection for Studio Ghibli films, could make a really interesting Pixar film! I could see him coming up with something with a bit more of an international feel to it. Plus, y'know, La Luna was amazing, so there's that.

I remember hearing a rumour a few years ago that Bud Luckey was working on a western for Pixar. Nothing's came of it, and I assume someone had just made it up (it was on Wikipedia, after all...), but that's something I'd be interesting in seeing: a) Bud doing a film, b) a Pixar western!

Aside from that, Pete Sohn, Angus MacLane, Mark Walsh - a lot of the shorts directors - should and likely will eventually get their own flicks.
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I agree with all of you on the list! I too would like to see all this talented Pixarians direct.

I'm surprised that there hasn't been one mention of Jeff Pidgeon - he has been with Pixar for quite sometime and he voices the Toy Story would be great to see him direct an upcoming Toy Story Toon short. He does animate and works in the story department, which is generally the Pixar directing route.

What do you guys think?

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Pixar Post - T.J.
I'm surprised that there hasn't been one mention of Jeff Pidgeon

Hey Alex - actually, pixarfan9099 mentioned Jeff as well. 

I would love to see another story guy, like Jeff Pidgeon, get a chance. Jeff's been at Pixar a long time, and I'd love to see him direct something.

We agree that it would be great to see Jeff's perspective as well. 
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I would love to see Teddy Newton direct. Day and Night is spectacular, and his character designs for Presto are very wacky and fun. And he is kind of an idol of mine since I want to design characters myself.

Mark Walsh would be great. After the insane tornado of color and fun known as Partysaurus Rex, it would be neat to see what he can do.
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Ultimate iPad Expert
Where should I start? I'd like to see a feature film from many Pixarians.

•Teddy Newton - He did such a great job on Day & Night and I love the Newt idea.
•Angus MacLane - One of my favorite Pixarians, and Director of two of my favorite shorts Burn-E and Small Fry.
•Ronnie del Carmen - Story supervisor on my favorite of the Pixar films (so far) and co-director of the upcoming film (that I am highly anticipating) Inside Out.
•Mark Walsh - Director of my current favorite of the Toy Story Toons, Partysaurus Rex.
•Enrico Casarosa - Director of the beautiful short La Luna and head of story on the upcoming The Good Dinosaur.
•Kelsey Mann - Story supervisor on Monsters University and director of (what has said to be a great short film) Party Central.
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Would I be a party pooper (ha!) if I come in here and say I have reservations about most of the names being bandied around? I mean this is just personal wishlists so there's no harm in it at all, but at the same time, I doubt that 90% of these Pixarians will helm a full feature movie at Pixar (it actually pains me a lot to say it).  Here's the main reason why: a Pixar feature is a rare treat, and Disney/Pixar/Lasseter are being extremely protective of the brand equity.  Just like everything else, you need to have an "It" factor to rise to the top.  Even though the guys you listed are extremely talented in what they do and some actually directing shorts, it's a completely different story to be in charge of a production in the hundreds of millions of dollar that span years and years.

I'm so glad that Mark Andrews and Teddy Newton has a chance to direct a full feature, and color me very surprised when Dan Scanlon made it to the finish line with Monsters U, but they are definitely the exceptions, not the norm.  Plus I heard someone said (maybe Pete Sohn or Enrico) that directing a short sometimes does not mean you'll be considered for a full feature production, it's more like a platform for each of the individuals involved to flex their muscles and get out of their own comfort zone.

Finally, the fact that all these more senior people (Peterson, Chapman, Rydstrom) got removed from the helm made me more apprehensive of thinking that all of the up-and-coming group will make it. Some will, but not all.

OK now I feel horrible for writing all that. You can call me party pooper now, I get it [smile]
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